Factor 001 - World Most advanced Bicycle Unveiled

A high performance bicycle, created and built by motorsport precision engineering specialists, BERU f1systems, will be revealed at the launch of the Science Museum's new free exhibition 'Fast Forward: 20 ways F1TM is changing our world' next week (March 11th). Factor 001 - a ground-breaking training tool combining innovative design and advanced electronics - promises to challenge the way athletes and serious enthusiasts use the bicycle and undertake fitness training

Factor 001 is the result of a creative project to explore the transfer of design approaches, technology and materials from Formula One (where BERU f1systems is a supplier of various components such as electronics and composites to every team) to mankind's most enduring invention. The bike is a lightweight (under 7 kg including all equipment) carbon fibre monocoque structure, designed using the same powerful modelling and analysis software used to build Formula One cars. The on-board computer and performance monitoring system, incorporating various motorsport-grade sensors, a GPS and a radio transmitter, are integrated into the handlebars and throughout the bike. Factor 001 boasts what are believed to be many firsts for the cycling world:

� Multi-channel electronics package which provides unique ergonometric data collection, logging and analysis capabilities; can correlate biometric data from the rider, physical force data from the bike and environmental data; developed with feedback from professional athletes.
� Carbon ceramic brakes provide endless, exact braking performance at any temperature.
� Almost all original parts; key components designed and manufactured in-house from Formula One-grade materials.
� Fully integrated structure using BERU f1systems' Wire-in-Composite patented technology; load sensors, wiring, batteries, sensors, control cables and lines for the hydraulic braking system are all fully integrated into the composite during construction, to give unparalleled efficiency and durability with a clean, uncluttered appearance.
� Twin-spar frame reduces sideways frame flex and preserves rider comfort.
� 8-spoke monocoque composite wheels deliver high lateral stiffness and robustness for everyday use.
� Bespoke made-to-measure frame (to within 1mm); each customer to experience Formula One-style
�seat fit' process.

'I am very pleased that what started as a clean sheet' design exercise to showcase our expertise in composites and electronics has delivered such a beautifully styled, scientific training device,' says John Bailey, managing director of BERU f1systems. 'Athletes and their trainers now have access to performance enhancement capabilities that are the norm in top-level motorsport, and individuals interested in an exclusive, high end, differentiated bicycle now have a serious alternative.'

Factor 001 will appeal to professional and semi-professional athletes competing at the highest levels in cycling and other sports; as well as personal trainers, fitness camp organisers, and affluent fitness training enthusiasts. One of the key benefits of the bike for riders is its ability to collect laboratory-quality data, while being ridden outdoors. BERU f1systems is already in talks with various sporting bodies about future applications of the data measurement software. Factor 001 is available to order from BERU f1systems now. Pricing will start at under 20,000 while the full version with the software package will cost in excess of 20,000.

Most Balloons Deflated in One Minute by Activia Argentina

On Sunday, 8 March, within the framework of the International Women’s Day, Activia, a well known yoghurt which helps to reduce the abdominal swelling and to regularize the slow transit, celebrated alongside thousands of women in attendance, its new campaign “Deflate yourself with Activia” with a large deflating of balloons as a symbolic way to commemorate this day.

It was one minute, where all women present gathered to this impressive deflating of purple balloons.

At 19.00, Guinness World Records Adjudicator, Carlos Martinez, announced that a new record had been officially set, with 9,678 balloons deflated in less than one minute.

This record became then a donation. Activia donated in this same event 10,000 Kgs. (22,046 lbs) of powdered milk to the Fundación Banco de Alimentos, which helps people by asking, storaging, and distributing food amongst more than 480 organizations around all Argentina.

Longest Marathon Giving Speeches by Team Mexico

From Friday 27 February to Sunday 1 March, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and proposed by Toastmasters International, a 90 years old organization committed to improve the communication and leadership skills, it was presented a record attempt validated by Guinness World Records for the longest marathon giving speeches, in the framework of the celebrations of Guadalajara anniversary.

This project was joined enthusiastically by Mar Adentro de Mexico, a civil organization from Guadalajara focused on promoting the culture of debate amongst the Mexican youth.

The proposal was also backed by the Culture Commission of Guadalajara Town Hall and approved by the plenary. Toastmasters and Mar Adentro contacted Guinness World Records with their idea with unlimited number of participants could be created.

The minimum requirement set from Guinness World Records was a 24 hours event, however the organizers wanted to set a more difficult mark, and from the first moment they aimed to surpass the 72 hours goal.

The rules for this record establishe

d from Guinness World Records state that every speech should last at least 5 minutes and only pauses of 30 seconds as a maximum between speeches are acceptable.

A total of 458 speakers: Toastmasters from Guadalajara and coming from other Mexican states, university students belonging to Mar Adentro and citizens in general participated in the attempt. And due to the fact that the event took place in a public place, el Parque de la Revolucion, the event generated a huge interest for public in attendance.

On 27 March one of the participants was the Major of Guadalajara himself.

From Saturday, Guinness World Records Adjudicator Carlos Martinez was present in Guadalajara so he could confirm, right after the conclusion of the event, that a new record had been set, with an official time of 72 hours, 45 minutes and 57 seconds.

World Longest Toilet Queue Record Brussels

A world record for the length of a toilet queue was set Sunday when 756 people lined up for a latrine in central Brussels to raise awareness for the need for clean water on World Water Day.

The event was organised by the United Nations children's agency UNICEF, which gave each participant a wristband with his or her number in the line and T-shirt certifying participation in the event.

"The latrine was of the same design as we use in third world countries -- a dry latrine -- and we formed the longest queue this morning," UNICEF spokesman Benoit Melebeck said.

"The Guinness Book of Records told us we needed to get at least 500 people in the queue to get the record," he said.

Melebeck said the event was to raise public awareness of the need and eventually funds for more pumps, wells, latrines and hygiene education for children in third world countries.

"We have 5,000 children dying every day from the lack of clean water, sanitation and hygiene education -- this means one every 20 seconds," he said.

Melebeck said none of the 756 people actually used the latrine, which was a fake.

Worlds Longest One Wire Telphone Network Record set by Ba Na telpher

VietNamNet Bridge – The Guinness World Records will present the world record certificates to the Ba Na – Suoi Mo telpher system in the central city of Da Nang on March 25, the inauguration day of the system.

According to Ba Na Hills Company, the operator of the telpher system, the Guinness World Records organization has recognized two world records related to the Ba Na – Suoi Mo telpher system: The world’s longest one-wire telpher network in the world (5,042.62m) and the telpher with the highest gap between the lowest and the highest stations (1,291.81m).

This telpher also holds the record for the largest departure station in Southeast Asia, which has entertainment facilities, a showroom of photos and objects about Ba Na’s past and present. At the last station, visitors can see one of the largest sitting Buddha statue in Asia, which is 27m high, in the Linh Ung pagoda.

With a total investment capital of VND300 billion, the Ba Na telpher has 24 pillars, 94 cabins, and can serve 1,500 visitors per hour. It takes only15 minutes for visitors to go from the foot of Ba Na Mountain to the Ba Na ecological tourism site, at 1,487m above sea level. This tourist site experiences four seasons within one day, and has an abundant fauna and floral system.

It is expected that Ba Na will welcome approximately 1 million visitors a year, compared to 200,000 in the past, when the telpher was not built.

Cricket - World Largest Mobile Phone set record

Among the assorted methods to contact Guinness World Records, dialing a special number combination - 4.57 x 3.42 x .74 m (15 x 11.2 x 2.5 ft) - became Cricket Communications’ and Samsung Mobile’s hotline to Guinness World Records success.

Envisioned for the two companies by creative agency ‘Neverstop, Inc.’, the fully-operational, scaled-up SCH-r450 mobile phone was fabricated in North Hollywood, California by model-making and set construction studio ‘Merritt Productions, Inc.’

The green hulk of a phone was completed within approximately 5 weeks, and privately verified by Guinness World Records adjudicator Danny Girton Jr. on 4 March at Merritt Productions. The phone was then transported to Chicago, Illinois, where it was publicly unveiled to dozens of curious and excited onlookers. All spectators gathered were also encouraged to make calls or to send text messages from the Guinness World Records certified ‘largest mobile (cell) phone.’

Cricket Cell Phone - World Biggest Mobile Phone World Record Video

Zero Motorcycles to Set World Record With 24 Hour All-Electric Vehicle Endurance Race

Zero Motorcycles will make history again the weekend of April 4-5, when they host their 24 Hours of Electricross. The event will be the first international endurance competition for off-road all-electric vehicles and is a landmark moment in the electric vehicle industry. Teams from around the world have signed on to be a part of making history and for a chance to be included in the Guinness World Records.

"This event is pulling together an incredibly diverse group of people from around the world. Everyone from lifelong motorcyclists to environmentally-conscience trend setters are fielding teams. Some are traveling thousands of miles at their own expense for this opportunity to make motorcycle history," said Neal Saiki, inventor and founder, Zero Motorcycles.

Created by company founder, entrepreneur and former NASA engineer Neal Saiki, the Zero Motorcycles' 24 Hours of Electricross will take place in the heart of the Silicon Valley at the 408MX Motocross Track in San Jose, California. Given the grueling nature of this 24-hour endurance race, the limits of competitor's skills and their electric vehicles will be tested as they battle it out for a chance at setting a Guinness World Record. The event is designed to spark competitive innovation in electric vehicles everywhere.

Zero Motorcycles is the next step in motorcycle evolution and represents the ultimate electric motorcycle technology. Unencumbered by conventional thinking about how they design, manufacture, and sell high performance electric motorcycles, they are on a mission to turn heads and revolutionize their industry by combining the best aspects of a traditional motorcycle, with today's most advanced technology. The result is an electric motorcycle line that's insanely fast, and environmentally friendly.

Collaborative efforts between Zero Motorcycles, Blue Ribbon Coalition, California State and Private Parks and numerous industry sponsors have made this seminal event possible.

MegaFlag - Biggest Kite in the World by Peter Lynn

Largest / Biggest Kite in the World by Peter Lynn

The "MegaFlag" is a fully functional, self-flying kite measuring 130 feet wide and 80 feet deep. That's an astounding 10,400 square feet!! The kite is an inflatable "soft" design with no sticks or spars. It was designed and constructed by Guinness Record Holder Peter Lynn of New Zealand.

Imagine a kite three times the size of your house. Imagine a kite that requires a 'string' with a breaking strength of 20 tons or a dump truck to serve as anchor. Imagine a kite that more than a thousand people can walk inside of while it is held on the ground. Now imagine having this kite at your event.

In 1995 he designed the ram-air inflated Megabite, a 635 square metre kite. It was accepted as the world’s largest kite by Guinness in 1997. When on the ground, more than 1000 people can comfortably stroll around inside it. He also designed the current Guinness record holder, a 1019 square metre Kuwait Flag, which took over the world record from the Megabite in 2005. That same year, he built two additional identically-sized kites (Mega Flag in the United States and Mega Moon in Japan), allowing for more exhibitions of the World's Largest Kites around the world.

About Peter Lyne
Peter Lynn (1946–) is a New Zealand kitemaker, engineer and inventor. He is notable for his construction of the world's largest kites (Guinness book of records holders), giant inflatable (sparless) display kites (the most widely-known is the 27 m octopus kite), the invention of kite buggying and contributions to the development of power kiting and kitesurfing. He spends much of the year travelling worldwide and displaying his kites at International Kite Festivals.

Lynn, together with his wife Elwyn, established a kite business at Ashburton, New Zealand, in 1973, producing single-line kites for children. In 1974 he developed the Peter Lynn Triangular box kite, a framed triangular form cellular single line kite. Beginning in 1984 with the Centipede design, he then developed large creature-themed display kites for the growing number of international kite festivals. These large-scale sparless kites include the manta ray, octopus, puffer-fish, gecko and trilobite

World Most Expensive Pearl Carpet sold at $5.5mn

The famed Pearl Carpet of Baroda has become world's most expensive carpet beating the record of a silk Persian rug, sold last year. It has also set the record of a work sold at auction in the Middle East.

Sotheby's First-Ever International Auction Series in the Middle East realized $18,001,725 (including buyer's premium). A rare Safavid Silk Velvet Panel from 17th century Iran sparked a bidding battle and was sold for nearly ten times the estimate. The Pearl carpet fetched $4.8m ($5,458,500 including buyer's premium) breaking the world record.

Embroidered with as many as one-and-a-half million of the fabled ‘Basra’ pearls, harvested in the southern Gulf region and along the coasts of Qatar and Bahrain, the bejewelled masterpiece is traditionally believed to have been created as a gift for the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad in the holy city of Medina in Saudi Arabia and was commissioned by the Maharaja of Baroda, “Gaekwar” Kande Rao,.

The intended gift was clearly never delivered as the Maharaja died before he made the donation and the carpet therefore remained in his family collection for more than 100 years.

The Pearl carpet broke the record held by a silk Isfahan carpet, Silk Safavid Carpet, which went under hammer for $4.45m at Christie's auction, last year.

At the Arts of the Islamic World session, a Safavid work, exhibited for the first time after having resurfaced from a private collection, went under hammer at $3,442,500m.

Most Kisses in One Minute World Record set by DJ Paul Winstanley

SHOPPERS in Blackburn have created a new world record — for most kisses in one minute.

DJ Paul Winstanley, 28, said he was “all kissed-out” after he was smooched 110 times in just 60 seconds outside The Mall in Blackburn.

He enlisted the help of 20 women and girls in the bid which saw him kissed on average more than three times per second.

Paul, who lives in Mellor, stepped in at the last minute after his colleague at The Bee radio station Andy Cook had to pull out after developing a throat ulcer.

He said: “It was great fun and I actually can’t believe that we got the record.

"My girlfriend Liz was here watching and I would like to apologise to her for kissing so many girls.

"I think I owe her a box of chocolates!”

The event, which took place yesterday afternoon in King William Street, was filmed and will be sent off to the official adjudicators at Guinness World Records for the record to be confirmed.

The record attempt saw a line of women give Paul a peck on the cheek before rejoining the end of the queue for another kiss.

Shani Davis set 1,000 meters Speed Skating Record

After starting the weekend without holding an individual world record, American speedskater Shani Davis finished it owning his two favorite races.

Davis set a world record for the second straight day when he won the 1,000 meters on Saturday in the speedskating World Cup, solidifying his place as the fastest mid-distance skater in the sport entering next weekend's world championships.

"Now I have both of my world records back," Davis said.

Davis also won the 1,500 on Friday in world record time and knew he had a shot at the 1,000 on Saturday at the Utah Olympic Oval, one of the fastest tracks in the world. But he didn't know he would be trying to take the record away from American teammate Trevor Marsicano.

Marsicano, a 19-year-old from Ballston Spa, N.Y., became the first skater to go faster than 1:07 with a 1:06.88 — more than 2 seconds faster than his personal best — early in the 1,000 pairings on Saturday.

"I didn't know what to think. I was scared," Davis said. "He didn't skate 1:07 ever. He went straight to 1:06. I knew I had a lot of work to do."

Davis let Marsicano enjoy his time at the top for about 20 minutes, then set the new world record with a time of 1:06.42 — 0.46 seconds faster.

Davis knew he had the record as he glided around the ice in front of the U.S. fans, who had barely stopped cheering Marsicano's mark.

"I had it for a short matter of time. I'm the first guy to go under 1:07. I'm still very happy with it," Marsicano said. "It feels great. It's just a big confidence builder for me knowing I can be right there with these guys next week."

Marsicano nearly crashed on his final lap, but dropped his hand to regain his balance and pushed his way through the rest of the race. He saw he had the record, but knew Davis was still scheduled to go in the final pairing.

Marsicano finished second to Davis for the second day in a row. He also knocked almost 3 seconds off his time in the 1,500 on Friday.

In the women's 500 meters, China's Wang Beixing upset Jenny Wolf of Germany, winning with a time of 37.25. Wolf was 0.14 seconds behind and failed to win the 500 for just the third time in the World Cup season. Canada's Kristina Groves wrapped up the World Cup title in the 1,500 by winning Saturday with a time of 1:54.08.

Sven Kramer of the Netherlands, the top distance skater in the world, won the 5,000 in 6:06.64. Havard Bokko of Norway was second (6:09.94), followed by Carl Verheijen of the Netherlands (6:13.17).

Marsicano finished the weekend with another personal best in the 5,000 by more than 8 seconds, finishing in 6:16.56.

Saturday was the end of the World Cup season. The skaters head to Vancouver next week for the world championships.

"Next week is the real test because it's going to be on the same ice the 2010 Olympics are going to be on and it's going to be slow ice," Davis said.

Indias Largest Dealing Room set Limca Book Record

Motilal Oswal Securities Limited (A subsidiary of Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd) now holds a national record! The Limca Book of Records, one of India"s premier associations that documents achievements of individuals and enterprises in terms of setting records, has acknowledged the dealing room of Motilal Oswal Securities Limited (MOSL), located in Malad (in the western surburb of Mumbai), to be the largest dealing room in India.

This will be featured in the forthcoming edition of the Limca Book of Records that will be released on March 19, 2009. Motilal Oswal Securities Limited has also received a certificate from the editor of the publication, in recognition of this achievement.

Commenting on this unique development, Mr. Motilal Oswal, Chairman and Managing Director said, "We are delighted with this acknowledgment by Limca Book Of Records. This development recognizes our endeavors to ensure highest levels of customer focus and responsiveness that has always been our primary objective.

Our state-of-the-art dealing room with superior features has also significantly enhanced employee productivity and facilitated greater overall growth and efficiency. This acknowledgment further strengthens our commitment to deliver better services to our customers and ensure greater receptiveness to their needs as we move forward."

The dealing room that is spread over 26,000 sq feet at Malad was inaugurated on March 11 2008 by Mr. Motilal Oswal and Mr. Raamdeo Agrawal, Director & Co-Founder, Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited. About 20,000 sq ft of space is devoted to dealing and advisory activities that make it the largest dealing room in the country.

This facility houses 385 dealers and advisors to support the company"s equities, derivatives, arbitrage, equity sales and advisory businesses. It is also equipped with the most ultra modern state-of-the-art infrastructure including a high speed network, 34 MB lease line with 34 MB back up and video conferencing facilities between the company"s strategy and research team. The office also provides dual LCD screens to every dealer and 24hrs power backup.

MOSL"s state-of-the-art dealing room also comprises a well-stocked library and a training room for the staff. A recreation room with indoor games and a terrace cafe provide the perfect working ambiance that allows employees to work in a de-stressed environment.

The stock closed on Friday at Rs.56.70, up by Rs.0.15 or 0.27%. The stock hit an intraday high of Rs.60 and low of Rs.51.50.

The total traded quantity was 10783 compared to 2 week average of 7301.

World Longest Shave for Good Cause by Longest Legs Record Holder

Svetlana Pankratova shaved her Guinness world record 52-inch-long gams Thursday to raise money for the lower East Side Girls' Club.

Pankratova, who stands 6 foot 5 inches tall, stepped up for the cause at Kiehl’’s flagship store at 109 3rd Ave.

“It’’s really going to benefit and raise some money. It’’s a little bit unusual but in that way, it’’s a lot of fun,” the New York Daily News quoted Pankratova, as saying.

For every stroke, Kiehl’’s would donate 44 dollars to the organization, while promoting the re-launch of its shaving cream.

She finished at 58 strokes and raised 2,552 dollars. Girls from the club clamored around the 6-foot-5 Pankratova along with the media, counting down the strokes and calculating the final amount.

The money will help the Girls” Club art and photography classes as well as keeping some of their annual trips alive.

The 36-year-old Russian model was glad to contribute for the cause.

“It’’s a great experience. I wouldn”t do it just to show off my legs, but if it benefits a lot of people it’’s very good,” said Pankratova.

World Longest Legs Shave Video

Largest Sports Lesson record set by Australian Hocky Player

On Wednesday 11th February Streatham & Clapham High School, an independen

t all-age girls’ school in Streatham, celebrated the opening of their all weather sports pitch by attempting a Guinness World Records for the Largest Sports Lesson. All of the girls, aged 8 to 18, as well as the staff and parents who took part, were extremely enthusiastic throughout the lesson, which lasted for 35 minutes and included a variety of hockey skills. They were successful in their record attempt with a total of 459 participants!

The lesson was led by Tristram Woodhouse (Ex-Australian Hockey Player) and their head of Sports, Elizabeth Basson. Ben Marsden and James Tindall, members of the Great British Olympic Hockey team, also attended and participated in the record. The event was brilliantly organised and all those involved were incredibly helpful.

World Largest Coin like Medallion set Record

Guinness World Records were proud to touch down in Dubai, UAE to measure an attempt to manufacture

e the world's largest coin-like medallion. The item in question was made by Damas LLC, Dubai, one of the Middle East’s leading jewellery retailers, for the 10th anniversary of the Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Awards for Medical Sciences and was presented to H.H. Sheikh Hamdan himself in the grand ceremony which was attended by top scientists and doctors from over the world.

Guinness World Records is delighted to confirm that the attempt was successful

and the coin measured 1.00 m (3 ft 2 in) across and weighed in at a hefty 185.88 kg (409.8 lb). It was made of solid silver and then plated in gold. It took a team of 85 dedicated staff to complete the unique masterpiece within just 30 days.

This was the latest in a long list of new records achieved in Dubai and Guinness World Records is hoping there are many more to come.”

World's heaviest man gets a lift in custom van

The world's heaviest man still can't walk, but he will soon be able to roll. Manuel Uribe said Thursday he is having a 1989 Chevrolet Astrovan outfitted to support his record-breaking weight, giving him mobility after more than six years of being confined to his bed.

Uribe earned the Guinness World Record as the world's heaviest man in 2006, when he tipped the scales at 1,230 pounds. He claims to have since shed more than 500 pounds after making a public call for help.

Uribe, known as Meme to his friends, even has a name for his new ride.

"My friends call it the Meme-Mobile, just like the Batmobile," he said.

The minivan is being converted into an open-air, flatbed pickup of sorts. Manuel says he will put a bed on the back of the van to drive around town, with his new wife at the wheel. When at home, he will hang out in a remodeled garage that will include a forklift to help raise his regular bed up to the level of his car bed, allowing him to switch locations from time to time.

Uribe said that, with the new car, he plans to start up an auto parts business. And Uribe's wife, Claudia Solis, said the two are even thinking about making a trip to the beach in May.

Uribe married Solis in October, and the wedding was one of the few times he has left his home in recent years.

Michael Jackson Final Perfomance in London

Michael Jackson has returned to the spotlight after eight years marked more by scandal than by song and told a crowd of screaming fans that he would play a series of London engagements — his first concerts since 2001.

Wearing his trademark sunglasses and a silver-embroidered black military-style jacket, the King of Pop said his series of shows in July will be his "final curtain call" in the British capital.

"This is it," Jackson said in a brief statement punctuated by the squeals of fans who gathered inside the massive O2 Arena in southeast London on Thursday. "And when I say this is it, I mean this is it."

Although Jackson said the shows would be his last in London, his statement left the door open for further concerts elsewhere. Promoter AEG Live told the BBC the shows might be part of a bigger, final world tour.

An hour and a half late, Jackson appeared at the O2 — where the series of 10 concerts are due to be staged this summer — to announce the gigs.

More than 300 journalists had been marshaled to capture the event, even though news of the concerts had leaked out to the media days before. A telegenic army of screaming fans was there to greet their star — although many in the crowd said they were there to catch a live show due to play shortly after the announcement.

The hours spent waiting frayed some tempers and a few fans shouted obscenities at journalists being escorted in ahead of them for the announcement. But most were just happy to catch a glimpse of Jackson.

"I've always been a fan ever since I was really little — his music and the way he moves," said 21-year-old student Shellie Watson. When asked if Jackson — who was almost Watson's age when he released "Thriller" in 1982 — still had star power, she said "100 percent."

"Thriller" is still the best-selling album of all time, but Jackson — who has sold more than 750 million albums and won 13 Grammys — has not performed a major concert since 2001.

Tickets priced between 50 pounds and 75 pounds ($70 and $105), are expected to sell quickly for the shows, despite concerns the 50-year-old star may not be up for a return to the spotlight.

The King of Pop has been plagued by financial, legal, and medical woes for years, and a previous attempt to relaunch Jackson's career collapsed amid reports of ill health and court action.

Jackson has appeared in public rarely since being acquitted of child molestation in California in 2005, and he has struggled to pay his debts — last year, he was forced to give up the deed to Neverland, his 2,500-acre (1,000 hectare) ranch and miniature amusement park in California.

On Wednesday, Jackson launched a lawsuit against an auction house to stop the scheduled sale of more than 2,000 personal items from Neverland, including platinum and gold records, a customized Harley Davidson and a Rolls Royce limousine.

The O2 has become a venue of choice for big-name acts and comeback performers. Britney Spears is due to play there for eight nights in June, Prince did a 21-day series of shows at the arena in 2007, and Led Zeppelin played a one-off reunion gig there the same year.

The concerts — possibly followed by other gigs and a 3-D movie based on "Thriller" — could end up netting Jackson more than $400 million, Randy Phillips, the chief executive of AEG Live, was quoted by the BBC as saying.

That would be welcome news for Jackson, who has been entangled in lawsuits for years, but whether he is up for a world tour remains to be seen. Jackson's recent work has been uneven: His last live performance in Britain was at the 2006 World Music Awards, but only managed a few lines of "We Are the World" before leaving the stage.

A video of Jackson trying to record a new single, shown at a British court last year when Jackson was being sued for breach of contract, showed him struggling to keep up his powerful vocals.

Rebecca Kellner, 17, said it didn't matter really matter how Jackson sang — the fans would come.

"He's not the greatest singer and maybe not the greatest person," she said. "But he's Michael."

Prince Charles voted World's Best Dressed Man

Prince Charles has been voted the 'world's best dressed man' in a new survey headed by fashion bible Esquire.

The 60-year-old beat comic Ronnie Corbett to second place followed by actor Bill Nighy, while US President Barack Obama grabbed the fourth spot.

The Prince of Wales was hailed for his sense of style depicted from his double breasted suits, by Saville Row tailors Gieves and Hawkes, to his accessories such as a pocket handkerchief, silk tie and John Lobb shoes.

"He is perfectly turned out in a double-breasted suit," quoted the magazine judges as saying.

"Admirably, the Prince keeps his wardrobe in appropriate style: we''re told he has a room laid out like a tailor''s shop," the judges added.

The British heir to the throne also left behind tennis ace Roger Federer, actor Adrien Brody and Kuwaiti royal Sheikh Majed al-Sabah to grab the honour.

Esquire editor Jeremy Langmead said: "It''s the men who dress like grown-ups who really caught the judge''s eyes this year; as well as those who have developed their own distinctive style and stuck with it.

"I love the fact that we have such a diverse list: from artists to royals, to one of the Two Ronnies."

Youngest Student to Pass High school Examination set Record

Sushma Verma, a student of St Meera's Inter College at Kanpur Road, has made it to the Limca Book of Records for being the youngeststudent to pass high school examination conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Board.

Sushma has been recognised as the youngest candidate to have passed the high school examination at the age of seven years, three months and 28 days, college authorities said.
On the basis of her nomination sent by the college authorities, the Limca Book of Records has issued a certificate recognising Sushma's achievement, which reached the college authorities on Friday.

The little girl has broken the record of child prodigy Tathagat Tulsi from Bihar, who passed his high school examination at the age of nine and is a Guiness Book record holder.

The girl, who completed her early education at home, enrolled at St Meera's Inter College as a class ninth student two years back and appeared in the high school examination with special permission from the education department.

Sushma's achievement has already been recognised by Japan's Tokyo Broadcasting Corporation which has included her in its list of child prodigies.

"It is only due to my teachers and the college that I have been able to enter the Limca book of records," Sushma said when asked to comment on her feat.

Biggest Natural Ice Cream in India Enters in Limca Book of Records

A Mangalorean, Mulky Raghunandana Srinivas Kamath, who is the proprietor of Natural Ice Cream Parlour located at Juhu Ville Parle Development (JVPD) scheme, Andheri (West) in the city, who has been well known in the suburban Andheri for his unique taste of fruit-flavoured ice creams here, created a new record on Thursday February 26 evening.

The marvellous feat of Mulky Raghunandana Srinivas Kamath in making an ice cream slab of strawberry flavour that was 12 feet long with equal width, 5 feet height and two and half feet thickness, weighing 3,000 kilograms has entered the prestigious Limca Book of Records, and perhaps this is the first such feat in the entire world.

Raghunandan, who made an imprint of his own brand of quality and taste in the metro by starting Kamath Ourtimes Icecreams Pvt Ltd about 25 years ago in Charkop, Kandivli (west) and earned a large fan following for his products, took up the above project to celebrate the silver jubilee anniversary of his company.

Raghunandan, who has emerged as a successful Coastal Karnataka entrepreneur in the city, has also created ice cream in jack fruit flavour, for introducing the flavour and taste of this fruit that is available in abundance in his native place to the citizens of the metro, in the silver jubilee year of his concern. Thus, he has added another feather to his cap of achievements.

Natural Ice Cream Company directors Pushpalatha R Kamath, Srinivas R Kamath, Siddanth R Kamath and others were present at the silver jubilee celebrations. Natural Ice Cream has 52 branches in the metro, Thane, Pune and Ahmedabad. Raghunandan is a nature lover, who has set up his dream project, ‘Lands Flavour Resort’, by the side of Mangalore-Bantwal national highway in Adyar village, which is designed to introduce to its guests, an experience of the rich traditions of this part of the world. He has also asked the Kannadigas settled in Mumbai to come to his resort and enjoy the unique experience.

Largest Rocking Chair set Guinness Record

Guinness World Records Names Route 66 Rocking Chair "World's Largest" Released February 2009

CUBA, MO The steel 42'1" rocking chair that took its place on Route 66 on April 1, 2008, celebrates its 2009 birthday with the Guinness World Records designation of Largest Rocking Chair. The Guinness designated Largest Rocking Chair adds one more Route 66 attraction to the Show-Me State, which bills itself as "Close to Home, Far From Ordinary."

Owners of the rocker, Dan and Carolyn Sanazaro, who grew up in Cuba, built the chair adjacent to The Fanning Outpost General Store to prompt travelers to stop and visit their complex of businesses: an archery range, a taxidermy shop, and a general store with lodge style décor, convenience items, and Route 66 mementos. The businesses center around a renovated Fanning, MO community building with a history as both a bar and a voting center at different times.

Dan Sanazaro, thought the Route 66 location, four miles west of Cuba, MO (pop.3500), in Fanning, MO, needed something special to attract folks to his fledgling businesses that opened in what some might call an out-of-the-way rural setting.

With this in mind, Dan asked his friend artist/designer John Bland to design a large rocking chair reminiscent of the roadside attractions of the 30s-50s along Route 66. Bland, with no formal engineering training, drew the plans for the rocker. When the plans were tested on engineering software, they were almost dead-on. With a little adjustment, the plans were ready for building.
For this phase, Sanazaro turned to another friend welder Joe Medwick. Using American ingenuity and the love of a challenge, Medwick built the 31' chair rockers in his shop and then trucked them to the store. Medwick fabricated the rest of the rocker on site with the chair lying on its side.

On April Fool's Day, Sanazaro contracted two cranes to lift the chair into place on its concrete pad. Medwick then cut and welded steel to make the chair stationary for safety purposes. During this process the chair went from its original 46' to a little over 42 feet.

The Route 66 Rocking Chair is a focal point for travelers and locals alike and appears in the photographs of car clubs, motorcycles groups, family photos, and brings smiles to the faces of those who tilt their heads to take in its height. Its coordinates bring geocachers using their GPS devices.

As part of his plans for the rocker Sanazaro began the process to have the chair certified by The Guinness World Records organization. Cuba's Mayor Kenny Killeen and family priest Father James Finder certified the official measurements and details of the rocker. Cuba Fire Department personnel measured the chair.

Officially, the chair measures 42'1" tall and 20'3" wide although heat and cold cause the chair to expand and contract. Sanazaro estimates that the rocker weighs about 27,500 pounds.
One more detail that Guinness requested was that the chair actually had to rock while it was videotaped. Joe Medwick cut the welds so that Sanazaro and some of his workers could push the chair to rock it. Medwick then re-welded the chair in place.

With the documentation mailed to the Guinness corporate offices in England, it was a waiting game for official notification. There was one setback when Guinness officials told Sanazaro that his documentation never arrived and appeared to be lost. However, it surfaced and the Guinness Certification arrived in February.

The World's Largest Rocker has taken its place not only in the photo albums of both American and world travelers who have journeyed to the Sanazaros' businesses next to the rocker.

"Have you seen our guest book?" asks Carolyn Sanazaro. Signatures from Norway, Japan, Germany, and Italy are interspersed with those from Boston, New York, California, and other points.

"One thing that surprised me this year, is the travelers from all over the world that travel Route 66," states Dan Sanazaro. "It's amazing."

Local residents have also embraced The World's Largest Rocking Chair. On April 4, 2009, a JOG, Inc., a local running club plans a 4-mile Race to The Rocker to benefit the local high school track program.

Old timers from the Fanning area drop by to tell about the old days in the area when the postmaster retrieved mail that was dropped off trackside on a hook. Farm fields and subdivisions alike still surround the rural setting and bring customers to the general store. Picnic tables and rockers on the front porch welcome customers to have a snack and rest a while. During the Christmas season, the rocker made a striking light display and was an area "must see."

Last year, the local fire department used their bucket lift to raise groups of people high in the air to the chair for pictures. The daylong event saw grandparents, babies, and families, sometimes with the family pet, take their place on the rocker for their once of a lifetime photos. In 2009, the fundraiser will be August 1 and promises to be even more popular.

In December, a Route 66 mural by John Bland took its place on the side of the store building to add to the setting. A civil war canon replica sits near the rocker. Sanazaro is trying to figure out how to fire it once a week to create even more interest.

The businesses are expanding. To complement the outdoor 3-D archery range, Sanazaro is building a computer generated Techno Hunt indoor archery range to add to his full service archery business. The second annual archery tournament is Sept. 26. New taxidermy customers arrive weekly. This spring the General Store adds Mother Road Red Wine to its current offerings of Rt. 66 Red and Fanning Outpost White wines. The store has its own World's Largest Rocking Chair candy bar. Soon an old fashioned "penny press" will create Route 66 mementos that celebrate the rocker's new designation.

In a time of economic uncertainty, The Outpost General Store has fulfilled a niche and created a branded identity in its family friendly offerings. The staff is all about customer service and friendliness, whether it is passing the time of day with the locals or helping a traveler find a mechanic.

The latest designation by Guinness World Records confirms what others have known for some months, "that's one big rocker," and the Sanazaros plan to keep rocking along in their second year of business, proving a little Ozark know-how can take you a long way.

World Largest Barbie Doll Collection Record set by Bettina Dorfmann

Bettina Dorfmann from Dusseldorf, Germany, has entered the Guinness Book of World Records for her collection of more than 6000 Barbie dolls.

Dorfmann, 48, has as many as 6,025 of the iconic dolls.

The obsessed Barbie fan has accommodated the dolls in a bedroom, her cellar and half the kitchen in her house.

She plans a collection of at least 10,000 dolls.

`There`s probably nothing I don`t know about Barbie,` the Mirror quoted her as saying.

`It drives my husband crazy every time I come home with a new doll. When I tell him it`s getting harder and harder to get the rare ones he laughs and says, ``That’s because they are all here in the house!```

`I guess I`m obsessive but I have just liked them since I was a little girl. People say I look like Barbie - although I don`t go out of my way to look like her. My hair is naturally blonde,` she added.

As the Barbie turns 50 next month, Dorfmann has decided to move her own birthday two days further so that they can celebrate on the same day.

`Barbie`s birthday is on March 9 and mine`s on March 7, but I thought we might as well have a party on the same day. Barbie`s got a better figure than me but I think we`ve both aged well,` she said.

`There`s nothing I would change about Barbie. I know her legs are too long and her feet too small, but that makes her Barbie,` she added.

Students Play Four Square to Set World Record

For 15 minutes Tuesday, Heather Barrett joined 459 of her classmates for a spirited game called four square.

"I was so excited that we're going to be in a world record book," said the Hammond Hill Elementary School fifth-grader. 'It's amazing to be a part of that."

The children really will get themselves in the Guiness Book of World Records. In a National Recess Week celebration, sponsor The Cartoon Network created an activity never before attempted - school kids throughout the country participating in four square games simultaneously.

Hammond Hill is also in the running for one of 10 $10,000 prizes for its physical education department. Those awards will be announced Thursday, said Allison Ritter, a senior account manager for Hope-Beckham Inc. of Atlanta.

Corine Esposito, Hammond Hill's physical education teacher for the last 16 years, registered for the game and received a number of large playground balls.

"In my class, we always do brain food in the morning with a lot of reading and thinking," Esposito said. "I use the Guinness Book a lot. When the kids learned we had a chance to get into the book, they were all on board."

She used to teach four square in the past until the state standards were introduced. So Esposito and Buddy Satcher, who divides his time between Hammond Hill and North Augusta Elementary School, gave the kids an introductory lesson last week. Principal Janet Vaughan said Esposito also showed the faculty members how to play.

"It's a great game for the children to learn," said Vaughan.

The simple rules call for a single square divided into four. A kid in each square hits a ball to an opponent, who must let it bounce once before hitting it to one of the other players.

Ruth McGhee, mom of third-grader Zach and first-grader Nathan, was just as wired as the kids during the four square session.

"Physical activities are very important," she said. "Children need to be active to burn off that energy, get back into the classroom and focus on what's important. Our boys were so excited Saturday that they wanted to practice in the rain. We had to explain that wasn't going to happen."

Fourth-grader Baron Radcliff said he used to play four square a lot at another school and really enjoys it.

"It's the largest simultaneous game ever," he said. "They're playing all over the country, and we're lucky to be one of them."

Largest Book in the World Record

The Guinness World Records' "Largest Book in the World" was unveilled on Friday night at the UNESCO Palace in a ceremony sponsored by Culture Minister Tammam Salam. The book is an enlarged replica of Ayman Trawi's national best selling photography book "Beirut's Memory," which depicts the changing face of the capital between 1991 and 2002 through a collection of "before and after" photos of key downtown reconstruction sites.

As the personal photographer of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, Trawi felt a strong attachment to the reconstruction project, and wanted to ensure that recognition of Hariri's contribution to the city lives on. "When he died I was thinking about how I could do something in his memory, and about how he rebuilt Beirut," Trawi said.

The oversized book certainly magnifies the results of Hariri's project, with 304 pages that are 3.85 meters wide and 2.77 meters tall. Weighing in at 1,060 kilograms, it took three and a half months to print.

"Ayman came to us with his idea and we sent him our guidelines for creating a book large enough to break the world record," said Talal Omar, London-based Adjudication Executive of the Guinness World Records. "He loved his book and like this he made sure that it will live on forever," Omar added.

The last book to break the Guinness World Record was published in 1976 in Denver, Colorado, in the United States, under the title of "The Super Book," which measured 3.07 meters wide and 2.74 meters tall with 252.6 kilograms of weight spread over 300 pages.

Trawi and his landmark book are set to travel to multiple destinations around the world in the upcoming year, with one of the first stops being at the Louvre museum in Paris, France. "This book is a cultural window [into Lebanon] ... like when you elect an ambassador to the world, it's something relative to that," stated Guinness World Records account manager Chantal Tohme.

Tourism Ministry General Director Nada Sardouk saw the value of the book not so much in its size, but in its ability to spark interest in Lebanon by generating positive publicity for the country. "It's not only about the world's largest book, it's also about the reconstruction, and if that gets people talking about Beirut, that's good for us," she said.

Holding onto one end of the measuring tape for a symbolic photo shoot with Omar, Trawi beamed with satisfaction at the level of local media interest in his accomplishment.

Asked how he felt after breaking the world record, he proudly replied, "I feel I did my job for Lebanon ... and for Rafik Hariri."

The book will be included in the 2010 Arabic edition of the Guinness World Records.


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