The Most Bras Taken off and put on in One Minute

PAGE 3's Rosie Jones has set a new Guinness World Record - for the most bras taken off and put on in one minute!

She managed it SEVEN times, beating fellow bra removal expert Becky Rule on six.

And our 30E beauty now looks set to make the 2010 edition of the famous book.

Thrilled Rosie said: "It was actually a lot more difficult than it looked - I want people to know that.

"My hand aches, my arm aches and my muscles have grown!

"But I'm so proud to have made the record books. I can't wait to tell everybody!"

Blonde Becky added: "She was a good winner and I was hopeless."

Our gorgeous girls took part in the attempt to mark Guinness World Records Day today.

Last year, Page 3's Ruth Reynolds set a world record by kissing 42 lads in just 30 SECONDS.

Book officials Kris Teufel and Ralph Hannah were on hand to oversee the event at The Sun's Wapping HQ.

Ralph said: "It's not every day we adjudicate a record attempt quite like this.

"But both girls did really well and congratulations to Rosie!"

Hundreds of people across the world will today take part in wacky record attempts.

In London, 59-year old Manjit Singh will pull a bus with just his hair.

Commuters at St Pancras Station will attempt to set a new record for the most people hugging for one minute.

While the longest conga on ice will be formed at Alexandra Palace.

Guinness World Records editor Craig Glenday hailed Rosie's success - and added: "We look forward to seeing dozens of new records being broken around the world!"


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