11 marathons in 11 days - Kalyn Jolivette sets world record

PINKERTON, OH, USA -- Kalyn Jolivette, 24, a medical school student from Central Ohio, ran 11 marathons in 11 consecutive days, completing in the end 288.2 miles, raising thousands of dollars for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and setting a new world record for 11 marathons in 11 days.

One of the most impressive parts of her accomplishment, she did it all on a high school track in Pinkerton, Ohio. Starting on June 9, Jolivette ran 99 laps, equivalent to the marathon distance, each day.

    She did this to raise awareness and money for the work of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Kalyn Jolivette is a medical student at State University of New York at Buffalo.

   To raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, she checked the Guinness world records for the most marathons completed by a woman in consecutive days - and added one more.

   "I've come to realize that if you want to raise awareness for something you're passionate about, you have to do something crazy to get people's attention," said Jolivette.

   Anyone who has ever run on a track knows that using it for distance work can be mind numbing, but Jolivette was inspired by her cause. She has a childhood friend with cystic fibrosis.

   Jolivette is an experienced distance runner who usually logs 100 mile weeks, and recently completed a 700-mile running challenge through all 88 counties in Ohio in less than one month.

    "It's been about what I imagined it to be," she said. "I knew it would be really difficult. I knew it would be tiring."

World's Largest Naked Bike Ride

PORTLAND, OR, USA -- Over 8,000 naked, semi-naked and body paint-slathered Portlanders gathered under the Hawthorne Bridge for the city's seventh annual World Naked Bike Ride - setting the world record for the Largest Naked Bike Ride.

It took 30 to 40 minutes to pass the cheering throngs gathered along the nine mile route that snaked through Old Town, Broadway and Southeast bar scenes on 28th, Belmont and Hawthorne.

   The purpose of the World's Largest Naked Bike Ride, replicated in about 170 cities worldwide, was to draw attention to the vulnerability cyclists face sharing roadways with motorized vehicles.

   Last year, an estimated 5,000 took part (more than doubling the 2008 total), making it the world's largest naked bike parade.

Longest distance traveled on a wakeboard

FAIRFIELD, OH, USA -- A team of 10 wake boarders completed 1,448 laps for 506.8 miles in a 24-hour period at Wake Nation Cincinnati - setting the world record for the longest distance traveled on a wakeboard in 24 hours by a team.

Donations and pledges from the event benefited MedLend, a nonprofit organization that provides medical missions to impoverished countries around the globe.

   There were certain pros that we knew we wanted to have on the team,” said team member and co-owner of Wake Nation Pete Kennedy.

    Peter Kennedy, the co-owner of the water park and his business partner, Nick Binkley, were on the team that also includes three professionals: 2009 Australian National Champion Amber Wing, 2008 World Wake Park Champion Tom Fooshee and 2009 WWA National Champion Adam Errington.

   The rest of the team included Liquid Force founder Tony Finn, Wakeboarding Magazine managing editor Brian Wheeler, Liquid Force team rider Neill Barker and distributor of the Rixen cable system, Mike Olson.

    The 10th spot was to be held by professional J.D. Webb, but he couldn’t participate due to an injury.

    “If another cable park tries to beat it, we’ll come back and beat it the next year,” Kennedy said. “Certainly if anyone tried to beat this, we would beat it again.”

    Kennedy hopes that achieving the new record will generate more interest in wake boarding.

    “I think this will put us on the map and the wakeboarding community on a global level,” Kennedy said. Wakeboarding is just getting a hold in Cincinnati and I think Wake Nation helping that will help bring a lot of new people to the sport.”

World's Largest kokanee

Wallowa Lake, Ore., USA -- Ron Campbell, 61,  of Pendleton, Ore., a private fire investigator and avid angler, landed a 27 inches long kokanee, tipping the scales at 9.67 pounds, at Wallowa Lake - setting the new world record for the Largest kokanee.

The previous World Record for the largest kokanee is a 22-year-old record -- a 9 pound, 6 ounce kokanee caught in Canada's Okanagan Lake.

    The World's Largest kokanee is a sockeye salmon that spends its entire life cycle in fresh water rather than migrating to the ocean.

   Campbell's fish might actually have been heavier than its 9.67-pound official weight, because Campbell waited until nearby markets opened to weigh the fish on a certified scale, as required to claim a record. Fish typically lose weight sitting in the fish box. 
    While the attention of landing a world record has been far greater, Campbell is no stranger to big fish. In 1985, he landed a state-record largemouth bass at McKay Reservoir near Pendleton. That record has since been topped several times.

     At 4,300 feet elevation, Wallowa Lake is 320 miles east of Portland in a hauntingly beautiful setting of granite alpine peaks, timbered foothills and 950-feet glacial moraines. It's 4 1/2 miles long with 8 1/2 miles of shoreline.

    In most lakes, a typical kokanee weighs closer to one pound. Wallowa Lake's kokanee are exceptionally large due to the presence of a non-native freshwater shrimp, Mysis relicta, released into the lake in the 1960s.

    Although kokanee typically are plankton feeders (especially zooplankton, or tiny aquatic animals), some have adapted to feeding on the large shrimp.

    This year's kokanee may be especially big because there is a smaller class of fish overall, leaving more forage for the remaining fish.

SUP surfers cross the English Channel to set World Record

Four of the UK’s best Stand Up Paddle-boarders have just set a new World record for crossing the English Channel. With a relay team and a solo paddler taking on the challenge together to support Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) campaigns, the conditions were great for the 21-mile crossing with light winds and the sun shining, and we are delighted to claim a brand-new World record*!

As the first ever relay SUP team to attempt the famous crossing, we are confident that the riders have set an outstanding benchmark World record of 5 hours and 38 minutes.

The relay team included 2009 UK stand up paddleboarding champion Jock Patterson, Matt Argyle, Chairman of the British Stand Up Paddle Association (BSUPA) and ranked 2nd in the UK for stand up paddle boarding, and Simon Bassett, BSUPA head coach. Welsh longboarding champion Elliot Dudley, who is also SAS’s South Wales Representative, set a magnificent solo time of 5 hours and 38 minutes, which may also stand as a new World-record, it being the first ever official solo Channel crossing by SUP.

Stand-up paddleboarding has become extremely popular amongst recreational water users across the UK and this will be the first official attempt of its kind. The current record was set by a prone paddleboarder, the USA’s Michael O’Shaughnessy in 2006 in 5 hours and 9 minutes.

The event was organised by SAS with the support of BSUPA, and the paddlers raised almost £10,000 in sponsorship money to support SASs campaigns to protect surfers, waveriders, waves and beaches around the UK. If you would like sponsor the 2010 Challenge please go to and make a donation. You can also check out the paddlers training blog on

Hugo Tagholm, SAS’s Executive Director, says: “I am thrilled that the riders have completed this massive challenge in support of SAS’s ongoing campaigns to protect the UK’s beaches and seas for all to enjoy. Well done to them all for setting such fantastic new World-records, which we hope the Guinness Book of Records will endorse as soon as possible. I’d like to say a massive thank you to the riders for all their efforts and for contributing so much to our campaigns against marine pollution.”

World's biggest Bikini parade

Organizers of the San Diego Bikini Walk hoped to attract at least 325 bikini-wearing participants to break the current record for the largest bikini walk, which is 323, according to the Guiness Book of World Records.

Monday, Bikini Week organizers were still tallying up the official count, but they said that around 200 women participated. The walkers started their mile-long trek from the Hard Rock Hotel at about 1:30 p.m. Leading the pack was Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, a local stripper known for her affair with Sandra Bullock's husband, Jesse James. The group walked down 5th Avenue to Market Street, then back up to Broadway before returning the Hard Rock Hotel for an after-party at the hotel pool.

The walk kicked off Bikini Week and raised money for charities including free clinics, Global Flying Hospitals and Sundance King. Bikini Week will continue through next weekend with a variety of swimsuit fashion shows highlighting the work of Southern California designers.

Roger Menees sings lowest note ever recorded

Gospel singer Roger Menees knew he has a low bass voice. He suspected it was lower than any others. The Guinness Book of World Records agrees and declared is low f sharp to be the lowest note ever recorded by a human voice.

Menees is a gospel singer and tour bus driver for bands. Other singers encouraged him over the years to reach the lowest note ever recorded, but his driving and farming always got in the way.

In a Hampton Inn in Carbondale, Illinois, near his hometown of tiny Anna, Illinois, Menees made his attempt, and just recently, Guinness Book of World Records sent his official certificate recognizing his feat.

He said it wasn't going to be pretty, and watching the video confirms that a low f sharp (deleted based on comments) is not melodious. It's croaking. The previous record was (deleted based on comments) - see update) hertz so Roger cut that record in half.

He says he can go lower, but won't bother unless his record is broken quickly.

Menees explained that his vocal cords were vibrating at about 3 vibrations per second to create the lowest note ever sung.

World's largest gold coin sells for $4m at auction

The largest gold coin in the world has been sold for $4m (£2.6m) at an auction in Vienna.

The Maple Leaf coin measures 53cm (21in) in diameter, weighs 100kg (200lb) and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

The coin was bought by a Spanish precious metal company on Friday, the auction house Dorotheum said.

The auction had been ordered by the administrator of an Austrian investment group that had gone bankrupt.

The group, AvW Invest, had bought the coin in 2007. It is one of only five Canadian Maple Leaf coins that carry a face value of almost $1m (£660,000) and bears the image of Queen Elizabeth II.

It was sold for far more than its face value because of the current high price of gold on the world market, the auction house said.

England v Germany expected to break World Cup betting records

William Hill has predicted that the match could well set a new record, with a massive eight-figure sum expected to be bet by punters.

The odds indicate no clear favourite to win the tie, but the one thing that does seem certain is that a lot of cash will be at stake.

Spokesman Graham Sharpe commented: "This match has the potential to produce a bigger betting turnover than the final given the rivalry between the two countries over the years and it is a certainty that over £25 million will be at stake on the outcome.

"And if England do go through and meet Argentina in the next round that could be an even bigger betting game."

The company has already revealed that the World Cup is on track to be the biggest betting event ever, with wagers totalling more than £1 billion anticipated.

And the competition has sparked some unusual bets so far, with one man having a £100 gamble at odds of 10,000/1 that his unborn son will score for England in the 2030 edition of the tournament.

New Twitter World Record: 3.2K Tweets per Second

Records are made to be broken and, in the case of Twitter, it just so happens that one of the service's biggest records has been shattered within a week of being set.

Less than 10 days ago, Twitter users were blowing up the service with a record number of messages being exchanged back and forth in celebration of the Los Angeles Lakers beating the Boston Celtics in the seventh game of the NBA Finals.

Just how many messages does it take to set a new Twitter record? In this case, the Laker victory brought forth 3,085 Tweets-Per-Second (TPS). Were that number stretched out over the course of a day, Twitter would have roughly 266.5 million 140-character messages flying back and forth over its servers—surely enough to earn the site some fail-whale downtime. According to TechCrunch, Twitter processes an average of 65 million Tweets on a given day, or a TPS count of around 750.

Well, as mentioned, this 3,085-TPS record didn't last long. Various World Cup games have already brought the service close to reaching this mark, but it was Thursday's match between Japan and Denmark that broke the TPS milestone once again. According to Twitter, users sent an average of 3,283 tweets per second by the time the 3-1 game concluded (pushing Japan forward into the tournament's "sweet sixteen" bracket).

"The second week of the World Cup continued to see consistent spikes in TPS after goals that are remarkable increases over our average of 750 TPS," writes Kevin Weil, Twitter Analytics Lead, on the company's official blog.

"However, we caution to call any goals a record this week both because many of the games were played simultaneously with another one and total numbers were fairly similar to the first week when only one game was being played at a time," he adds.

Twitter has been busy bulking up its background operations to handle the data being pushed out by World Cup followers. Earlier this month, the company announced that it was in the process of doubling its internal network capacity and rebalancing its network traffic in an effort to prevent site outages during high-bandwidth situations. Or, in this case, goals.

World Record for Largest Swimming Lesson

Issaquah residents helped swimming pools reach new heights June 3 by participating in the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson.
More than 50 people, ages 4 to 85, came to the Julius Boehm Pool to participate in the history-making event that took place at more than 200 locations in nine countries.
Local participants joined others from as far away as Lebanon, Zambia and Dubai for the lesson, held simultaneously. In all, the swim lesson was expected to have more than 10,000 participants worldwide. As of Monday, an official number still hadn’t been compiled.
This is the first year the world record has been attempted. It was created to promote the need for water safety education, swim lessons and to help reduce incidences of drowning worldwide, according to a press release from World’s Largest Swim Lesson, the organization that coordinated the efforts.
“I love swimming!” young Jessica Hill, Morgan Atkinson and Brynn Fortner shouted together.
The three girls were in a lesson with instructor Kris Anderson, who taught general floating, safety and swimming principals — the same lesson the adults got.
“A big part of this event is safety, like kids’ swim lessons,” Anderson said. “But a bigger part of this is teaching adults about water safety. Adults lap swim, do exercise classes or exercise on their own, but no one talks about safety with them. We had a lot adults today and we were able to do that.”
“I heard about it and thought it would be fun,” said Bobbie Anderson, 85.
While she has been swimming for a long time, Anderson said she learned some new things, like holding her hands near her ears to float better in the water.
Drowning is the second leading cause of unintended, injury-related death of children ages 1-14. Research shows if a child doesn’t learn to swim by third grade, they likely never will.
Once the event is deemed “official” by the Guinness Book of World Records, all participants will be world record holders, according to Pool Manager Jen Newton.
“I think it was cool,” said Jarrod Stambaugh, 11, of Snoqualmie. “The coolest part is being in the World Book of Records and being famous.”
“Being in the Guinness World Book of Records is a pretty cool thing and not a lot of people have the opportunity to be in it individually, so being part of something collective is a neat opportunity,” agreed his mother, Jackie Stambaugh.
The event was the culmination of National Water Safety Month. The swim may become an annual event.

Man sets weekly mileage Guinness world record

Mike Sheehy of Carlsbad, CA had a couple hundred mile head start at Sunday's Rock 'n Roll San Diego Marathon as the 38 year old man both crossed the Rock 'n Roll Marathon finish line and set a new Guinness world record for most miles run in a week. In a Forrest Gump fashion, Sheehy ran 408.04 miles from May 30 to June 6 in an effort to raise money and awareness for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
Running three times a day for seven days, Mike Sheehy logged a marathon in the morning, a marathon in the afternoon and about 11 miles in the evening each day last week. Sheehy received his official Guinness Book of World Records certificate to authenticate his 408.04 mile week, which obliterated the previous weekly mileage world record set by Bernie Hollywood from England in 2008 of 350.2 miles.
Someone was constantly with Sheehy to validate his daily mileage and photograph his starts, and over 12 hours of his trek were recorded. Somewhat reminiscent of Forrest Gump, strangers started to join in on runs with Sheehy last week who were equally inspired by his spirit and his charitable intentions. Those intentions of Sheehy's raised nearly $50,000 for cancer research in 7 days.
Despite already running over 375 miles, Mike Sheehy still came in strong in the Rock 'n Roll San Diego Marathon results, placing 3,018 out of 10,625 finishers in 4:21.41. Earlier in 2010, Katie Visco of Massachusetts ran from Boston to San Diego, covering 3,132 miles in 9 months at only 24 years old.

Toronto oyster shucker sets new world record

Toronto restaurateur Patrick McMurray has broken his own oyster-shucking record, separating 38 oysters from their shells in under one minute.

In fact, he says, he ran out of oysters with six seconds left on the clock.
“I think I could do 44, 45,” he says.
He performed the feat on the set of Zheng Da Zong Yi, a Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China, on May 21, Guinness confirmed today.
The owner of Starfish on Adelaide St. E. and Ceili Cottage in Leslieville, shucked his first oyster when he was a 16-year-old busboy in someone else’s restaurant. It was love at first taste, and now, in addition to owning two restaurants, McMurray travels the world teaching top chefs how to shuck and prepare oysters.
Shucking can be dangerous business — McMurray has accidentally stuck himself with a knife while shucking oysters 80 times over the years, requiring a total of 14 stitches. Now he works with a stainless steel glove on his left hand.
McMurray’s success is registered with Guinness under the Most in a Minute category. His previous record was set in December 2002, on the Christine Cushing Live TV show in Toronto, when he shucked 33 oysters in one minute. The record prior to that was 29 oysters, set by a Frenchman on a television show in Spain in 2001.
Becoming a Guinness world record holder can be a ticket to travel, says McMurray — he was flown to China by the television station for the Guinness television special, as was an archer from Tennessee who can hit six targets with one draw of the bow. McMurray’s also been flown to Singapore, Bangkok and Shanghai for competitions and demonstrations.
He’s received two certificates from Guinness in recognition of his accomplishments, but he’s never been printed up in a Guinness book. He is hoping his feat will make the 2011 edition.
“In the oyster world, I’m pretty high up,” says McMurray, 41, father of Spencer, 11, and Leiden, 13. “It’s a lot of fun. I only want to get in the book for one reason, so my kids can say, ‘Yeah, it’s Daddy in the book.’ ”

World’s fattest Mother : Donna Simpson

At 600 pounds, Donna Simpson may already have the title of world’s fattest mom under her belt. And though she has recently disavowed her desire to become a half-ton woman, the 42-year-old resident of Old Bridge, N.J., is anything but abashed.
She has recently become a YouTube star and likes to show off her generous proportions on, a website created for people who can’t get enough of the big girls.
Simpson says she eats 12,000 calories a day, the Daily Mail reports. That's almost seven times what the average woman should consume, says Marisa Sherry, a registered dietician who specializes in eating disorders.
Simpson first made headlines last March, when she told a British tabloid that she was super-sizing her portions on purpose. Her goal, she said, was to reach the 1,000-pound mark, putting her closer to earning a spot in the Guinness World Records book.
The story triggered heavy criticism from bloggers and tweeters around the world-including some who expressed concern for her 3-year-old daughter.
Chastened, Simpson recently told that she didn't really want to get that big, but that she likes living large and doesn't care to lose weight.
"I like being fat," she told WCBS in New York. "I guess I'm just comfortable. It's a struggle for me to be thin, and I've said if it's such a struggle it must not be natural, so I refuse to do the battle anymore."
Simpson's fame may grow along with her weight. She has a book deal in the works, and there is talk of her own reality TV show, Reuters reports.
But if supersize stardom is one of Simpson’s goals, it’s not the only one. Eager to stamp out discrimination against obese people, she’s become a vocal member of the "fat acceptance movement," Reuters reports. She’s also a shoulder to cry on for plus-sized women who email her saying that love and happiness remain frustratingly elusive.
Of course, the extra weight comes with some heavy disadvantages. Simpson has so much trouble walking that she sometimes relies on a scooter to get around, according to Fox News. And while Simpson says she is healthy, Sherry says she is putting herself at high risk for health problems, including sleep apnea, heart disease, and a condition known as fatty liver.
Surprisingly, Simpson is almost petite in comparison to the heaviest woman who ever lived, Brooklyn-born Carol Yager, who topped the scales at 1,600 pounds. Yager died of heart failure in 1994.
Still, the Guinness book is considering granting Simpson's wish, and putting her name under a new category - world's most massive mom.

World's Biggest Gold Coin , 220 Pound (100 KG), is sety to Auction

(Monday, July 30, Irvine, California) - The most valuable coin ever offered in an online-only auction will be available in the Teletrade® Premier Plus auction #2409 on August 16, 2007. It will be the first auction of the world's largest gold coin, a 100 kilogram $1 million (Canadian) denomination coin recently produced by the Royal Canadian Mint.
"This is an exciting, two-fold event for us and the entire numismatic community," said Ian Russell, President of Teletrade of Irvine, California, a division of Spectrum Numismatics International.
"This is the first 100 kilo coin that is available for sale to the public. It contains more than $2 million of gold bullion. It will be the most valuable coin ever offered in an online-only auction. And we're launching TeletradeDirect®, a new service for collectors and investors who want to purchase gold, silver or platinum bullion coins."
An example of the 100 kilo gold coin will be exhibited by the Royal Canadian Mint during the American Numismatic Association's World's Fair of Money® convention in Milwaukee, August 8 – 12. The huge coin is over 20 inches in diameter, an inch thick and weighs a little over 220 pounds (3,215 troy ounces) of .99999 fine gold.
A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc., also a division of Spectrum, purchased the first three 100 kilo coins. "A-Mark is one of the world's largest traders of gold, silver and platinum, and we've had an outstanding relationship with the Royal Canadian Mint and their impressive products for 20 years. Because of the historic significance and the amazing quality of these 100 kilo coins, we eagerly purchased the first three produced and have now consigned the first one to the August 16 Teletrade auction," said Greg Roberts, Chief Executive Officer of A-Mark.
Officials from A-Mark were VIP guests when one of the huge gold coins recently was displayed by the Royal Canadian Mint at the New York Mercantile Exchange.
According to a May 3 announcement from the Royal Canadian Mint, creation of the 100 kilo coins presented "an imposing challenge" to Mint engineers with each step along the way requiring great care, skill and meticulous testing.
"This is truly an unprecedented coin with a combination of spectacular artistic craftsmanship and brilliant technical talent. Nothing of this caliber has ever been offered previously in an online-only auction," said Russell.

Iran’s youngest author and the youngest donor : Melika Goli

Eleven-year-old Melika Goli was registered as the youngest author and the youngest donor on Iran’s National Records List.
Her father said that he applied to register Melika’s name with Guinness World Records as the world's youngest author but Guinness officials asked for an official request from the Iranian government.
“So, we filed for registration of her name here and then Iran’s National Records officials announced on Saturday that they have registered Melika’s name,” he told the Persian service of MNA.
“We aim to register Melika’s name with the Guinness Book of World Records one day and I doubt if there is any other such registration in this field,” he mentioned.
Melika has already written 14 books and 20 more of her books are ready for publication. She has recently endowed all 14 of her books to provide funds for orphans around the world.
She plans to donate any money raised from the sale of translations of her books in a specific country to the children of that country.
She began her writing career at the age of seven after completing first grade when she attended story-writing courses her father held for school children. Prior to that time, she created oral stories.
“Runaway”, “Moneys”, “The Wealthy Daddy”, “The Bride”, “More Beautiful than Ever”, “The Bicycle”, “The Last Time”, and “The New Boss” are among her credits.


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