Tattoo-Lady Julia Gnuse,The Illustrated Lady of Guinness Book of Records 2011

Julia Gnuse, nicknamed "The Illustrated Lady", is currently the most Body Tattoo woman in the world. About 95 percent of their body is covered with ink.

The sad stories behind such (Tattoo) body designs are usually accidental, bungling doctors, crime and unbelievable X-rays.

Despite her overestimated physical effort, she is now in the Guinness Book of Records 2011 as the most body designed woman in the world. (Tattoo-Lady.)

Wearing Most Number of T-shirts : Kruno Budiselic

Kruno Budiselic is the new Guinness World Record holder for wearing most number of shirts. The Croatian man set a new world record in wearing the most number of T-Shirt at one particular time and obtained the official gratitude during the past week from Guinness World Record.

Kruno Budiselic set this new record by wearing the highest amount of T shirts in less than two hours time.  By creating this new world record Budiselic has beaten a person from Sweden who before held the record by wearing 238 T-Shirts at a time.

Budiselic wore a total of 68kg of T-shirt. According to him he started struggling when reached T-shirt number 120. This new and amazing record making has resulted in a sore neck for the Croatian man.

However, entering into Guinness Book of World Records is not something entirely new to him. This is because this  extraordinary record breaker also holds the world record of opening beer bottles, in pushing cars, in moon walking, as well as in the highest number of push-ups in 60 seconds.

After setting the world record, Kruno Budiselic naturally appeared very happy and upbeat in spite of the fact that he also suffered from a sore neck for wearing almost 68 kg at the one time. He also hopes to make more extraordinary records in the coming times.

Titanic effort to break two world records

Guests at the Reading Hilton saw two world records being set as they walked through the hotel lobby.

Fitness instructor at the hotel’s gym, Oliver Trinder, 23, who lives in Woodley, and his friend Dave Holby, 29, rowed on a machine incessantly for 100 hours between them, breaking the world record.

They managed just over 100 hours. The previous record was 74 hours and 17 minutes. They also broke the record for the furthest distance rowed, reaching 1,000,000 metres in under five days.

The pair started rowing at 10am on Saturday, May 15  and finished at 5pm on Wednesday, swapping over every two hours – four hourly at night.

A stool was placed nearby so guests could stop for a chat. The rowing epic was to raise funds for the Hilton Community Foundation and Breakthrough Breast Cancer and the duo got off to a great start.

Hilton spokesman John Townsend said they were helped by many guests pausing for a natter.

He added: “It was a long time. There was a Labour Government in power when they started.”

Oliver said: “It wasn’t too bad. We had a bit of fluid on the knees but we weren’t too stiff.”

A video log of their efforts will go up on YouTube which was filmed each time they swapped over. Oliver admitted he had little idea what he was saying at times.

The marathon was part of a remarkable rowing challenge both men are carrying out in which they row for two hours every day.

Oliver is seven months into a two-year challenge while Dave has about seven months left of his two-and-a-half year bid.

world's longest electric car journey

An electric car in Japan has apparently set a new world record by running for over 27 hours and covering more than 1000 kilometers on a single charge.

The red and white Mira EV, fitted with special lithium ion battery produced by Japanese company Sanyo, traveled at a speed of 40 kilometer per hour, as it drove non-stop around a car racing course in Shimotsuma for 27.5 hours covering 1003 km without being recharged, 'The Daily Telegraph' reported.

A total of 17 different people took turns at the wheel of the electric car as it circled repeatedly around the race course during the experiment.

The test run was planned by the Japan Electric Vehicle Club which plans to ask for the Guinness World Records to officially recognize it as the world's longest electric car journey; the British newspaper quoted Japanese media reports.

The achievement is timely as Japan and other nations are stimulating themselves for an electric car boom as car manufacturers race to produce competitive versions of the environmentally friendly vehicles.

The latest epic electric vehicle drive of over 1000 km effortlessly beat the previous world record of uncharged driving 555.6 km, which was achieved last November by the same Japanese association.

Silver Dollar Sets New World Record

A rare 1794 U.S. silver dollar has set a record price. The Neil/Carter/Contursi example 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar  sold for $7.85 million. What makes this exacting coin so rare is that it is the finest known 1794 dollar and several experts believe this could be the first silver dollar ever struck by the United States Mint.

The coin was sold by Steven L. Contursi, President of Rare Coin Wholesalers of Irvine, California, to the nonprofit Cardinal Collection Educational Foundation in Sunnyvale, California. Contursi has had the coin since 2003, acquiring it for a price he's only ever defined as "millions of dollars." He has displayed the coin in cities around the country and had a custom wooden exhibit case constructed so it could be seen more easily. When it wasn't on tour it was a featured exhibit at the American Numismatic Association's Edward C. Rochette Money Museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
The Flowing Hair silver dollars take their name from Lady Liberty's flowing locks shown on the obverse of the coin. The reverse shows the the words the United States of America with an olive tree and an eagle. Records show that 1,758 silver dollars were struck on a hand-turned screw press at the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia on October 15, 1794, which was the only day of production for dollar coins that year. The coins were created to replace the European coins that dominated local commerce. Now it is believed that there are around 140 surviving examples remaining. The Neil/Carter/Contursi specimen is unique both for the quality of its imprint and the fine silver it was struck from. The pristine condition of the coin has led experts to surmise that is has had plenty of special handling in the years since its minting, a fact which lends credence to the hypothesis that this was the first coin struck and therefore designated to be of prime importance. It remained in the Mint's collection until the 1800s and has been in collector hands ever since.

The record price bests the old record of $7.59 million set for a U.S.-minted 1933 $20 gold piece, according to the American Numismatic Association. Martin Logies, curator of the Cardinal Collection, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving rare coins, told the AP that the foundation plans to display the coin and show it to the public. He said that the coin is without a doubt the earliest struck of all pieces extant. He should know, he is the author of "The Flowing Hair Silver Dollars of 1794" and has done extensive research on these historic coins.

World's Largest Falafel Ball

An Israeli chef has built the world’s largest falafel ball, using thousands of chickpeas, 40 liters of oil and an profusion of spices on Friday in New York City to set the world record.

 His falafel ball clocked in at 10.9 kilograms and featured a perimeter of more than a meter. The rectangular-shaped falafel ball is big sufficient to qualify for the Guinness Book of World Records. The record is expected to be verified in the next few days.

The Israeli record is just the latest in a tit-for-tat chickpea war with Lebanon over that other most famous chickpea product: hummus. Most recently, on May 12 of this year, a group of chef’s in Lebanon broke the Israeli record for the largest amount of hummus, offering up four-tons of the Middle East’s most famous dip.

The record-wining falafel ball was the kickoff to a week-long Israel festivity in NYC, culminating in the annual Israeli day parade that travels down Fifth Avenue. Taking place on Sunday, the event is expected to attract thousands of Israel supporters. It is being led by Israeli NBA player Omir Casspi. Casspi is the first Israeli to play in the league.

Israeli Consul General Asaf Shariv was quoted as saying that the falafel record is nothing compared to Israel’s next goal: the world’s largest gefilte fish.

Tallest Man in America : Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records declared that Igor Vovkovinskiy has been crowned the new Tallest Living Man in America. Measuring a astounding 7 feet 8.33 inches, the very tall 27-year old traveled from Minnesota to New York City where Guinness World Record officials certified his claim on the set of The Dr. Oz Show. Igor beat out the previous record-holder, Virginia deputy sheriff George Bell, by a third of an inch.

"Igor had been on our radar for a while, so we were eager to measure him and see if he was, in fact, the Tallest Living Man in America," said Guinness World Records judge Danny Girton Jr. "Following stringent Guinness World Record guidelines on dimension, we're pleased to confirm that Igor is now a part of record-breaking history."

Upon compliant the Guinness World Record, Igor said, "It feels good to finally have proof that I am the Tallest Man in America. Everyone is always asking me if I'm certain that I'm the tallest and I was never able to prove it. Now that I have this certificate to hang on my wall, I could finally show it!"

Originally from the Ukraine, Igor moved to Minnesota with his mother Svetlana when he was 7-years old. With a size 24 10-E shoe, Igor faces challenges daily including fitting into cars, finding comfortable shoes and squeezing into desks at the Minnesota School of Business where he is pursuing a degree in paralegal studies. He's found solace in organizations like the Tall Club International where he's made lasting friendships with other tall people like himself.

Igor now joins the Tallest Living Man, Sultan Kosen (Turkey), who measures in at 8 feet 1 inch and the Tallest Man Ever, Robert Wadlow (US) who stood an amazing 8 feet 11.1 inches tall in the Guinness World Records pantheon.

World's Largest Flute Ensemble

On 14 July 2009, Fushun city, Liaoning province, China, was the venue for two Guinness World Records achievements. GWR arbitrator Angela Wu attended the events and existing two certificates to the organizers for their success.

The first record was the largest flute ensemble, with 1,975 participants, which happily broke the previous record of 1,701. All those who took part were from schools in Fushun city. The organizer, Fushun Youth and Children Palace, had been training the participants to play flute for more than one year. When the participants finished the playing efficiently everyone present highly praised loudly.

A characteristic flute was also displayed at the event. The apparatus was 3.25 m (10 ft 8 in) long and 5 cm (2 in) in diameter and was verified as the largest flute in the world, breaking the previous record held by an instrument 1.52 m (5 ft) long. It was a scaled-up version of a normal-sized flute and was playable – as three musicians proved, by playing it together!

World's Most Experienced Woman Skydiver : Wendy Smith

A world record-holding New Zealand skydiver has jumped from a plane near Mt Everest to promote adventure sports in the Himalayas.

Wendy Smith jumped from a plane at a height of 8992m on Monday, The authority Post reported today.

Smith has made more than 18,000 skydives, and in October landed next to Mt Everest Base Camp, 5240m above sea level.

Smith has broken world records for speed skydiving, and won Emmy Awards for her work as a cinematographer, filming formations of hundreds of skydivers in remote locations.

Smith was one of the world's most experienced woman skydivers, Sky Dive Lake Wanaka chief safety officer Dave Hall said.

Jumpers at such heights faced risks including frostbite and losing consciousness, despite carrying oxygen tanks, he said.

World’s Biggest Ball

The thrill over the 2010 World Cup taking place in South Africa rose yesterday in Lagos with the presentation of the world’s biggest ball by MTN, sponsors of the global football fiesta. At 36 feet high, it is formally the biggest ball on the planet. inscribed on the ball, which is made in the yellow colour of the sponsors, are the words MTN and Guinness World Records to signify that it is without question the biggest ball in the world at the moment.

The presentation, which took place at the grounds of the Lagos Polo Club in Ikoyi, attracted a motley crowd of businessmen, artists, footballers and sundry other people.

It was a colourful event, made unforgettable by the presentation of Nigerian Pop star TuFace Idibia, who performed the World Cup theme song composed by American singer, Kelly Rowland. Also on hand to spice up the event were two former Super Eagles, Austin “Jay Jay” Okocha and Daniel Amokachi, as well as current Eagles vice-captain, Joseph Yobo.

On hand to steer guests round at the event was Bola Akingbade, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of MTN who said the programme formed part of his organization’s build up to the World Cup also said about 133 MTN subscribers who were victorious in the company’s World Cup promo will be taken to South Africa to watch first round matches of the competition. He disclosed that an addition 300 high profile Nigerians will also be watching the games on the bill of MTN. He added that as part of his firm’s World Cup programme, a United African Club of supporters would be formed to give support to all African teams at the competition.

Asked about the rationale behind the result to design the biggest ball in the world, Akingbade said:

“The World Cup is the biggest football event in the world; as sponsors of the event we felt that nothing would be more fitting than to kick off our official countdown to the tournament with a huge ball, the kind of which you have seen tonight”.

The official presentation of the ball was conducted by Lagos State Commissioner for youth, Sports and social Development, Demola Adeniji-Adele who represented the governor of Lagos State. He was accompanied on by Al-Hassan Yakmut Saleh, executive secretary of the Nigeria Premier League, who represented the Minister of Sports, Ibrahim Bio as well as Mr Okocha, Mr Amokachi and Mr Yobo.

Bisi Taiwo, a guest at the event who was enthralled by the spectacle of the huge ball dominating its surrounding, gushed: “This is just so wonderful. I have not seen a ball this size before; without doubt it has got to be the biggest ball there is.”

The 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa will feature 32 teams battling for the final prize, an 18-carat gold trophy. Nigeria has been placed in group B alongside Argentina, Greece and Korea and will kick off its World cup campaign on June 12 with a match against Argentina at the Ellis park stadium in Johannesburg.

World’s Largest Game of Dodgeball record breaks by Samsung Mobile

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile)1 the No.1 mobile phone provider in the U.S.2, broke the Guinness World Records success for the largest game of dodgeball at The 69th  Regiment Armory in New York City. The athletic event was organized to help celebrate the recent launch of the Samsung Reality™ on the Verizon Wireless network.

On Wednesday, May 12, 2010, 712 players from the New York Tri-State area were armed with 600 dodgeballs to compete in this record-setting game. The previous record of 450 dodgeball contestants was crushed as the blue team and yellow team hurled the rubber balls back and forth at each other until one team emerged triumphant. After hundreds of players were pelted with dodgeballs and eliminated from the game, the blue team claimed victory. Ten players from the winning blue team were selected by raffle and they, along with the last man standing on the yellow team, received new Samsung Reality phones for their athletic skills and bravery. All of the game’s players received scratch cards with the opportunity to win Reality phones and gift cards, and t-shirts to commemorate their participation in the record-breaking attempt. Additionally, Samsung Mobile donated the dodgeballs used in the game to the Boys and Girls Club of Manhattan and Covenant House of New York.

Samsung Mobile’s effort to break the world record to host the world’s largest dodgeball game created a unique and unexpected way to engage consumers about the April launch of the Samsung Reality. With easy access to social networking through the Communities widget, multiple photo upload points, and threaded messaging—the Samsung Reality gives users all the tools they need to tell their true story. Dodgeball game participants were able to use the Samsung Reality before, during and after the event to text, take pictures and share the story of how they became a part of history.

 “The Samsung Reality’s Communities widget allows users to quickly and easily update their favorite social networking sites, post pictures and upload videos to YouTube™,” said Paul Golden, chief marketing officer of Samsung Mobile. “Samsung Mobile looks for creative ways to connect with consumers and educate them about our mobile devices. It was incredible to see hundreds of people come together for a chance at making dodgeball history. We’re proud that Samsung and the Reality handset could be part of this event.”

To promote the dodgeball game and attract players, Samsung Mobile deployed street teams on-the-ground in NYC from April 19 to May 12. The game was also promoted virally through social media channels, as well as through street activation using flyers and posters to generate excitement for the event. Street teams encouraged NYC consumers to visit the Samsung Mobile Reality Facebook page to find out the secret location of the dodgeball game.

“Guinness World Records is happy to confirm that Samsung Mobile set a new record for the largest game of dodgeball, with 712 players, on May 12, 2010,” said Amanda Mochan, Guinness World Records adjudication executive. “We applaud all of the hard work and dedication that went into making this event a success.”

Samsung Mobile captured photos and videos of players during the game, which were uploaded to the Samsung Reality Facebook page, using the handset’s Communities widget, to further build a sense of engagement, while highlight the phone key social networking feature. In addition, Samsung Mobile used Twitter to communicate to attendees before, during and after the event using the hashtag #DodgeThis, to generate excitement, gather testimonials and bring full-circle the social media positioning of the phone.

Worlds Fastest Trot : Rembrandt Spur

Perfectly exploiting the raging speed duel in front of him, Rembrandt Spur pounced on the wearing yoke racing leaders and captured Thursday's $25,000 Preferred Handicap Trot in a remarkable 1:52.2, the fastest mile ever trotted at The Meadows.

Winning Mister set the stage for the historic mile when he parked even-money favorite Triumphant Caviar well past the half. Triumphant Caviar eventually cleared to the lead but had to trot three-quarters in a wicked 1:23.3. That was the signal for Rembrandt Spur and trainer/driver Dick Stillings to cut loose. They came home in 28.4 to defeat the game Triumphant Caviar by 4-1/2 lengths, with Oatmeister a distant third.

Michaelrowyourboat last year set the previous all-age Meadows trotting mark of 1:52.3. The mile by Rembrandt Spur was only 2 ticks off Macho Lindy’s all-age trotting world record for 5/8-mile tracks.

Roy Davis owns Rembrandt Spur, a 4-year-old Pegasus Spur-Marty E gelding who vaulted over $200,000 in career earnings. Rembrandt Spur now holds or shares three trotting track records — all achieved with Stillings — in addition to the all-age mark, including:

    * Fastest mile by a 4-year-old gelding, 1:52.2.
    * Fastest mile by a 3-year-old gelding, 1:53.3, a world record for 5/8-mile tracks shared with Shermans Mountain.
    * Fastest dead heat (with Diamond Hunter), 1:55.1, a world record as well for 5/8-mile tracks.

Aaron Merriman and Dave Palone each drove three winners on the 14-race card.

World's largest head-dress marks Palestinian 'catastrophe'

BEIRUT — Lebanese and Palestinian activists on Saturday noticeable the "catastrophe" of Israel's creation by setting a record for the world's largest keffiyeh, or Arab head-dress.

The 6,552-metre (21,496-foot) chain of scarves was laid out on the grounds of the Sport City Stadium in Beirut to mark what Arabs call the Naqba, the "catastrophe" of Israel's creation in 1948.

The feat, overseen by a Guinness World Records official, breaks a previous entry of a 2,932-metre (9,619-foot) scarf set in Spain in August 2009.

More than 100 volunteers placed the giant scarf to form the number 194, suggesting the 1948 United Nations Resolution that grants Palestinians the right to return to their homes in Israeli-occupied land.

"A group of independent Palestinian and foreign activists got together to reach that record," said Jamal Kurdi, a member of the Campaign 194 group that organised the record-breaking event.

"On the anniversary of the Naqba we want to affirm that Resolution 194... calling for the return of Palestinians to their land must be implemented," he said.

A sign next to the giant keffiyeh, which was made with more than 6,500 scarves stitched together, read: "194. We will return."

Some 4,000 people marched in Gaza City on Saturday to mark the Naqba, in response to a joint appeal by Hamas and Fatah, the two principal Palestinian political parties that are normally at loggerheads with each other.

In the West Bank, sirens wailed through the Israeli-occupied territory as residents marked a minute's silence.

More than 760,000 Palestinians -- estimated today to number 4.7 million with their descendants -- were pushed into exile or driven out of their homes in the conflict that followed Israel's creation 62 years ago.

May has been a month of Guinness records for Lebanon, which has been locked in a food fight with Israel over the origin of some of the Middle East's most popular dishes.

Last weekend, chefs in Lebanon fired a 10-tonne (22,000 pounds) hummus broadside, breaking a previous Israeli record, followed by another entry for more than a half-tonne of falafels.

The chickpea dip and deep-fried vegetable patty are popular in many Arab countries and in Israel, but claimed by the Arabs as part of their cuisine.

World's Largest Yoga Event at Central Park

A mass yoga event planned on the Great Lawn of Central Park hopes to draw 10,000 yogis -- the largest yoga meeting in history.

The free event is set for the evening of June 22, the first day of summer.

 If you want to join, submit your name to beginning May 20th. Drawings will be made at random, according to Flavor pill.
The free yoga class will be taught by much-admired yogi, Elena Brower who has helped shape the asanas and bodies of celebrities like Christy Turlington and Naomi Watts.

The event is open to all ages and skill levels.

Weightlifting World Record breaks By Great Grandfather Doug Williams

As a great-grandfather, Doug Williams might be probable to put his feet up at home and not be breaking weightlifting world records. 
But the father of Commonwealth Games gold medal winner Ray Williams has done just that, setting an over-70s weightlifting world record. 
He lifted 165kg - the equal of a baby elephant - at the European Masters event in Coventry, beating a mark that had stood for 17 years by 4kg. 
Mr Williams, 71, only took up the sport aged 50. 
"I was going down with Ray into the gym and instead of sitting there I had a little bit of a go and I just took it up," said Mr Williams, who trains at Holyhead Weightlifting Club. 
"It's startling what I could have done and gone on to do had I taken it up earlier." 
His son, Ray Williams, said: "It should be the dad watching his son lift but it's been me coaching my dad. 
"The pride through all our family is massive. It's amazing." 
Ray's brother Gary was a British winner weightlifter at junior level and his sister was also a Welsh champion.He said: "There must be something in the water. 
It's obviously to do with genetics, we're all small and have an innate determination."

World's SMALLEST Wingwalker : Kiran Shah

The 4ft 1in star braved speeds of 120mph at 1000ft to complete his record breaking feat.
And the 53-year-old performer, who doubled for Frodo in Lord of the Rings, said this was his most exciting adventure yet.
Strapped to the wing of a 1940s Boeing Spearman biplane, tiny Kiran completed a ten-minute wing-walk.
He said: "It was great, I loved it - but next time I'll pick a warmer day.
"It was very cold up there. The wind was coming at me all the time and I could hardly lift my arms because of the g-force."
Kiran added: "I was nervous until I had the safety briefing.
"Once I know what I'm doing it's ok - it's the same with any stunt.
"I'm not bothered by heights because I've done high falls before. Flying is no problem for me either.
"I love any kind of action. The more dangerous the better."
Experienced pilot Martyn Carrington flew the plane for Kiran's record attempt at Aerosuperbatics in Cirencester, Gloucs.
He said: "Flying with someone Kiran's size is a pilot's dream - you hardly know he's there.
"With someone bigger, the resistance and drag increases and it can be a bit trickier.
"He did really well up there. Conditions were good but there was a bit of wind and it was bumpy and cold.
"Kiran enjoyed himself though. I kept looking up to make sure he was still with us and he was lifting his arms and waving.
"He's certainly broken my personal record for the smallest passenger - next time we'll do a loop-the-loop with him."
Kiran was born in 1956 in Nairobi, Kenya, and moved to India when he was 12.
He began studying film in India but interrupted his studies when his father's health caused the family to move to England, where Kiran's brother had already settled.
His breakthrough into the film world came in 1976, when he was asked to do stunts in the film Candleshoe.
Kiran's career took off from there and he appeared in more films, TV commercials and videos.
He appeared alongside Tom Cruise in Legend, was Frodo's stunt double in Lord of The Rings, and worked on worldwide smash The Chronicles of Narnia.
Kiran has held the Guinness World Record for the 'shortest professional stuntman currently working in film' since October 2003.
Mary Oladapo of Guinness World Records said: "Kiran once again proves that size isn't everything even the smallest of people can achieve the greatest of things.
"To be recognised by Guinness World Records as the Shortest Stuntman and now the Shortest Wingwalker is testament that Kiran's one of the world's greatest stunt performers, regardless of size!"

World's biggest plate of falafel

A huge falafel dish in seen at the Kafaayat University in Ain Saadeh, northeast of Beirut May 9, 2010, after a try to enter it into the Guinness World Records as the biggest serving of falafel in the world. The dish, weighing 5173 kg (about 11400 pounds), was prepared with around 844000 falafels and was confirmed later as the largest serving of falafel in the world.
Chef Ramzi Choueiry holds the final bucket of fried falafel to add to the dish in Ain Saadeh, northeast of Beirut, May 9, 2010, during an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of Records for producing the largest plate of falafel in the world.
Chef Ramzi Choueiry (3rd L) holds the Guinness World Record certificate for the largest serving of falafel in Ain Saadeh, northeast of Beirut May 9, 2010
Chefs fry falafel at the Kafaayat University in Ain Saadeh, northeast of Beirut May 9, 2010, during an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of Records for producing the biggest plate of falafel in the world.

Fastest Man on Earth ,Usain Bolt, Breaks Facebook Record

World and Olympic champion Usain Bolt has broken another record when fans on his facebook page reached a total of 1,779.701 (figures as of time of writing) making him one of the most popular athletes in number of supporters on perhaps the leading global networking platform.

Bolt now has over 375000 more fans than famous golfer Tiger Woods whose facebook page counts 1402568 followers.

Even if some tennis and football players remain hard to catch, with both Roger Federer and Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo having more than 3 million followers, the current “ballon d'or” Barcelona star Lionel Messi is in reach of Bolt with 1,916.990 fans.

At 22 years of age, and after setting world records in both the 100m and 200m at both the Olympic Games in Beijing and the World Championships in Berlin, Bolt is now a happy “victim” of his own success and wherever he competes, records are expected to fall.

Attendance records were broken for Bolt's last appearances on a track respectively last weekend in Kingston when 54.310 viewers witnessed the fourth fastest 200 metres of all-time at 19.56 and the previous weekend in Philadelphia when Bolt anchored Jamaica's 4x100 with an 8.79 closing leg.

Bolt is next expected to compete on 19 May in Daegu, Korea the host of the 2011 IAAF World Championships in Athletics.

Top 5 ice cream shops in New York

Serendipity 3 
"Serendipity is one of those establishments that doesn't need any opening for the versed New Yorker, as it has been given that an offbeat haven for dessert indulgers for many years," says chocolatezoom.
"The three owners of the place (Calvin, Patch and Steven) owe their achievement to their considerate of what constitutes good cooking, good serving and a incredible situation.
"All sorts of celebrities get their ice cream fix at Serendipity, where they can be spotted by tourists that saw the movie (named after the ice cream shop and starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale) and came to see what the fuss was about."

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
"situated in the heart of Chinatown as its name points it out, this ice cream shop was founded by five brothers 30 years ago.
"Henry Seid, the current manager, opened a larger retail and wholesale store in Flushing and a smaller retail store in Manhattan (Nolita Ice Cream) two years ago.
"The new space allows them to work on creating new exciting flavours (such as) Aprikot, which is an Indonesian dessert drink made of avocado and sweet cream and laced with chocolate, Asian Pear Sake sorbet, Wasabi ice cream (a hit overseas) and Mango Cheese Cake, but the best sellers, according to Seid, remain the original ones: Lychee, Mango, Green Tea (not to be mistaken for Japanese Green Tea), Red Bean (Azuki), Ginger and Almond Cookie."

Ronnybrook Farm Dairy
"Their story begins in 1941 when the Oslofsky family started a small dairy farm and they named it after their eldest son, Ronny.
"The extended family continues working in the business providing fresh, quality products in the tri-state area. Apart from the ice cream, they also sell organic milk, yogurt, cheese and butter.
"The ice creams are rich and natural and include such delicacies as Ronnyberry, Toasted Hazelnut, Columbia County Coffee, Lola's Mint Chocolate Lace, Coconut 'To Die For' and Ginger Crème Brûlé.
"Their range is not extensive, but what they have is so good that it gets you coming back for more."

Uncle Louie G's
"Uncle Louie G decided a long time ago to make the best Italian ices and ice creams, but he opened the first store in Brooklyn only in 1999.
"Now it boasts almost 50 locations and it's still growing, due to the delicious concoctions that founders John Russo and his sister-in-law, Carmen Barrios, keep on coming up with, but also keep a secret.
"The Italian ices include flavours such as Cantaloupe Balls (that's a ballsy name to go with), Coney Island Cotton Candy for the child in you, Bubbly Bubble Gum for the ballsy kid in you and many more fruity tastes. The ice creams take over the same flavours and then add some more. Who wouldn't like a dreamy Brooklyn Cheesecake or a fierce Soprano Spumoni, a Creamy Cremolata that's creamier than any cream, or a Rocky Road Rage appropriate for a New Yorker always in a hurry."

Il Laboratorio de Gelato
"The Lower East Side shop was started a few years ago by Jon Snyder, a man who was born into an daring family with a liking for ice cream, a man who, before the age of 25, started and sold another ice cream business, the Ciao Bella.
"The Laboratorio was at first created to cater the sizzling dessert to chefs and restaurants and to work with those who wanted to come up with tailored flavors. But it soon included a retail side to it, as the products are excellent.
"Who can say no to a Honey Lavender ice cream? Or to a Ricotta flavor? It's like eating dessert for lunch and not feeling guilty at all ...
"The rest, available just for wholesale, include some things you can only taste in your dreams, like Thai Chili Chocolate, Earl Grey (especially created for the Brit in you), Apple Calvados, Prune Armagnac and Rum Raisin and, to top it all, Champagne Sorbet."

Longest Tennis Match

KARE 11 journalists Eric Perkins and Dave Watkins broke a Guinness Book of World Records record for longest tennis match on Tuesday night at Gustavus’s Swanson Tennis Center.

Perkins and Watkins eclipsed the previous mark of 36 hours, 36 minutes, and 36 seconds at around 10:37 p.m. on Tuesday.

The record breaking event began at 9:30 a.m. on Monday and was part of a new KARE 11 series being hosted by Watkins called “Record Wreckers.”

World's oldest person dies : Kama Chinen

Guinness World Records has reported the death of the world's oldest person aged 114 years and 357 days, a week shy of her 115th birthday.

Kama Chinen, a resident of a sub-tropical island in Okinawa, Japan, died on May 2, 2010. She lived to see three different centuries, the Gerontology Research Group (GRG) commented.

"Though confined to a wheelchair in her later years, Chinen enjoyed the wonders of nature and being outside," the organization said.

Okinawa has a status for its long-lived residents, put down to the local diet of green tea, miso soup, vegetables, rice and fresh fish.

The title of oldest human now passes to 114-year-old Frenchwoman Eugenie Blanchard, who was born in February 1896. She lives on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, GRG said.

Chiyono Hasegawa, 113, in southern Japan's Saga prefecture is now the country's oldest person.

Japan has the world's highest life expectation, and Okinawa has been home to many centenarians, a fact variously accredited to the healthy diet and environment of the island.

According to the study, old Okinawans also have lower rates of cancer, in part due to a usually low caloric, low-fat and high-fiber diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits, as well as to their physical activity.

Average life expectation in Japan climbed sharply after World War II. In 2008, life expectation at birth was 86.05 years for women and 79.29 years for men, according to official statistics.


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