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Everyone's heard of a bicycle built for two, but how about a two-person snowboard? Butch Brady built one and recently teamed up with another snowboarder, Eric Sweet, to make some two-man turns down the Teewinot run at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

They did it for a television crew and the Guinness Book of World Records.

"It seemed initially like going down a mountain in a canoe without a paddle, but after taking a few runs, a light went on," Sweet said. "You're splitting the duties, so it feels like a marriage. You give up half of the control, and if it's a good one you don't crash."

The snowboard, called the "XJ-13," is 9 feet, 7 inches long.

Brady works at a snowboard shop. He and his boss, Brian Wood, linked two snowboards lengthwise, bolting the rear board on top of the front board.

With practice — and cooperative partners — Brady figured out how to ride the thing.

"It's so heavy, you get going pretty quick," Brady said. "On steeper hills you're definitely looking for some drag."

They registered the board on the Guinness Book of World Records Web site and were told they could set a record for the world's longest snowboard. To get the record, Brady needed to turn in a video of two people riding the board for at least five consecutive turns.

The two men are now awaiting confirmation of their record. Sweet already is thinking about marketing the tandem board.

"It could be a teaching tool," he said. "Especially if you constructed a triple, because a person could get in between two instructors."

Information from: Jackson Hole News & Guide,

Source : Associated Press.


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