Most Number of Twitter Followers Guinness Record set by Actor Charlie Sheen

Actor Charlie Sheen has entered the Guinness Books of World Records after he gained 1 million followers on Twitter in the fastest time ever.

Guinness World Records website revealed that Sheen, 45, took just 25 hours 17 minutes to make the record between March 1 and 2, Radar Online reported.

CHARLIE SHEEN is on twitter – no surprise there then, because he’s been on almost everything else – and bookies are betting on how many followers he will attract.

Numbers play a big part in Sheen’s life. He’s got three live-in porn stars and Two And A Half Men – and this week he demanded an extra $1million an episode of his hit comedy show. That’s a smart move – demanding a rise two days after being fired.

Lady Gaga (right) has the most twitter followers at more than eight million, and Charlie Gaga is just 18-1 with Boylesports to have more than her by the end of this month – if he lives that long.

There must be a chance that many of his twitter followers sign up merely in the hope of glimpsing a porn star’s ass – in which case I pity them. That’s what screensavers are for.

Good-time Charlie only joined twitter on Tuesday evening, but by Wednesday lunchtime his number of followers had grown to a whopping 748,077, almost matching his number of dealers.

Sheen unveiled a drugs test this week to prove that he was clean. The only problem is that he was appearing on Piers Morgan’s show, proving that he’s not.

Sheen is 5-6 with Paddy Power to have more twitter followers by the end of this year than Stephen Fry, who currently has 2.2million.

The Wall Street actor – who yesterday posted a picture of himself with an Oscar – is 50-1 to win an Academy Award by 2015.

That’s following the news he has just been offered a cameo role in The Hangover II. He plays the hangover.


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