Worlds Largest Drink Luge and Bar World Record set by Wicked Audio

Usually this is not some thing we'd let you know about, but, not merely is this type of cool (pun intended), we're big enthusiasts of Wicked Audio's earbuds and headphones. Apart from, generating it into the Guinness Book of Planet Documents is type of a major offer.

Here is the scoop - Wicked Audio, together with Backstage Artist Lounge, branded its extremely own document producing ice luge and bar at Alaska's BP World Ice Artwork Championships last week.

The challenge? To create the world's biggest drink luge and bar from massive normal ice blocks in Fairbanks, Alaska during the Globe Ice Artwork Championships.

Although a number of data have already been set for ice bars, sculptors and mazes, a file for your longest ice luge (icy beverage slalom) had in no way been set, producing Wicked Audio a first-time report setter for this sort of a phenomenon.

This record-setting creation is now the world's largest ice bar and ice luge. The ice bar stretched 208 feet (beating the previous 160 feet file). The ice luge began in the top of the 24-foot sculpture of a woman, measured 23 feet lengthy, and was created so drinks could possibly be poured beginning at her neck and run down the whole luge, creating the world's initial luge record. Mr. Sarelli, Crystal Creations, was responsible for that manpower behind this development.

"At Wicked Audio we pride ourselves on being a corporation that breaks barriers and sets new trends. Not merely do our goods set us apart, but additionally our willingness to assistance both local and mainstream acts and to obtain involved in some out-of-the-ordinary grass roots assistance," mentioned Paul Marshall, VP of Income, Wicked Audio. "This document setting booze luge is however one more illustration of what would make Wicked Audio a leader in the new music and entertainment globe."


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