Ludacris - World Largest Group Shower Record

Rapper and eco pioneer LUDACRIS has landed in the Guinness Book of Records - after stripping off to take part in the world's largest group shower.

The Area Codes star completed the challenge as part of his and pal Tommy Lee's TV show Battleground Earth, which explores ways to help the environment.

He reveals, "Saving planet earth is hard. It's all about reducing, reusing and recycling.
"We had a load of different events, racing solar powered vehicles and we got in the Guinness Record book for the largest group shower. We had a 1,000 people."

But Ludacris insists the shower wasn't as raunchy as it may seem: "People did have their swimsuits and trunks on." And he insists off camera, he is practising as he preaches: "I've just bought a hybrid car, I've got to lead by example."

Most Number of solutions to a Mathematical Problem

A Forest Department official has ridden into the Limca Book of Records by finding the most number of solutions to a mathematical problem called 'Magic Tour of Knights.'

Awani Kumar, a conservator of forests here, devised 1,300 solutions to the problem that is based on how knights move on a chessboard. Instead of the conventional chessboards that have eight rows of squares horizontally and vertically, Kumar based the mathematical problem on rows of 12.

He figured out the most number of ways a knight can jump around this type of empty board while following the chess pattern but without visiting any of the squares more than once.

'I have been working on the problem since 1998,' said Kumar, who has a B.Tech. degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

The Indian Forest Service officer, who lives in Gomti Nagar here, said he has also mapped a tougher Magic Tour of Knight using a cube made up 12 vertical and horizontal rows on each of the four sides.

Carving 24 Big Sculptures from Soap Cake Limca Book Record

Srikakulam, Doctor, Pullela Mani Nageswara Rao gained entry into the Limca Book of Records (LBR) for 2008 for carving 24 big sculptures.

He has found the place in the LBR for the second time. His first successful attempt was in 2006 when he sculpted 100 soaps in 100 days. The artistic creations were made on international soap brands like Spring and Dove.

Speaking to Express, Rao said he began this innovative art work in 1969. In the beginning he carved 10 to 15 pieces and gave it up as he had to study MBBS. After 30 years of practice he resumed his hobby and made 24 soap carvings in six months. He started the work on October 2, 2007 and finished it on March 31. He received the honour last month.

At present, Rao is working as Additional District Project Manager of National Rural Health Mission.

“He gifted me a Buddha statue made of soaps a few years after our marriage.’’ said Usha Rani, Rao’s wife.

Some of his major soap carvings include those of Taj Mahal, Bhagavad Gita, Shirdi Saibaba, Arasavalli Surya temple, Tirupati Balaji, Sri Rama Pattabhishekam, Krishnaleelalu, Jesus Christ, Germany’s Vennezula Whispering Park statues, Washington Museum, Wimbeldon Trophy, Pope John Paul-II and the Eiffel Tower.

Rao plans to go to the USA soon to conduct an exhibition of his soap sculptures there. “My ultimate aim is to break my own records and enter the Guinness Book of World Records,’’ says Rao.

World's Longest Journey By Skateboard on 850 Days

Guinness world records has a latest entry for Longest Journey by Skateboard, by 28- year Rob Thomson. The Christchurch man took two-and-a-half years to cover a distance of 12,159km.

During the expedition, Thomson had worn out three pairs of shoes, three sets of wheels, and three skateboard decks by the time he arrived at his parents' Halswell home, he also survived three crashes.

The 850-day trip has cost Thomson 15,000 dollars and a debt of 1000 dollars, which he will clear by writing a book about his adventure. The Canterbury University graduate revealed that he worked in Japan as a co-ordinator for international relations before starting his journey. When his contract was up for renewal, said Thomson, he decided to take a “long detour home” rather than renew it.Initially, his plan was to cycle from Japan to England, but he ditched his two-wheeler in favour of four wheels somewhere near Switzerland.

"I only planned to trial skating 1500km from Switzerland to England to see if it was an efficient way to travel," the NZPA quoted him as saying. "I'm all about efficient transport. If it was going to be some macho thing I had to push through, I wouldn't have carried on but it was fine more physically demanding than the bike but not so much that I couldn't take it," he added.

Thomson chose skateboarding from England to his home instead of flying. He crewed for passage on a catamaran that took him to the Caribbean, where he was stranded for six weeks until another boat could take him to the US. Since his visa for the Caribbean was only valid for four weeks, he took a razor blade to his passport and doctored the date by two weeks.

He spent the New year eve of 2007 with bikers in northern Florida. Think of the biggest rednecks you can imagine and it was these guys, but they were so nice. We spent the night around a bonfire, one of their neighbors played the fiddle and they were shooting each other with Roman Candle fireworks. It was amazing," he said. He revealed that he was in no hurry to end the trip.

Thomson skated through the 45deg "furnace" of north-western China to the minus 23deg winter of Turkey, and by that time he had started talking to the Guinness record people. He was traveling with a GPS to track daily distances and collecting witness signatures. The Guinness World Record for the Longest Journey by Skateboard was claimed somewhere in New Mexico. The strangest food he tried was horse-penis salami in Kyrgyzstan, which he said tasted "like the smell of a sweaty, old, dirty horse.

"I wanted to be able to do this and still have enough energy to communicate and connect with the local people. It wasn't about skateboarding, it was about getting round and experiencing where I was. I'm just keen to promote traveling under human power. It has so many benefits; it's sustainable and good for your health," he said.

World Record for the Largest Simultaneous Singalong

CHILDREN from south Essex are waiting to hear if they have smashed the Guinness World Record for the largest simultaneous singalong.

Pictured here are pupils from Great Wakering Primary School and Canvey Junior School who sang along with award-winning singer Des’ree as she performed her worldwide hit You Gotta Be in a live broadcast from the O2 Arena in London.

They joined an estimated 560,000 children across the UK and Ireland who were aiming to beat the previous record set in 2005 when 293,978 children sang along to the classic song Lean on Me, by Bill Withers.

At Canvey Junior School a choir of 300 pupils took part.

Eight classes from Great Wakering Primary School took part. Their performance was verified by Rochford and Southend East MP James Duddridge.

As well as aiming to smash the world record, the event was also raising money for three charities, Marie Curie Cancer Care, CLIC Sargent and Youth Music.

Belfairs High School also took part. Jan Andrews, community project co-ordinator, said: “We had a direct link to the O2 Arena so the children could really get into the swing of things. They sang their hearts out and it was quite moving.”

The result is waiting to be ratified.

World's Oldest Women from Indiana Dies at 115

Edna Parker, who became the world's oldest person more than a year ago, has died at age 115.

UCLA gerontologist Dr. Stephen Coles said Parker's great-nephew notified him that Parker died Wednesday at a nursing home in Shelbyville. She was 115 years, 220 days old, said Robert Young, a senior consultant for gerontology for Guinness World Records.

Parker was born April 20, 1893, in central Indiana's Morgan County and had been recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest person since the 2007 death in Japan of Yone Minagawa, who was four months her senior.

Coles maintains a list of the world's oldest people and said Parker was the 14th oldest validated supercentenarian in history. Maria de Jesus of Portugal, who was born Sept. 10, 1893, is now the world's oldest living person, according to the Gerontology Research Group.

Parker had been a widow since her husband, Earl Parker, died in 1939 of a heart attack. She lived alone in their farmhouse until age 100, when she moved into a son's home and later to the Shelbyville nursing home.

Although she never drank alcohol or tried tobacco and led an active life, Parker didn't offer tips for living a long life. Her only advice to those who gathered to celebrate when she became the oldest person was "more education."

Parker outlived her two sons, Clifford and Earl Jr. She also had five grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren and 13 great-great-grandchildren.

Don Parker, 60, said his grandmother had a small frame and a mild temperament. She walked a lot and kept busy even after moving into the nursing home, he said.

"She kept active," he said Thursday. "We used to go up there, and she would be pushing other patients in their wheelchairs."

Gov. Mitch Daniels celebrated with Parker on her 114th birthday.

"It was a delight to know Edna, who must have been a remarkable lady at any age," Daniels said.

Parker taught in a two-room school in Shelby County for several years after graduating from Franklin College in 1911. She wed her childhood sweetheart and neighbor in 1913.

But as was the tradition of that era, her teaching career ended with her marriage. Parker traded the schoolhouse for life as a farmer's wife, preparing meals for as many as a dozen men who worked on her husband's farm.

Parker noted with pride last year that she and her husband were one of the first owners of an automobile in their rural area.

Coincidentally, Parker lived in the same nursing home as 7-foot-7 Sandy Allen, whom Guinness recognized as the world's tallest woman until her death in August.

Longest Line Pizza at Guinness World Records Day 2008

To celebrate the launch of Chicago Town’s new Edge To Edge pizzas, an attempt to break the current world record for the longest line of pizzas edge to edge will be made on Guinness World Records Day, Thursday 13 November 2008.

Chicago Town pizzas has teamed up with Guinness World Records on World Records Day 2008 to smash the current record of 220.09m for the longest line pizzas by lining the pizzas 250m along the edge of the canal at Camden Lock. All the pizzas used in the attempt will be donated to the Spectrum Centre in Camden Town, part of the Homeless London charity network.

Record Facts

What : A 250 metre line of 1300 freshly cooked Chicago Town Edge To Edge pizzas snaking along the edge of Camden Lock - the length of two football pitches, twice the height of St. Paul’s Cathedral and 3 times the height of Niagara Falls!

Why : To celebrate the launch of Chicago Town’s new range of pizzas, Edge To Edge, an attempt to break the current world record (220m) for the longest line of pizzas edge to edge will be made.

Who : Chicago Town pizzas will attempt to smash the world record in the presence of an official Guinness World Record adjudicator.

Where : Camden Lock, Camden Town, London, NW1

Belmar Hokey Pokey Dance set Guinness World Record

Sarah Sharp, 15, of Sea Girt said she knew Julianne Hendrickson well; they were classmates at Sea Girt Elementary School. So she was devastated when she heard about her friend's sudden death.

"Losing Julianne was really a hard thing. She was always really nice, always smiling and fun to be with," Sharp said.

Fourteen-year-old Julianne Hendrickson and her 9-year-old sister, Emily, were killed in a plane crash Aug. 6 in Sitka, Alaska. Their father, Robert Hendrickson, 45, of Spring Lake Heights, and his fiancee, Linda Khudair, 34, of Wall, also were killed.

A hokeypokey event to support the Julianne and Emily Hendrickson Fund for Children took place Saturday afternoon at the Fifth Avenue boardwalk and beach. Saturday marked the first time the event was put on, said Lu Stierman, an event coordinator, and it is planned to become annual.

Participants gathered and made a circle. When the music kicked in, the event started, and it lasted for about 20 minutes.

Coordinators said more than 500 people took part, and the event raised more than $3,000. The Hendrickson Fund's mission is to break the cycle of poverty and welfare through outdoor experiential education, according to the event flier.

"It's really amazing to look out there and see how many people came out," Stierman said.

There were two main objectives on Saturday: to raise money for the organization and to attempt to get into the Guinness World Records as the largest hokeypokey event.

Lindsay Holeman, 25, of Marlboro said, "This event not only generates support for the cause, but it also educates the community."

The sun was shining, and dancers were comfortable wearing T-shirts in weather that was unseasonably warm in contrast to the snow earlier in the week.

Kevin Kennedy, 52, of Toms River stood on the boardwalk at Fifth Avenue watching his wife and 12-year-old daughter, Olivia Kennedy, among a swarm of other participants.

"I think anytime you get people together for a community event, it has a positive outcome," Kevin Kennedy said. "You're creating goodwill, and during times we have right now, that is what we need."

Click here to visit official website

World's Biggest Bowl in Malaysia set Guinness World Record

People pose for photos in front of the world's biggest bowl of Bak Kut Teh in Klang, Malaysia, Nov. 22, 2008. The bowl of Bak Kut Teh with 182.88 cm in diameter and 91.44 cm in height, and containing 500kg of pork, 450kg of soup and 50kg of herbal medicine, has been listed in the Malaysian Book of Record, and is now applying for Guinness World Records.

The Malaysian Klang Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCCI) will collaborate with five Bak Kut Teh (meat bone tea) sellers in Klang to cook the world's biggest bowl of Bak Kut Teh, KCCCI said on Friday.

This activity is in conjunction with the "Klang Bak Kut Teh Carnival 2008" held on Nov. 22 and 23 in Klang in Malaysia's central state of Selangor.

Meat bone tea is a Chinese soup popularly served in Malaysia and Singapore. It consists of meaty pork ribs in a complex broth of herbs and spices, including star anise, cinnamon, cloves, dang gui and garlic, boiled together for hours.

The stoneware bowl measure 3 feet (0.91 meter) tall with diameter spanning 6 feet (1.83 meters). It can hold 1,244 liters and weighs approximately 280 kg.

The world's biggest bowl of Bak Kut Teh is equivalent to 2,976 bowls of Bak Kut Teh one usually finds in the restaurants.

In addition, the organizer also prepared 2008 pieces of limited edition bowls to commemorate the Klang Bak Kut Teh Carnival 2008. These bowls will be sold to raise fund for the event.

The organizer has selected 55 out of the 2008 bowls to be auctioned during the carnival. These bowls have special serial numbers including 1, 8, 88, 888 and more.

Worlds Largest Image Made from Candles World Record

Students from Loreto Abbey secondary school in Dalkey assisted in setting a new world record today when they helped to build the world's largest image made from candles.

The students were among a number of groups across the world who were attempting to smash new records on Guinness World Records Day, a 24-hour celebration of record breaking around the world, which was established in 2005 to commemorate the sale of the hundred-millionth copy of Guinness World Records .

A total of 26,800 LED candle tea-lights were included on a purpose built 37ft floor image of Disney character Donald Duck by the students. The achievement took six hours to complete in Dun Laoghaire Shopping Centre, where it was deemed by a team of adjudicators from Guinness World Records as a new record.

The record breaking attempt was made following the sale of a commemorative pin which was available in Tesco stores nationwide over the past few months. Every pin sold enabled one of the 26,800 plus tea lights to be lit with all proceeds from the sale of the pins going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

An attempt to break the world record for the largest game of Chinese Whispers in Dublin failed this afternoon when too few participants turned up as did an attempt to set a new record for the most people running in high-heeled shoes in Belfast.

In Britain, attempts are taking place to set a number of world records including the record for the most people arm wrestling and the largest gathering of people dressed as superheroes.

Elsewhere, attempts at the world's largest leap frog are taking place in Canada while the largest ever dog wedding will be attempted in the US.

Latest World Records at Guinness World Records Day 2008

Brisk November weather was no deterrent to the friends of Pants to Poverty this morning, when 116 bold and nearly-bare people gave passing commuters an eyeful by posing for the Largest Gathering of People Wearing Underpants. Kick-starting today's internationally-acclaimed Guinness World Records Day, the parade of pants at St Pancras was just the first of many record breaking attempts around the world. Pants to Poverty, a not-for-profit organisation selling free-trade underwear, galvanised their huge support through an email and online social networking campaign, seizing the opportunity on Guinness World Records Day to promote their organisation in the name of ethical underwear!

Guinness World Records Day, the annual 24 hour celebration of record breaking around the world, was established in 2005 to commemorate the sale of Guinness World Records' hundred- millionth copy. 2008's celebrations commenced as the sun rose over New Zealand, with multiple record-holder Alistair Galpin adding to his collection with a new record for the Fastest Time to Peel and Eat 3 Kiwifruit (36.91 seconds). Galpin then continued in a frenzy of record-breaking attempts, breaking his record for Loudest Clap (113dBA), Most Baseballs Held in a Baseball Glove (14, beating his previous 10), and Furthest Coin Flicking (10.64 metres/34.90 ft)

In Australia, 250,000 people lined the streets of Adelaide to try for the Largest Mexican Wave, but sadly, the wave stalled before it got to the end, leaving the current record of 157,574 intact. In Germany, Martina Servaty broke the record for the Most Juice Extracted from Grapes by Treading in 1 Minute with an astounding 5.4 litres, while Anita Schwarz established a new record for Most Beer Steins Carried Over 40 Metres - Female with an amazing 19 full steins in hand..

The US joined the Guinness World Records Day party with an attempt for the Largest Dog Wedding - gorgeous gowns and smart tuxedos, but sadly the 87 canine couples who lined up to bark their vows was not enough to break the current record of 178. Asha Mandela, also in the US, unveiled for the first time her remarkable eight-foot dreadlocks, which she's been growing for twenty years, to secure herself the Longest Dreadlocks record, while Joel Waul US, broke the record for the Largest Rubber Band Ball with a ball weighing 4,097kg (9032 lbs), and 6' 7'' tall with a diameter of 25 ft.

Still to come in the UK are record attempts for the Longest Line of Pizzas, the Most People Arm Wrestling, the Largest Cup of Tea and Largest Tea Bag, the Fastest Time to Run 100 Miles on a Treadmill, while Ireland sees the Most People Running in High-Heeled Shoes, and the Largest Image Made of LED Lights.

More than 50 different record attempts are being made across 15 countries for Guinness World Records Day, all of which are short-listed for inclusion in next year's edition of the book. The 2008 edition is currently enjoying the No.1 position in the UK bestseller lists.

Indian Gazal Maestro Set Guinness World Record

Kesiraju Srinivas, a.k.a ‘Ghazal Srinivas’ is now a Guinness World Record holder for the most languages sung i.e. 76 in a concert, which was held in Vijayawada between June 2 and 3, 2008. The singer was felicitated for his achievement by chairman of Lanco Foundation Lagadapati Rajagopal here on Thursday.

On the concluding eve of Mahatma Gandhi’s Satyagraha centenary celebrations, ‘Ghazal Srinivas’ offered a musical tribute to Mahatma Gandhi in 100 global languages in Vijayawada. The tribute started on June 2 at 6 p.m. and ended at 3 a.m. on June 3. He sang the song in 44 foreign and 56 Indian languages during the concert.

“The song based on the Satyagraha philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi was written and composed by me. I worked with foreign musicians and translated the song into their language. It took me nearly 13 months to learn and then record this song in 100 different languages,” Mr. Srinivas informed in a press conference on Thursday.

The singer translated his song into foreign languages of the countries that include, among others, Mozambique, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Germany, Portugal, Italy, China, Armenia and Ethiopia. “We have developed an album of the song sung in 100 languages and by next month President of India Pratibha Patil will be releasing it in New Delhi,” Mr. Srinivas informed. In fact, the singer has set his sight to embark on a unique series of concerts in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and other gulf countries to spread the Satyagraha message of Mahatma Gandhi. “Thanks to Lanco foundation, I am able to plan such an event in foreign countries. I would take up this trip in few months from now,” he said.

The chairman of Lanco Foundation L. Rajagopal, after felicitating the singer, assured him of full support for the cause of Satyagraha.

Worlds Largest Jalebi (sweets) in Limca Book of Records India

Meghalaya set a hattrick in world records today by making the largest jalebi. The state had entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 2006 and 2007 with the largest drum and guitar ensembles.

It found a place in the Limca Book of World Records by making the world’s largest jalebi — having a 75-inch diameter — at Polo Ground this evening. It was the main feature of the autumn festival organised by Meghalaya Tourism Development Forum (MTDF).

As officials of the Limca Book of World Records were not available, they had appointed tourism minister Conrad Sangma and the GOC, 101 area, Maj. Gen. K.L. Sethi, as adjudicators. After tasting the jalebi, Sangma declared that Shillong had set another world record. The jalebi was made of 3kg flour, 60kg ghee and 80kg syrup and fried by 20 people in a round frying pan of 76-inch diameter.

The adjudicators said the new record would be communicated to the Limca Book of World Records authorities for official publication.

Local confectioner Kailash Verma of Delhi Mistan Bhandar took the initiative of frying the largest jalebi to mark the confectionery’s platinum jubilee this year.

MTDF chairperson R.G. Lyngdoh hoped the world records would mark Shillong as a happening place and boost tourism. Sangma said Shillong was safe for tourists despite the bomb blasts in neighbouring Assam.

Guinness World Records Day 2008 - Record Breaking Attempts Across the World

Week Long U.S. Celebration Kicks Off in New York City With Arrival of Woman With the World's Longest Legs

Aspiring record breakers across the globe will take part in the world's biggest international record-breaking event in celebration of Guinness World Records Day 2008! More than 200,000 people from over 18 countries will take part in the fourth annual celebration on November 13th chronicling some of the most amazing feats ever seen.

The United States will be host to a myriad record-breaking activities kicking off with the arrival of Svetlana Pankratova, the woman with the World's Longest Legs, in New York City and leading into new record attempts including the Largest Dog Wedding in Illinois, Largest Motorcycle Parade in Florida and the Largest Food Drive By a Non-Charitable Organization In 24 Hours taking place across 530 Universities including Fordham University in New York. Guinness World Records Day celebrates the best-selling Guinness World Records book, which is currently on stands with its 2009 edition.

Pankratova will debut her record breaking legs for the first time in the United States live on the Today Show in Rockefeller Plaza. Standing at an astounding 6' 5" tall, the Russian beauty's legs measure 51.9 inches long -- more than four feet high! She will be in New York to receive her official Guinness World Records certificate and mark the start of record-breaking feats for the week.

Guinness World Records will move its sights from New York City to Walt Disney World in Orlando, for another set of amazing record-breaking attempts. On November 13th, record-keeping body will be on hand to adjudicate records for Fastest Egg and Spoon Mile, Most Apples Cut in the Air with a Sword, Most Basketballs Spun Simultaneously Blindfolded and more as part of its partnership with ESPN.

Some of the record-breaking excitement happening around the globe in honor of Guinness World Records Day include:

US Record Breaking attempts:

* Most Grains of Rice Eaten With Chopsticks in a Minute
* Most Ice Cream Scoops Assembled in a Minute
* Largest Rubber band Ball
* Longest Dreadlocks

International Record Breaking Attempts:

* Largest Cup Of Tea (Norway)
* Fastest Time To Run 100 M On All Fours (Japan)
* Most Bottles Recycled in 8 Hours (Norway)
* Largest Cabbage Dish (Serbia)
* Most Concrete Blocks Broken in a Minute (France)
* Most People in a Mini Cooper (New Zealand)

"Each year Guinness World Records Day becomes bigger and more spectacular than the year before," said Craig Glenday, editor of Guinness World Records. "We're thrilled to have over 200,000 people -- and even dogs -- from all over the world breaking records to make their way into Guinness World Records history."

This world renowned and celebrated annual, Guinness World Records 2009, contains the most comprehensive collection of the greatest and most amazing accomplishments from around the world and beyond. A "must-have" for both knowledge-seekers and aspiring record-breakers of all ages, Guinness World Records 2009 is available for the suggested retail price of $28.95. For more information about Guinness World Records 2009 visit the Guinness World Records website at:

Kissletoe 2008 - Most Couples Kissing Simultaneously World Record

To help kick off this year's holiday season, on November 15, Bloom supermarkets will sponsor an attempt to break the Guinness World Record(TM) for most couples kissing simultaneously at Furman University's Paladin Stadium in Greenville, S.C. The Bloom attempt, dubbed "Kissletoe 2008," will be the featured halftime event during the Paladins' final home football game, against archrival Georgia Southern University. The game will be televised to approximately nine million viewers on Fox Sports' FSN South, kicking off at 3 p.m.

"We can't wait to attempt to break this fun world record with Furman's students, fans and the entire Upstate community," said Robin Johnson, Director of Marketing and Brand Development for Bloom. "Bloom is always looking for novel, creative ways to engage our local communities in our unique culture of being straightforward, thoughtful, and optimistic in everything we do--inside and outside of our stores. We challenged our advertising agency partner, Boone Oakley (of Charlotte) to help us find an unusual way to help the Upstate usher in the Holidays, and they brought us the Kissletoe idea. Of course, we 'embraced' the idea immediately!"

The existing record of 6,980 couples (13,960 participants) was set in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on September 1, 2007. However, Greenville's attempt to break Tuzla's kissing record faces significant logistical hurdles, and Bloom invites community members to bring a date to Furman's November 15 football game to cheer the Paladins and take part in this potentially historic event. Guinness verification requires all qualifying kisses to be on the lips and last at least ten seconds.

To pack the minimum 13,962 sweethearts into a stadium that seats 16,000, Bloom will distribute thousands of two-sided, boy/girl, Kissletoe invitations to Furman University students beginning November 5, along with a 15-foot, giant sprig of mistletoe that will be hoisted outside of the school's student center that day. Additionally, Bloom will distribute promotional Kissletoe air fresheners, both at the game and at the seven Upstate Bloom supermarkets located in Anderson, Greenville, Greer, Mauldin, Seneca and Simpsonville.

"This is one of the more unique sponsorship activities we've been involved with," stated David Nunnery, General Manager of the Furman Sports Network, a division of IMG College that manages the multi-media rights for Furman. "We think this is a fun event that will generate a lot of excitement around the city and bring added exposure to an already big game at Furman."
For more information and tickets, visit or

Worlds Largest Pinata Guinness World Record at Philadelphia

Close up view of a huge record-breaking pinata in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Nov. 2, 2008. Breaking the Guinness Record for the world's largest pinata, according to an onsite Guinness adjudicator, the giant mock donkey measures 28.5 meters long; 7.2 meters wide and 18 meters tall and is filled with 8,000 pounds (3,628 kilograms) of candy. A wrecking ball is to be used later on Sunday to help smash the pinata during a public event, where Carnival Cruise Lines is producing a television commercial.

Michael Jackson's Thriller New World Record 2008

Michael Jackson has approved an attempt to break the world record for dancing to his hit song 'Thriller'. Fans and Jackson look-a-likes are set to flock to the Madame Tussauds wax museum in New York today to try to break the Guinness World Record of the most people doing a simultaneous 'Thriller' dance.

The attempt marks the 25th anniversary of the iconic video's debut - which featured Michael and an array of dancing zombies - which premiered on MTV in 1983.

While the pop icon himself won't take part, he has lent his support to the stunt, saying: "I always thought Halloween and 'Thriller' fit each other like a glove."

Earlier this week, it was rumoured that Michael - who was seen shopping for Halloween costumes with his three children, Prince Michael, 10, Paris, nine, and Prince Michael II, five, yesterday - is preparing to head out on the road with the Jackson 5.

The brothers - Michael, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Randy and Marlon - are reportedly planning a world tour next year, for which they will be joined by their sister, 'Together Again' singer Janet Jackson.

Jermaine is quoted as saying: "This has been a long time coming for the Jackson family to get back together. It is just the timing, so what we've been doing is working on the music and all the logistics."

World's Largest Acrylic Panel World Record set by Dubai Mall

Dubai Aquarium & Discovery Centre Sets Guinness Record for 'World's Largest Acrylic Panel' at The Dubai Mall. Dubai Aquarium & Discovery Centre in The Dubai Mall, which opens on November 4, 2008, has clinched the Guinness World Record for the 'World's Largest Acrylic Panel'

Measuring 32.88 metres wide x 8.3 metres high x 750 mm thick and weighing 245,614 kg, the viewing panel at Dubai Aquarium surpasses the current Guinness World Record holder, Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa, Japan, at 22.5 metres wide x 8.2 metres high and 600 mm thick.

The Dubai Aquarium viewing panel dimensions were set at the limit of production abilities by major acrylic manufacturers when it was commissioned. Thus, its Guinness World Record is set to stay until industry-approved manufacturing capabilities are redrawn to enable the production of bigger panels.

At 750 mm thick, the acrylic viewing panel is built to withstand the enormous pressure of 10 million litres of water used in the aquarium, but transparent to give visitors clear views of the 33,000 plus marine animals on display.

Mr Yousif Al Ali, General Manager, The Dubai Mall said: "With this achievement, we are highlighting the capabilities of Emaar and Dubai to undertake and execute projects of global significance."

Mr John Pilley, Adjudicator, Guinness World Records said: "The Dubai Mall joins Dubai's illustrious list of World Records with the 'Largest Acrylic Panel', once again reiterating the can-do attitude of Dubai. This exemplifies the dedication and passion that make some of our best records."

Dubai Aquarium & Discovery Centre is developed and operated by Oceanis Australia Group. The Dubai Mall has adopted an International Standard of Ethics and Animal Welfare Policy in its development and operation.

With a total internal floor area of 5.9 million sq ft, The Dubai Mall has 3.77 million sq ft of gross leasable space and hosts over 1,200 retail outlets including two anchor department stores -Galeries Lafayette and Bloomingdale's - and features over 160 food and beverage options.
Other attractions include the Olympic-size Dubai Ice Rink; Fashion Avenue, a 440,000 sq ft haute couture precinct; The Grove, an indoor-outdoor themed streetscape; the region's first SEGA indoor theme park covering 76,000 sq ft; KidZania(R), an 80,000 sq ft children's 'edu-tainment' centre; and a 22-screen Cineplex, the largest in Dubai.

Most Interviews On Radio In a 24 Hour Period World Record

Fall Out Boy's FOLIE A DEUX out December 16, featuring the single 'I Don't Care'

Multi-platinum Island Records band Fall Out Boy announced today that they believe they set the Guinness World Record for the Most Interviews On Radio In a 24 Hour Period By A Pair of Two (final certification to come from Guinness World Records after receiving documentation) with 72 radio interviews. Pete Wentz and Patrick Vaughn Stump took over the radio airwaves today, starting at 3:00am, at Premiere Studios in Los Angeles to set the new record. The previous Guinness World Record for the Most Interviews On Radio In a 24 Hour Period By A Pair of Two was 57 radio stations in 24 hours (completed in May 2008).

Fall Out Boy will release their third Island album, FOLIE A DEUX on December 16th. The first single is "I Don't Care" which is gearing up to be a hit at Modern Rock and Pop radio. The video debuted on iTunes on September 25 and has been accepted across all music video channels including MTV and Fuse. In addition, Fall Out Boy are MTV's 52/52 Choose or Lose Artist The Week through November 4, giving them the equivalent of over 11 hrs of on-air promotion this week on the channel. Fall Out Boy currently has seven songs, including "I Don't Care" on iTunes Top 100 Alternative Chart.

Fall Out Boy have built up a loyal following through relentless touring; they have performed over 1200 shows since their inception in 2000. The band's 2007 release Infinity On High debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart and was the follow-up to From Under The Cork Tree, their Island debut of May 2005, which spent 72 weeks on the Billboard 200 albums chart. Hailing from Chicago, Fall Out Boy - Patrick Vaughn Stump (vocals/guitar), Pete Wentz (bass), Joe Trohman (guitar), and Andy Hurley (drums) - have appeared on the covers of Rolling Stone, Spin, Blender, and Alternative Press and have performed on NBC's Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Late Night with Conan O'Brien, CBS's The Late Show with David Letterman, ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live, and more. They have won three MTV Video Music Awards and have received a Grammy nomination as well.


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