UK's Oldest Woman

Guinness World Records can confirm that Margaret Fish, holder of the UK’s Oldest Woman title, passed away on 12th March 2011. Mrs Fish from Wilstead near Bedford was born on 7 March 1899 and sadly passed away just a few days after celebrating her 112th birthday.

Guinness World Records can confirm that the new title holder is Violet Wood of Whitstable, Kent, who is 111.

Margaret Fish, who lived through three centuries, was a former dress maker and held the Guinness World Records title of the UK’s oldest woman from October 2010. She met her husband Frank, who was in the army during the First World War, and they married in 1928. They moved to Bedfordshire during the Second World War bombings and after her husband died, Mrs Fish lived independently at her home in Cople until she was 104.

Guinness World Records can confirm the titles of Oldest Living Person and Female are held by American Besse Berry Cooper who is 114 years old.

Venezuela Worlds Largest Arepa set Guinness Book World Records

Employees of Venezuela's largest company arepa cooked food most of the world Wednesday, producing a flour tortilla flat weighing 1,087.31 pounds (493.2 kilos). It was 19.7 feet (6 meters) in diameter.

Arepas, which resembles a remote Mexican tamales are a favorite in this traditional South American countries and neighboring countries of Colombia. Vegetable pies usually filled with a filling similar to ground beef, cheese and beans blacks.

Ralph Hannah, a representative of Guinness Book of World Records record weight certified after the giant arepa was boiled for several hours on a heated metal plate and the water used to mix the dough evaporates.

The previous record for an arepa weight was 440 pounds (200 kilos).

The arepa was cooked in huge headquarters Empresas Polar, Venezuela's food producers the most important. The event was held to commemorate the anniversary of 50-th place in the Arctic precooked corn flour is widely used to make arepas.

Southern Maine Student set Jumping Guinness World Record

Records are made to be broken and a Guinness World Record was likely shattered thanks to the help of children and teens across Maine.  On March 22, 60 kids at the South Portland Clubhouse joined their peers across the state and country - more than 800 Boys & Girls Clubs in all - to break the Guinness World Record for the most people doing "jumping jacks" – or "star jumps".  

Conducted through Boys & Girls Clubs of America's Triple Play program, with support from founding sponsor Coca-Cola and the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation, the World Record attempt is a part of the Clubs' ongoing efforts to encourage kids to eat healthier, become more physically active and increase their ability to engage in healthy relationships.

"We are so proud of all the kids and families who took part in this historic event," said Jen Pierce, Unit Director, Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Maine.  "By jumping their way into history, they proved that you don't need equipment or a gym membership to get active and be healthy.  Fitness can start with something as simple as a jumping jack."

To break the current record, more than 278 kids needed to complete the attempt.  While the official verdict will come from Guinness in a couple of weeks, all indications are that the record has been broken.

"Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Maine is committed to improving health in our communities and is proud to help bring the Triple Play program to Boys & Girls Clubs throughout our state," said Jeffrey Holmstrom, D.O., medical director at Anthem. "By helping our kids learn healthy habits at a young age, we can give them the tools they need to live their healthiest, longest lives possible, and maybe even break some records along the way."  Dr. Holmstrom and Slugger from the Portland Sea Dogs were on hand at the South Portland Clubhouse during the world record attempt.

"Coca-Cola is proud to support the Triple Play initiative in partnership with the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation," said Quinton Martin, vice president, community marketing. "Research shows that this program is working – Triple Play is succeeding in getting kids to exercise more, eat a variety of foods and feel good about themselves. We are committed to promoting programs that help children, teens and adults live active, healthy lifestyles."

Nearly one-third of children and teens in the U.S. are obese or overweight, according to multiple studies.  Children and adults can avoid these devastating diseases by adopting and maintaining healthy habits early on.  

Jumping jacks are called "star jumps" in some countries because the arms, legs and head form a five-pointed star. The record is defined as, "the most people star jumping simultaneously at multiple venues for two consecutive minutes," according to Guinness World Records.

Southern Maine Student set Jumping Guinness World Record 2011 Video

Worlds Largest Shaving Lesson World Record set by Gillette India

Shortly after the start of Shave India Motion three, Gillette, has achieved but one more milestone by taking the success to the next degree. Shave India Motion 3, nowadays, witnessed 150 couples coming together at a widespread venue to engage in a shaving activity to break the world-record for your World’s Largest Shaving Lesson - Gillette Shave Sutra.

Gillette Mach3 Turbo Sensitive arrived on board to support the Shave India Movement 3, subsequent the results of a Nielsen survey, revealing the preference for the clean-shaven look by a vast majority of Indian ladies. The motion kick-started earlier in January, together with the Quit Prickly Men’s Stubble campaign supported by top Bollywood divas Preity Zinta, Neha Dhupia and Malaika Arora Khan. Quit Prickly Men’s Stubble is 1 of a type movement started by like-minded ladies to tell men that their stubble is prickly for women plus they require to obtain rid of it by shaving Every day.

To add momentum to the campaign, Bollywood actors Arjun Rampal & Malaika Arora Khan arrived towards the rescue of Indian men by solving the eternal mystery of - What Females Want and that was clearly clean-shaven and well-groomed guys.

Gillette Shave Sutra - World’s Biggest Shaving lesson saw 150 guys getting the ‘perfect shave’, helping them to search and feel their best. These males along with their partners, all supporters of the Gillette Mach3 Turbo Delicate, Shave India Movement 3, gathered in an attempt to create a document for the world’s Biggest Shaving Lesson - Gillette Shave Sutra in the Guinness Book of World Records, Limca Book of records and India Book of Records.

Actor Arjun Rampal, the new brand ambassador of Gillette said, “The Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Sensitive, Shave India Motion three generated phenomenal response from the masses. The Gillette Shave Sutra is a fitting reply towards the cry from large sections of ladies asking males to Quit Prickly Men’s Stubble. We want partners to start enjoying shaving with each other and making it additional fun. Clearly, shaving is no longer a chore. This is a great moment for India with so many couples having gathered here nowadays to signify that males should get rid of their stubble and sport the clean-shaven look.”

Commenting on her assistance to Shave India Motion 3, actress Neha Dhupia, said, “Women find the act of shaving their guys alluring. With this movement, Gillette has put forward a unique thought that shaving can be made a fun activity that both partners can engage in and enjoy together. With the overwhelming good results of the campaign, I see additional and additional guys stepping forward to shave and be extra thoughtful towards the needs of their women. The Nielsen survey highlighted that 89% men agree that Sensitive skin needs a delicate shave. I am glad that Gillette has launched the Mach three Turbo Sensitive at an affordable price of Rs 125/-, for guys with delicate skin who can now shave each day even on the extra sensitive areas of their face”.

Speaking on this historical occasion that is poised to go down in the world-record books, Sharat Verma, Marketing Manager, Gillette India Limited, said, “Today is truly an incredible moment as Gillette is all set to create the shaving world-record but again this year. Gillette has always believed in enabling men to look and feel their best and the launch of the Gillette Mach3 Turbo Sensitive razor at Rs 125 is a step in that direction. Mach three Turbo sensitive is backed by excellent research and technology that provides consumers with delicate skin a close and comfortable shave with less irritation, even on the most delicate areas of the face - including the neck and jaw line. It makes shaving effortless”

Gillette Mach three Turbo Sensitive Shave India Movement 3 would not have achieved the good results it has without support from renowned celebrities like R Madhavan, Tisca Chopra, Samir Soni, Anchal Kumar, VJ Bani, Radhika Pandit, Shruti Seth, Danish Aslam and Niketan Madhok, Rhea Saran etc, who played a key role in influencing much more and additional consumers to join this movement.

Terence Lewis creates Dancing Guinness World Record 2011

Indian choreographer Terence Lewis broke a Guinness World Record by making 1,336 people dance in unison. The feat was accomplished through Colors TV' reality show 'Guinness World Record - Ab India Todega'.

The record was broken Saturday at St. Teresa High School, said a source.

The participants were invited through a free of cost registration process, and received a quick one-hour lesson from Terence.

Rob Molly, the designated official from the Guinness World Record, declared the effort as successful.

Terence's challenge was to break the recent Guinness Record of choreographing over 1,235 people, set in Australia.

Actor Shabbir Ahluwalia, who co-hosts 'Guinness World Record - Ab India Todega' with Bollywood actress Preity Zinta, was also present to pep up the participants as they danced to the popular song 'Jhoom barabar jhoom'.

Terence, 35, has been working in the Indian film industry since long, but received fame when he took on the role of a mentor and judge in Zee TV's 'Dance India Dance'.

Later, he was a participant on 'Fear Factor - Khatron Ke Khiladi 3', and was recently seen as a judge on 'Chak Dhoom Dhoom: Team Challenge'.

Terence Lewis - Dance Choreography - Color TV - Guinness World Record 2011 Video

Munni Badnam Huyi - Bollywood Indian Movie Song in World Record

On the opening evening of Indian Film Festival, being held in Melbourne, when Indian Bollywood film ‘Dabangg’ was screened, pleasure gripped everyone.

There had been 1200 people, who broke right into a gig, as soon as faster pinup woman Malaika showed up on screen for her ‘Munni’ act.

This peppy amount is already a rage in India and with it creating it to the prestigious Guinness Planet Document Book, it can be safe to say that it's began generating waves globally.

Khan can't believe it
Arbaaz Khan, who generated the movie, mentioned, “What triggered this was the dance marathon, which was held in Melbourne. Whenever a group of folks started to dance, it caught fancy of representatives from the Guinness Planet Record Book.”

The song has set a new report although surpassing its old one which was produced in Singapore, where 1008 people danced publicly on this quantity.

Arbaaz and gang have all the factors to smile. Shortly following a rollicking overall performance Arbaaz tweeted to the micro-blogging web page Twitter, “Munni enters Guinness Guide of Data. More than 1200 persons danced for three minutes in melbourne park !!!”

Inside a latest interview Malaika had mentioned, “They (persons) produced the event memorable. It happened so sudden that to get a even though I used to be unable to figure out what occurred. But then the action simply went on.”

More than and previously mentioned Beedi
‘Beedi Jalae Le’ from ‘Omkara’, which took Bipasha Basu’s profession to dizzying heights, had also been a large hit Down Beneath.

Kumar Mangat, producer of ‘Omkara’, had stated, “I am amazed. It’s not only played in the course of the events but even the popular clubs in Sydney and Melbourne taking part in this foot tapping track.”

But presently, Munni has surpassed it and has produced history.

According to the sources, the film unit (of 'Dabangg') which was present in Australia received the certificate for this document.

“It enthralled everyone existing during the event,” stated Mitu Bhowmick Lange, the director for Indian Movie Festival 2011. He additional, “It was unforeseen however the way people today showered praises, it is commendable.”

Interestingly, the war for reputation among ‘Sheila Ki Jawaani’ and ‘Munni Badnaam…’ continued for lengthy, but now, using the 'Dabangg' number getting created it towards the coveted Guinness Guide of world file, it is clear that Munni still guidelines the roost.

Dabangg - Munni Badnam Huyi - Bollywood Indian Movie Song Watch Full Video

Worlds Largest Drink Luge and Bar World Record set by Wicked Audio

Usually this is not some thing we'd let you know about, but, not merely is this type of cool (pun intended), we're big enthusiasts of Wicked Audio's earbuds and headphones. Apart from, generating it into the Guinness Book of Planet Documents is type of a major offer.

Here is the scoop - Wicked Audio, together with Backstage Artist Lounge, branded its extremely own document producing ice luge and bar at Alaska's BP World Ice Artwork Championships last week.

The challenge? To create the world's biggest drink luge and bar from massive normal ice blocks in Fairbanks, Alaska during the Globe Ice Artwork Championships.

Although a number of data have already been set for ice bars, sculptors and mazes, a file for your longest ice luge (icy beverage slalom) had in no way been set, producing Wicked Audio a first-time report setter for this sort of a phenomenon.

This record-setting creation is now the world's largest ice bar and ice luge. The ice bar stretched 208 feet (beating the previous 160 feet file). The ice luge began in the top of the 24-foot sculpture of a woman, measured 23 feet lengthy, and was created so drinks could possibly be poured beginning at her neck and run down the whole luge, creating the world's initial luge record. Mr. Sarelli, Crystal Creations, was responsible for that manpower behind this development.

"At Wicked Audio we pride ourselves on being a corporation that breaks barriers and sets new trends. Not merely do our goods set us apart, but additionally our willingness to assistance both local and mainstream acts and to obtain involved in some out-of-the-ordinary grass roots assistance," mentioned Paul Marshall, VP of Income, Wicked Audio. "This document setting booze luge is however one more illustration of what would make Wicked Audio a leader in the new music and entertainment globe."

High Dive Into Shallow Pool Professor Splash Sets a New World Record

Yesterday, in Norway, U.S. professional stunt diver Darren Taylor, a.k.a. Professor Splash, broke his personal Guinness world report when he dove 36 ft (about eleven meters) right into a shallow children's pool crammed with only 12 inches (about 30.five cm) of drinking water.

Within the video clip, you'll be able to see that Professor Splash does, basically, a stomach flop in to the pool. Although it looks painful, it's essential to his surviving the feat.

Doing a stomach flop aided to distribute the pressure with the impact additional equally across his physique to ensure that no one area received an intense quantity of pressure.The exact same thing occurs when an airbag deploys throughout a automobile crash. The airbag can make contact with a significant component of the physique and helps to distribute the strain more equally. Had the professor carried out a cannon ball, the pressure with the drinking water would have acted on a much scaled-down location and packed a extra targeted punch, just like a seatbelt restrains you along one line across your chest throughout a sudden quit. Though a seatbelt assists keep you in location during a quick stomp about the brakes, it works in conjunction with all the airbag to prevent damage throughout a collision.

Although 12 inches of drinking water just isn't much, it had been also crucial to cushioning the influence of Professor Splash's flop. The drinking water assisted distribute the force with the impact more than a longer distance, breaking his drop as opposed to stopping him right away like an influence on concrete would. Furthermore to the 12 inches of h2o, the professor also had some padding beneath the wading pool to offer extra cushion. You'll be able to see the padding bowing a little when he lands inside the pool.

Though it is an amazing stunt, it is also deadly. So don't attempt this 1 at home!

World Record Video 2011 for Shallow Dive into Paddling Pool by Professor Splash - Darren Taylor

World Heaviest Sumo World Record 2011 set by Kelly Gneiting

Kelly Gneiting, a hospital statistician and sumo wrestler from Arizona, will secure the official globe report if he completes the Los Angeles marathon in California on Sunday.

Mr Gneiting, 40, said he needed to run the 26-mile race as an inspiration to "people who are overweight, have lower self-esteem and feel they can't obtain things".

"I have superior self-esteem and believe I can do something," he advised the Daily Telegraph. "I'm major, but I really feel like I have a talent for this." Mr Gneiting, who is initially from Idaho, is 6ft tall and has a 5ft waist. He can be a three-time American sumo champion and has represented the US in the world championships.

He said that his size produced running uncomfortable. "It's challenging on my feet, my thighs and underneath my armpits," he said. He strategies to put on slick black Lycra leggings to avoid friction.

Mr Gneiting took up wrestling as being a youthful man of typical dimension, but began to acquire weight. "Food is really a little bit of a weakness," he mentioned.

After exceeding the 265-pound limit for typical wrestlers, he started sumo.

He finished the LA marathon in 2008 but was not in contact with the Guinness Planet File authorities. They stipulate that he should be filmed for that entire race and weighed before and immediately after.

The present report for the heaviest marathon runner is simply underneath 20 stone.

Mr Gneiting, who last time took 11 hrs, 45 minutes, is aiming to finish in less than 9 hrs.

"I'm likely to run as fast as I can," he said. "So I can present all my critics".

Kelly Gneiting World Heaviest Sumo Ever World Record 2011 Video

Largest Display Of Hanging Baskets

On Monday 28 February 2011 I attended the opening ceremony of ‘Al Ain Paradise’, a stunningly beautiful display of hanging flower baskets right on the edge of the desert. Al Ain is known as the 'Oasis' or 'Garden city' of the Emirates, but this garden stood alone in its impressiveness. The purpose of my visit was to verify on behalf of Guinness World Records, that Al Ain Paradise was the world's largest display of hanging baskets.

The garden had set the Guinness World Records achievement last year when I personally counted 2,426 hanging baskets. This year however, Akar Landscaping Services and Agriculture (the company responsible for the garden), had decided to expand the garden to make it even more impressive, and hopefully to break their own record.

On my arrival I was presented with a plan of the garden and went straight to work. It is no mean feat counting so many hanging baskets, so I took my time as I followed the plan, ushered around the garden by Mr Abdel Nasser, Managing Director of Akar.

When we were satisfied that the final number was correct, we returned to the office to prepare for the arrival of Sheikh Tahnoon, ruler of Al Ain, who was coming to officially open the garden at sundown.

At around 5 pm I took my seat near the stage, set up in the heart of the garden, and awaited the Sheikh’s arrival. Sheikh Tahnoon soon arrived with a large procession of family, dignitaries and security, and I took to the stage to give the presentation with the final results. I had counted an impressive 2,968 hanging baskets, securing a new Guinness World Records achievement. I presented the official Guinness World Records certificate to Sheikh Tahnoon, in whose honour the garden was created, and the celebrations began.

Guinness World Records - Ab India Todega Premieres Tonight At 9pm Only On COLORS

The show, hosted by Bollywood star Preity Zinta and the dashing khiladi of small screen Shabbir Ahluwalia, will see Indians will attempt over 70 Guinness World Records™ in our first ever Hindi language TV production.

Guinness World Records - Ab India Todega promises to be a one hour visual treat of awe-inspiring, bizarre, unforgettable and 100% entertaining record breaking acts by hindustanis.

Every episode of Ab India Todega is jam-packed with breathtaking record attempts from limbo skating under cars to singing for the longest time upside down; this show has something for everyone. For the first time Indian audiences can cheer on fellow Indians in an international face-off with another contestant.

Guinness World Records – Ab India Todega will be showing every Friday and Saturday at 9pm on COLORS.

COLORS is available in India on Airtel TATA Sky and Dish TV, in the UK on Sky and in the U.S. the channel is known as Apaka COLORS and is available on the Dish Network.

Largest Balloon Floating House in Pixar Movie set World Record

Ever wished real life could be more like a Pixar movie? It was for a little while on Saturday, as a team of awesomizers managed to successfully lift a house into the air, "Up" style, using a cluster of brightly colored balloons.

The adorable 2,000-pound, 16x16-foot yellow house took to the skies with the aid of 300 weather balloons that grow to 8 feet tall when inflated. From top to bottom, the entire aircraft measured 10 stories high and reached an altitude of 10,000 feet. It flew for about an hour at dawn from a private airfield east of Los Angeles. Oh, and there were people (of the non-animated variety) aboard.

The floating feat sets a world record for the largest balloon cluster flight ever attempted, according to the National Geographic Channel. It filmed the flight as part of a new series called "How Hard Can It Be?" that's set to debut in the fall.

And if you're wondering how hard it can be to set a balloon-supported house aloft, well, "it was pretty hard," Paul Carson, the show's host, notes in the behind-the-scenes video below. "It was very difficult actually."

Pixar's 10th animated feature focuses on the fate of 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen, his house, and a wayward 8-year-old who happens by one day. Launched into the sky together by a cluster of balloons tied to the roof of Fredricksen's house, the two set off on what could safely be called a high-flying adventure.

It took the National Geographic team of scientists, engineers, and balloon pilots two weeks to pull off their version of the "Up" house--from the initial assignment through planning, building, and rigging the house and setting it aloft in the clear skies to cheers down below.

Carson picks "incredulity" to describe the dominant feeling among the crew as the house made its way skyward. As for us, "grinning like dopes" would about cover it.

Largest Balloon Floating House in Pixar Movie Video 2011

Super Moon 2011 - March 19th Closest Position in its Orbit to Earth - Amazing Facts

The astronomer Richard Nolle coined the term "Super Moon" which means a new or full moon at 90% or greater of its closest perigee to Earth. Well on March 19th the moon will be at perigee (its closest position in its orbit to Earth). This will be the closest perigee in 18 years.

The largest effect will be on the tide which occurs at the full moon every month as the closer to the earth the moon orbits, so the effect on tides increases. A 5% increase in proximity makes about 20% difference in the power the moon exerts so those in coastal regions should anticipate stronger tides.

An extreme "SuperMoon" is when the moon is full or new as well as at its 100% greater mean perigee (closest) distance to earth. By this definition, last month's full moon, this month's and next month's will all be extreme "SuperMoons".

Some largely internet-based claims say such events are related to catastrophies such as extreme siesmic events or extreme weather and some coincidential strong events have happened at the same time as Super Moons, however no definitive scientific research has concluded that.

World Youngest CEO 2011 - 14 Years Old Girl set World Record

Have you ever heard of a CEO, who is only 14 years old? Well here is a 14 years old girl, who loves to play like other kids, but she chooses to play with animation. Sindhuja Rajaraman, the ninth standard girl,CEO of Seppan, launched her Chennai based animation company in October 2010. She is the youngest digital caricaturist certified by Corel Corporation, India, fastest 2D animator in the country certified by Nasscom Animation and Gaming Conclave, 2010.

Well, she had also made a Guinness Book record attempt for the fastest animation film. The film was on Exnora, a Chennai based non- profit organization. She made it to mark the occasion of 10-10-2010. She did a three minute animation film in ten hours. Now she is awaiting her results.

Talking about how she got into the animation profession, she said "It all started five years back when I wanted to take my mind off studies and do something new. My father, who is a cartoonist, instilled in me the passion to do animation and taught me the entire process. I have tried my luck with animation even before I started learning it professionally. I did my first mini animation project when I was in sixth standard. It was on 'do not disturb animals'."

She got a offer from First Planet to work as Seppan's chief executive when she didn't even know the meaning of CEO, and now she is handling three projects, Virtual Street, and First Planet.

Kumaran Mani, her mentor, who helped her with the setting up of Seppan, says, "Initially she was a little uncomfortable being a CEO. But now she has learnt the tricks of the trade. When she meets a client she immediately shakes hands, collects their cards and neatly puts it in her folder."

In Seppan, there are ten people working and they will be adding more people when needed. Sindhuja added in a positive way that she is the only CEO who is paid less than her employees.

Her colleagues, who are older than her, mentioned that she is very creative and they have learned lot from her.

Software lobby Nasscom's regional director for Chennai, K Purushothaman said "Sindhuja is very passionate and committed in what she is doing. She has mastered the domestic animation skills. Now she has to sharpen her knowledge and skills on what's happening in the international market."

Though she gets offers from other big corporate companies, she has not shown any keen interest in joining them. She wants to live a normal life like any other 14 year old girl.

She aims to study at the Vancouver Film School in Canada and would like to specialize in animation.Sindhuja dreams that when she is 20 year old,Seppan would be a company with a turnover of one crore.

World First Two Headed Tortoise Found at Slovakia

Held up in between two human fingers, this amazing two-headed African Spurred Tortoise is a rare sight to behold - and even evolutionist Charles Darwin would struggle to explain its unique deformity.

Delicate, precious and tiny, this pair, who have been handed two names - Madga (left head) and Lenka - are only seven weeks' old.

The duo, born in Slovenia in mind November, also have five legs (one more than normal) and were displayed in Zilina today.

Although the tortoise looks small now, it should grow much, much bigger. In fact, the species are the third largest in the world, after Darwin's friends, the Galapagos Tortoise, and the Aldabra Giant Turtle.

The African spurred tortoise, which in Latin is Geochelone sulcata (geo - earth; chelone - tortoise; and sulcus - furrow (in reference to the distinctive scales)), is the biggest mainland tortoise in the world.

Usually they inhabit the southern edge of the Sahara desert, in northern Africa and adults are usually 18 inches (45 cm) in shell length, and weigh 70 to 100 pounds.

Specimens with 24 to 36 inch long (60-90 cm) shells weighing 150 pounds (70 kg) are not unknown and they grow from hatchling size (2-3 inches) very quickly, reaching 6-10 inches (15-25 cm) within the first few years of their lives.

The lifespan of an African Spurred Tortoise is about 30-50 years, though can live much longer - the oldest in captivity is 54 years, located in the Giza Zoological Gardens, Egypt, 1986.

World First Two Headed Tortoise Found at Slovakia Latest Video

World Tallest Stack of Pancakes Food Network UK set World Record

In a bid to celebrate Pancake Day in the only way they know how, staff from TV channel Food Network UK have created the world's tallest stack of pancakes World Record. And why not.

The impressive pancake tower took over 13 hours to produce and required a whopping 253 eggs, 11lbs of flour and over 26 pints of milk.

After the hours of hard work they were lest with 725 pancakes which were stacked into a 32 inch high tower to break the current record.

Should you fancy setting pancake-based record yourself when you get home, the highest pancake flip currently stands at 9.17m, the largest pancake measured 15m long and the most pancakes eaten in 1 hour by an individual is 855. Good luck.

Nick Thorogood, of Food Network UK said: "One of the greatest aspects of British Food is its tradition and the celebration of events such as Pancake Day.

"We wanted to celebrate this year’s Pancake Day with something a little different and what better way than to create a stack of pancakes!

"Needless to say the at the Food Network UK headquarters are going to have their fill by the end of the day!"

World Tallest Stack of Pancakes Food Network UK set World Record Video

Junrey Balawing - World Smallest Man 2012 World Record

Junrey Balawing of Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines, who is just 22 inches high, is set to become the world's shortest man when he turns 18 in June.

According to the Sun, the 17-year-old, who is tinier than a one-year-old, will take the title by smashing five inches off the current record.

Balawing has not grown since his first birthday, struggles to walk and cannot stand up for long, but he beams with pride when talking about his likely world record.

"If I were the smallest man in the world, it would be very cool," the tabloid quoted Balawing, as saying.

The current titleholder is Nepal's Khagendra Thapa Magar, who is 26.4 inches tall.

A Guinness World Records spokesman confirmed that they would be considering Balawing's claim.

"We are looking to review the claim when Junrey Balawing turns 18, which is when candidates for this title can officially apply for the record," the spokesman.

Hatice Kocaman, 21, from Turkey, is the world's smallest woman, at just 28 inches tall.

World's Fastest Selling Consumer Electronics Device Microsoft Kinect set World Recordt set World Record

Buyers have snapped up more than 10 million of the ground-breaking Xbox 360 add-on, which uses a built-in camera and sensors to capture and translate player movements on screen, without the need for a hand-held controller.

Games fans bought an average 133,333 Kinect units a day in the first two months after it went on sale last November - faster than any other device released.

The success of Kinect also ensured the new genre of games designed to work with it have flown off store shelves, with more than 10 million sold across the world.

Guinness World Records gaming editor Gaz Deaves said the sales figures spoke for themselves.

"According to independent research, no other consumer electronics device sold faster within a 60-day time span, which is an incredible achievement considering the strength of the sector," he said.

The controller-free Kinect lets players take part in interactive games, from on-screen exercise work-outs to tickling the tummy of an on-screen baby Bengal tiger cub simply by moving their hands.

It's launch on November 4 helped lift Xbox 360 sales in Australia by 20 per cent last year, allowing Microsoft to claim its console as the fastest growing games machine in 2010.

Xbox Australia director David McLean, said he was thrilled by the success of Kinect and "proud to have been recognised in the Guinness World Records".

"Kinect has revolutionised entertainment and these numbers tell us that all over the world, including Australia and New Zealand, people are embracing that revolution."

This year, Microsoft, along with independent games developers, will continue to push the Kinect's creative boundaries.

A soon-to-be launched feature will allow users to bring their on-screen animated likeness or avatar to life.

Players' virtual selves will mimic their movements and facial expressions in real time.

That will open up creative options, such as creating and sharing animated videos with other Xbox 360 Live members via Facebook.

Microsoft E3 Kinectimals Xbox Game Exclusive Video 2011

World's Fattest Contortionist World Record set by Matt Alaeddine

With the ability to press his soles to his cheeks, turn himself into a human dart board, and dislocate his shoulders to escape from a straitjacket, Matt Alaeddine’s resume reads more like a medical examiner’s report.

Couple that with his sizable mass — well over 400 pounds — and the city comic and contortionist has found a ticket around the world, securing him a place in the infamous Jim Rose Circus. Founded in the ’90s, the circus features extreme, often masochistic onstage acts involving everything from sword swallowing to genital lifts.

Alaeddine is one of three Edmontonians in the American troupe of pain-loving freaks. The roster also includes his friends Ryan Stock and Amber Lynn Walker of the Discovery Channel’s Guinea Pig fame.

Alaeddine, 30, started doing contortion as a street performer at the Edmonton Fringe Festival about 10 years ago, and it will likely be part of the act at this year’s Fringe, when he, Stock and Walker stage a show called Sick.

When performing his contortions, Alaeddine stuffs his rolling hillsides into a gold nylon suit labelled “one size fits all” that he bought from the women’s section of a hipster-friendly clothing store.

“You go to work every day sitting at a desk. It’s not for me. I mean, some people, they just want to get out there and climb and mountain ... I’m not going to climb a mountain. Comedy is my mountain. Contortion is my mountain,” Alaeddine says.

“Obesity! It’s working for me,”

Over the years he’s gone by many stage names, including Fat Matt and Powermann. He says he’s the world’s fattest contortionist, though that isn’t a label in any official, record-breaking capacity — not that an official label matters, really.

What he does, most slender folks would struggle with, if not find impossible. Seriously, stop reading this for a second and try to put the soles of your feet to your cheeks.

We took Matt Alaeddine out on the town one Friday afternoon to surprise random people with his unique abilities on the street. He took his show to Edmonton city hall, where he met a group of schoolchildren, and to an LRT station, where bleary-eyed commuters were delighted with his antics.

Guinness World Records India - Guinness World Records India - Ab India Todega on Colors TV

Bollywood’s dimpled Lass, Preity Zinta is all set to host COLORS new offering, Guinness World Records- Ab India Todega. As the host of show that promises to put Indians on the world map, Preity echoes the concept of the show and represents the spirit of new India which is willing to take on the world and prove its place under the sun. Guinness World record that has enthralled the audience across 90 countries is brought to India by Miditech Pvt Ltd.

Guiness World Records- Ab India Todega will see the vivacious actor donning the hat of a host and a guide as Indians try to break international records and compete with the world record holders. Preity’s deep sense of patriotism and her easy and natural charm will be the guiding factor for all the contestants to do their best and beat every world record thrown in their way. Her sense of humor and her never-say-die attitude makes her the perfect choice for bringing this unique show on to the mainstream platform.

Speaking about the new show and the host, Ashvini Yardi, Head, Programming, COLORS said, “Preity is the perfect choice as the host for the show as both she and Guinness World Records are debuting on the Indian small screen. Guinness World Record- Ab India Todega is a fresh concept and with Priety’s effervescent presence we are confident that the show will enthrall our viewers. Her enthusiasm and zing would definitely encourage the participants to go all the way in breaking the international records and make our country proud. As a mascot of the show, she would be the best connect with the audiences & re-instill in them the pride & joy of being an Indian.”

Talking about her association, Preity Zinta said, “I was sure that whenever I do make a move to the small screen, it would be something I believe in. Guinness World records- Ab India Todega is the perfect platform for my television debut. The show reflects my ideology to push oneself and compete with the best. There is also a feeling of pride in hosting a show that will put India on the international pedestal and will bring fame for Indians. I am sure viewers will have a good time watching the show.”

The show certainly promises to set great standards of talent and with a host as talented as Preity Zinta; it is only going to get better.

Guinness World Records™ television shows are watched in over 90 countries by more than 250 million people. Original productions include those in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Poland, Portugal, Greece and China. These original productions are complemented by distribution deals in an additional 80 territories, spanning six continents.

Guinness World Records India - Ab India Todega on Colors TV Promo

Most Miles Travelled by a Passenger World Record by Fred Finn

Imagine if you had the airmiles of record-breaking traveller Fred Finn...

He has visited 139 different countries, clocking up 15 million miles - the equivalent of 31 trips to the Moon and back. And he now holds the official world record for most miles travelled by a passenger.

Fred, 70, went on 718 Concorde flights and keeps a detailed log of every journey - each one countersigned by the pilot or driver.

Even though there are still 57 nations Fred has yet to visit, there is only one place left on his holiday wish list.

He said yesterday: "Seeing as I've travelled to most of the Earth, I'd now like to explore the Moon."

Fred was born in Exmouth, Devon, and caught the travel bug at 18 when he took his first flight from an airfield in Hampshire to New York.

The retired international licence manager now lives with wife Alla, 35, in the Ukrainian city of Komsomolsk.

He reckons his total travel bill tops £2million, but most of the journeys have been for work.

On his travels Fred met former Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev, Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney, singer Dolly Parton and had dinner in New York with Johnny Cash.

Fred once made three Concorde trips in one day and always sat in seat 9a. He said: "I soon realised that was the one they started serving food and drink from."

He reckons he has flown across the Atlantic more than 2,000 times and visited Africa on 600 occasions.

His favourite place is Kenya and he likes Nigeria the least because it's "lawless".


Set your watch to local time when you step off the plane and eat at that country's meal times.

Use hard suitcases to avoid breakages.

Drink water to avoid jet lag.

Always take contact numbers for your family.

Use a travel adaptor that fits all plugs.


1953 Went on a school trip to Holland, Belgium and France.

1958 First flight to the USA via Scotland and Iceland. He also visited Venezuela, Brazil and Germany.

1959 Italy, Egypt, Ceylon, Australia, Yemen, Madeira, South Africa and the Canaries.

1960 Canada.

1961 Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

1962-63 Back to the USA and Canada again.

1964 Spent nine years travelling from his home in Exmouth to every state in the USA. Also boarded weekly flights between London and New York.

1973 Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

1974-75 Italy, Austria, Portugal, Spain and Malta.

1976-78 Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Slovakia, Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic and Poland.

1979-81 Iceland, Switzerland Monaco, Moldova, Ukraine, Lebanon, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Yemen.

1982-83 Ethiopia , Eritrea, Sudan, Malawi, Botswana, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali and Morocco.

1984-86 Ireland,Seychelles, Mauritius, Guatemala and Cameroon.

1987-88 Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

1989-93 Jamaica, Trinidad, Bahamas, Barbados, USA, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Kenya, Thailand and Malaysia.

1994-96 India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Singapore.

1997-99 Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Bermuda and Indonesia.

2000-02 Uganda, Gabon, Zambia and Luxembourg.

2003 -PRESENT DAY Niger, Burkina Faso, Benin, Dominica, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Jordan, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Qatar and Afghanistan.

MIAMI 1989

KENYA 1992



Jonathan Fox (S7) was the undisputed star on day two in Manchester, breaking his own 100m Backstroke world record and clinching MC gold.

Fox impressed in his morning heat swim, lowering his record from last summer's IPC World Championships in Eindhoven to 1:10.70.

I've got a lot of work to do before the Europeans so hopefully I can break the record again.
The 19-year old, who moved to the High Performance Centre in Manchester three months ago, narrowly just missed out on breaking the record again in the final, touching in 1:11.36 to win gold with 1025 points.

“I'm really really happy,” Fox said. “I didn't think I'd go so fast in my heats but my hard training is paying off. I've got a lot to do before Europeans so I can go and break the record again. At the worlds I had a slow back end so I'm working hard on that.”

James Crisp (S9) came back from injury last year and looked on course to prove he was back to form with a strong final swim. He touched in 1:03.80 and won silver with 911 points.

Bronze went to Ben Procter (S14) with a score of 823 and a time of 1:08.09.
Paralympian Stephanie Millward won gold in the women’s 100m Backstroke with a time outside of her best but within the qualification time for this summer's IPC European Championships in Berlin.

Millward settled into her usual steady pace at the first 50m and touched in a time of 1:12.12 and won the gold with 887 points.

Natalie Massey (S14) also swam under the qualification time for Berlin after touching in 1:13.19 and took silver with 866 points. Bronze went to Hannah Russell (S12) in 1:14.21 with 800 points.

James Anderson (S2) swam to glory in the men’s 50m Backstroke after touching in a time of 1:09.25 and scored 759 points. Anthony Stephens (S5 ) won the silver in 44.33 with 494 points.

Longest Continuous Bunting in the world Record set by Panbride Youth Group

Panbride Youth Group has taken component within the Fairtrade Basis try to create the longest constant bunting inside the globe, Their target would be to have bunting which is far more than two along with a fifty percent miles lengthy, with12,500 pieces of bunting needed to interrupt the report and will probably be component from the Guinness Planet Record try on Saturday 8th May perhaps. The group, helped by members of the congregation embellished 88 items of bunting, created of pretty traded cotton and using paint, felt, glitter, wool and crayons. Fairtrade tea, coffee and biscuits were available also as pretty traded chocolate. The photograph displays the participants soon after the bunting was painted. Their operate will be on display within the church on Sundays until the bunting is sent in early April towards the Fairtrade Foundation to get sewn onto a line for your World File try.

MEMBERS of Panbride Youth Group in Carnoustie are taking component inside the Fairtrade Basis attempt to create the longest constant bunting within the globe.

The target is to have bunting which is far more than two-and-a half-miles long, with twelve,500 pieces needed to break the document and will likely be component with the Guinness World Document attempt on Saturday, Could 8.

The group, assisted by members with the congregation, decorated 88 items of bunting made of pretty traded cotton and making use of paint, felt, glitter, wool and crayons. Fairtrade tea, coffee and biscuits were readily available too as pretty traded chocolate.

r Our image demonstrates the participants immediately after the bunting was painted. Their operate will probably be on display within the church on Sundays until the bunting is sent in early April towards the Fairtrade Basis to get sewn onto a line for the globe file attempt.

Most Number of Twitter Followers Guinness Record set by Actor Charlie Sheen

Actor Charlie Sheen has entered the Guinness Books of World Records after he gained 1 million followers on Twitter in the fastest time ever.

Guinness World Records website revealed that Sheen, 45, took just 25 hours 17 minutes to make the record between March 1 and 2, Radar Online reported.

CHARLIE SHEEN is on twitter – no surprise there then, because he’s been on almost everything else – and bookies are betting on how many followers he will attract.

Numbers play a big part in Sheen’s life. He’s got three live-in porn stars and Two And A Half Men – and this week he demanded an extra $1million an episode of his hit comedy show. That’s a smart move – demanding a rise two days after being fired.

Lady Gaga (right) has the most twitter followers at more than eight million, and Charlie Gaga is just 18-1 with Boylesports to have more than her by the end of this month – if he lives that long.

There must be a chance that many of his twitter followers sign up merely in the hope of glimpsing a porn star’s ass – in which case I pity them. That’s what screensavers are for.

Good-time Charlie only joined twitter on Tuesday evening, but by Wednesday lunchtime his number of followers had grown to a whopping 748,077, almost matching his number of dealers.

Sheen unveiled a drugs test this week to prove that he was clean. The only problem is that he was appearing on Piers Morgan’s show, proving that he’s not.

Sheen is 5-6 with Paddy Power to have more twitter followers by the end of this year than Stephen Fry, who currently has 2.2million.

The Wall Street actor – who yesterday posted a picture of himself with an Oscar – is 50-1 to win an Academy Award by 2015.

That’s following the news he has just been offered a cameo role in The Hangover II. He plays the hangover.

Kevin O’Brien fastest World Cup century

Ireland’s Kevin O’Brien smashed the fastest century in World Cup history on Wednesday when he reached the landmark off just 50 balls against England.

O’Brien beat Australian Matthew Hayden’s record of a century off 66 balls against South Africa at St Kitts in the 2007 tournament.

The 26-year-old O’Brien hit 13 boundaries and six sixes in his blistering century at the Chinnaswamy Stadium which was also the sixth fastest ODI ton of all time.

Chasing England’s 327-8, O’Brien shared a sixth-wicket partnership of 162 with Alex Cusack (47) as Ireland targeted a famous victory.

Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi hit the fastest century of all time off 37 balls against Sri Lanka in Kenya in 1996.

World Largest Egg World Record

A hen called Aussie, from Bonaparte, Iowa, has laid an egg the size of a soda can which her owner hopes could make him a record-breaker.

Nathan Batten has proudly dubbed the 4.1oz beauty 'egg-normous' - and carried it around in his pocket for two days afterwards to show his friends.

But even the egg's extraordinary size - twice the size of a normal one - may not be enough to win Aussie and Mr Batten a place in the record books.

The light-brown egg is 3.5 inches long and has a circumference of 6.5 inches. Aussie laid it on February 18 and it is now sitting safely in Mr Batten's refrigerator.

Mr Batten, 37, told the Des Moines Register: 'It probably has about two miles on it from me walking. I'm lucky that dang thing never broke.'

Aussie is an Australorp hen, a breed known for its laying prowess. They produce around 250 eggs each year.

There's no doubt the egg is a whopper - large eggs in supermarkets weigh around 2oz, while even jumbo eggs only weigh 2.5oz, according to USDA regulations.

An average hen's egg has a circumference of 5.5 inches is 2.3 inches long.

Hongwei Xin, director of Iowa State University's egg industry centre, told the Des Moines Register: 'It's big. It's twice the size of a large egg.

But Sean Skeehan, who raises chickens at Blue Gate Farm, Chariton, said Australorp eggs usually weigh around 3oz, and an egg the size of Aussie's is not unheard of.

The newspaper reports Mr Batten hopes to contact the Guinness Book of World Records to see if Aussie can make the list - but he may be disappointed.


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