World's Hairiest Girl

Followers of Guinness World Data will likely be no stranger to the concept of hypertrichosis - the healthcare term for excessive hairiness. Famously, the Mexican family members that includes brothers circus performers Larry and Danny Gomez comprises at least 19 members all with thick hair covering their faces and torso. So when we heard about a youthful woman in Thailand with an all-over covering of lengthy hair, we had been at the very least ready and prepared to welcome her to the Guinness Planet Documents family.

Supatra "Nat" Sasuphan contacted us through her father, and it absolutely was clear on seeing pictures of that she could well be a contender for that class of hairiest child. To assess the degree of hairiness, scientists use the Ferriman Gallwey technique. With this technique, the quantity of hair is assessed on 9 distinct components on the body - upper lip, chin, chest, again, abdomen, arm, forearm, thigh, and reduced leg. To be able to make an official measurement, Guinness Globe Records made the decision to invite Nat and her family to Rome in Italy, exactly where she could be assessed about the set of our Tv present, Lo Present dei Record.

Meeting Nat was one of the numerous highlights in the indicate for on-screen adjudicator, Marco Frigatti. “She’s a exceptional small girl,” says Marco. “She’s proud of who she is and desires to be treated similar to everyone else. She’s not the one using the dilemma - it’s only those who deal with her in different ways who’ve got the difficulty.”

And Nat agrees. “I don’t feel any distinct to anyone else, and I’ve received a lot of pals at college.” Now a superstar, she’s starting to delight in her fame, and was thrilled by the opportunity to go to a foreign nation. “It’s seriously fun and thrilling,” she advised us, “and it is my 1st time on a airplane. I’ve in no way been outside Thailand.” But her most exciting encounter was the moment she was crowned Hairiest Youngster. “Being hairy tends to make me unique,” she said, incorporating: “This the happiest day of my existence!”

91 Year Old Man Rappelled across a 1200 Feet Deep Valley set Limca Book of Record

Age is no limit for Narayan Krishna Mahajan.

The ninety-one-year old set a new high inspiration for people of all age groups by climbing a mountain 3,500 above sea level without any help or assistance, but for a walking stick as an occasional aid.

He tied himself to ropes, and rappelled from the top of the peak to the peak of another hill in India's western state of Maharashtra on Sunday (February 20).

Mahajan said that he performed the adventure to instil the new age youngsters to be motivated to engage in outdoor sports and actions.

'I don't consider myself as old, because I believe that if one's attitude is strong, the body would also be fit. The body should be maintained healthy since childhood. I have done this to boost the morale of the youngsters and they don't get scared and participate in such activities,' Narayan Krishna Mahajan said.

Mahajan said that he was not aiming to set a world record but only with an intention to encourage people to have a healthy and active lifestyle.

'Don't sit within the confines of your house, before the computer and television. Come out on the ground and play games like hockey, football, go for trekking, climb mountains and stay healthy. Then you will stay healthy at old age as well,'

91-year-old man rappels across 1200-foot-deep valley Limca Book of Record Video

World’s Longest Sand Cricket Bat on Orissa's Puri Beach World Record set by Sudarsan Pattnaik

The fever of World Cup cricket has seen every where around the World. This time the cricket mania is more in India than other country because this year India also organized some matches.

International sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik created a 125ft long cricket bat, a ball and stadium on sand by using 50 tones of sand at golden beach of Puri. Pattnaik wish team India through this unique art and also some cricket fans wish team India through sandy signature campaign.

This will also placed in Limca book of Records. I got permission from editor of Limca Book of record to create this sand sculpture of World’s longest cricket bat on sand. I like sports, so I always try to wish player through my art form, said Pattnaik.

15 students of his institute also join hand with him. Before Sudarsan also created many sand sculptures on cricket. In 1999 cricket world cup he demonstrated sand sculpture at London. Recently he show cased a sand animation show to wish Team India in CEAT cricket award at Mumbai. Sudarsan was got the World championship title in 2008 for sand sculpting.

Most Kisses Received in One Minute Guinness Record set by Anastasia

Anastasia entered the legendary GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ book this Valentine’s weekend breaking the record for Most Kisses Received in One Minute. Scores of Ukrainian beauties turned out for the passionate event at Club YO! in Odessa where they delivered 118 lip-smackers to an elated member of international dating site Proceeds raised by the charity event will be donated to the Ukrainian Red
Cross Society.

The kiss-off took place on Saturday, February 12 during Anastasia’s Valentine’s Romance Tour to the magnificent Black Sea resort where the new record, 118 kisses, surpassed the previous one of 112 set in
2009. Two lines of super smoochers made certain of the salacious record as an electrified crowd watched.

Over 400 guests on hand included hundreds of local Anastasia Ladies plus Romance Tour members, Ukrainian TV news channels and a journalist from Askmen.

On hand to adjudicate, GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ official Lisa Gills said, “It’s been a crazy day, it’s been really good fun seeing everyone come together, everyone’s team work in breaking this record: Brian, Anastasia, all the girls that were involved today. It’s fantastic for Odessa because I don’t think Odessa had a
record and now they do.”

Anastasia’s Ladies from Odessa proved once again that they’re great fun, spirited and the most effective kissers around. Lucky record breaker Brian described the affectionate beauties at the event as “Clearly the most beautiful women in the world – kind, smart, lovely all-around.” He added “It’s just a great experience and I would recommend it to anybody.”

The entertaining fund-raiser was staged in aid of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society which cares for orphans and street children, refugees and other disadvantaged members of society. The donation will come from a slice of the funds raised during Anastasia’s Valentine’s Live Chat-a-thon.

The title from GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ makes something official that we’ve always known – Anastasia is full of the most passionate Ladies in the world…

Speed Kissing Guiness World Record 2011 Video - GUINNESS WORLD RECORD Most Kisses Received in One Minute - 118 Kisses

World Most Expensive Purse World Record set by Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse

Taking its inspiration from among the world’s most epic tales of romance, intrigue and fantasy, Mouawad introduces the “The Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse”. Having a worth of USD3.eight million, this breathtaking creation from your globally renowned House of Mouawad takes its location in the Guinness Globe Record as probably the most useful handbag within the planet.

“Just because the tales of Scheherazade have captivated readers with their intricately woven plots of uninhibited enthusiasm and daring, so the Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse is designed to mesmerize with its lavish attention to detail and elaborate workmanship incorporating thousands of diamonds,” said Pascal Mouawad, co-guardian of the House of Mouawad.

The heart-shaped purse, handcrafted from 18kt gold, incorporates 4,517 diamonds (105 yellow, 56 pink and 4,356 colorless) having a complete excess fat of 381.92 carats. “To generate this bejeweled masterpiece required the abilities of 10 craftsmen functioning continuously more than a time period of 4 months and to get a complete of 1,one hundred hours” said Fred Mouawad, co-guardian from the Home of Mouawad.

The outstanding level of craftsmanship exemplified from the Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse continues to be a hallmark with the Mouawad identify given that the provider was founded in 1890. From these early days Mouawad rose to international prominence by way of its enthusiasm for valuable gems and mastery inside the artwork of producing a number of the world’s most breathtaking jewelry. “The 1001 Nights Mouawad Diamond Purse” is the second record-breaking development from the Home of Mouawad.

World Largest Family World Record set by Ziona Chana

Polygamy can create some pretty huge families, but none evaluate to this one.

Ziona Chana will be the head of the world's biggest family members, based on the Reuters. He has 39 wives, 91 youngsters, 33 grandchildren, and 14 daughters-in-law.

And he says he's "blessed" to have all of them, based on the Mail.

The household resides in a 100-room, 4 story mansion within the Indian state of Mizoram, in the hills of Baktwang village. Chana also happens to become the head of a sect that makes it possible for him to have as many wives as he'd like.

The family members survives through strict self-discipline, along with a system that spreads obligation across a lot of the loved ones. The wives even get turns with their husband.

He keeps the youngest ladies near to his bed room together with the older members with the household sleeping additional away - and there's a rotation program for who visits Mr Chana's bed room.
Tale continues below

Rinkmini, 1 of Mr Chana's wives who's 35 a long time aged, said: 'We remain about him as he will be the most significant individual inside the home. He is the most handsome individual within the village.

A lot of the time, the wives sleep in communal "dormitories."

According to the Mail, Chana says he would even go to the US as a way to increase his sect, and never stops looking for new wives. At the very least one of his youngsters stated that Chana marries bad girls from your village to be able to search right after them, studies the Mail.

Smokey - World Loudest Purr Cat set Guinness World Record

A purring cat is music to the ears for most cat-lovers. However, to Ruth Adams and family of the United Kingdom, their short-haired feline Smokey’s purrs are more like rock music to the ears.

Adopted from a local rescue-center, Smokey’s loud purring reportedly measured as high as 92 decibels, while an average cat purr measures only about 25 decibels. To put the purr volume in perspective, a typical home stereo listening level is 80 decibels and a subway train measures in at around 100 decibels. According to Smokey’s family, although endearing, the purring can by annoying when watching television, especially during dramatic scenes.

Ruth and Mark Adams of England think that their cat, Smokey, could very well be the world's loudest cat. According to the Daily Mail, the cat's noisy purr clocks in at 92 decibels up close and 80 decibels when five feet away. 92 decibels is equivalent to a lawnmower or hair dryer and the average cat purrs at 25 decibels, the Telegraph reports.

So is Smokey the world's loudest cat? Guinness has a category in place, but hasn't received any entries until now. "If Smokey can purr at over 80dB it would be an astonishing feat," a spokesman told the Daily Mail.

The only time purr-producing Smokey is quiet is when she is asleep. “She even manages to purr while she eats” comments Ruth. For official bragging rights of having the world’s loudest cat, the Adams family has sent an application to the Guinness World Records.

Fastest Car On Ice

On 10 February 2011, I was in Oulu, Finland, to witness Juha Kankkunen’s attempt to break his own Guinness World Records achievement for the fastest car on ice. Mr Kankkunen - four times world rally champion- was attempting to break his own record, set in 2007 of 199.83 mph (321.6 kmph) in a Bentley Continental GT. For this record attempt, the chosen car was a Bentley Continental Supersports convertible.

With temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celcius, sudden snow blizzards and potentially dangerous crosswinds, reaching the required speed and keeping the car under control was going to be a tall order. A 16.5 km track had been cut in the frozen sea, with 1 km precisely measured halfway along, over which the maximum speed would be recorded. To allow for favourable winds in either direction, Mr Kankkunen would have to drive in both directions along the track, with an average speed taken.

After some tests had been performed, the attempt was underway. I watched in amazement as Mr Kankkunen brought the car up to speed. As he passed the start of the 1 km the sound was more like that of an aeroplane than a car! At that extreme speed, the kilometre was quickly crossed, and Mr Kankkunen turned the car around for his second run to complete the challenge.

A few moments later Mr Kankkunen returned to the camp to hear the verdict. The speed recorded was a breathtaking 205.48 mph (330.695 kmph)!! An amazing new Guinness World Records achievement!

New Ski Flying World Record Set at 808.73 Feet

IT TAKES A BIG HILL to break a big record, and the Norwegians are nothing if not committed to big ski jumping hills. Or rather, sky flying, cause they’re different forms of the same idea, with different gear and different hills. And really, who wants to jump when you can fly? The new Vikersundbakken ski flying hill just opened for business, and within its first week saw two world records set, including this one by Johan Remen Evensen, who flew a resickulous 808.72 feet.

Johan Remen Evensen Vikersund 2011 246.5 m new world record

Thai Couples Break Longest Kiss Guinness World Record

A Thai couple has made history with the longest kiss ever during a Valentine's Day "kissathon" after they locked lips for 46 hours, 24 minutes and nine seconds.

Organizers of the event, which took place at a southern beach resort town, claim it marked the longest recorded smooch in history.

"We didn't think we would find anybody that could break the record," CBS News quoted Somporn Naksuetrong, the manager of Pattaya's Louis Tussaud's Waxworks museum, which organized the competition, as saying.

Fourteen couples had started off the contest at 6 a.m. on February 13, and by February 14 afternoon, half had already beaten the record and were still smooching away on the corridor of an oceanside shopping mall in Pattaya.

A Bangkok couple, Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat, emerged as the winner, and they were awarded a diamond ring worth 50,000 Thai Baht (1,606 dollars), and a cash prize of 100,000 Baht (3,213 dollars).

According to Guinness World Records, whose officials will have to verify the latest milestone for it to become official, the previous record of just over 32 hours had been set by a couple in Germany in 2009.

The rule for the kissathon is that couples should lock lips all the time, and if they wish to have a drink they have to do so using straws while continuing the kiss.

And if they wish to use the bathroom, they have to continue embracing each other, while accompanied by contest monitors. But the harshest rule was no sitting or sleeping.

Thailand Longest Kiss Guinness World Record 2011 Video

1898 World’s Oldest Wedding Cake set World Record

A whole wedding cake is really the last thing that one should dare to preserve - even for posterity’s sake.

More so because the title of the world’s oldest complete wedding cake is already held by an ornately decorated confection, that is still intact after 113 years!

Made in 1898 during Queen Victoria’s reign, this cake is still in one piece despite a large crack in the icing caused by a Second World War bomb blast.

Once white, it has browned with age. But despite this, the rich fruit cake inside is said to be still moist, reports the Daily Mail.

The confectionery was originally on display in the window of a family bakery, in Basingstoke, Hampshire, which closed in 1964.

It had been moved to a loft, where it remained for almost a century, until the baker's daughter donated it to the little known Willis Museum in Basingstoke

Museum curator Sue Tapliss said: “It has been stored in unfavourable environmental conditions, leading to the cake heating and causing the sugars to seep through to the icing, giving it a darker colour.

“The baker's daughter, who was unmarried, donated the cake towards the end of her life due to fears someone might discover it in her attic and think she had been jilted at the altar.”

Tapliss hopes “that the cake can be enjoyed for a further 113 years.”

Durham rowers break Atlantic crossing world record

A Wimbledon rower who smashed a trans-Atlantic world record on Monday has lost the title less than 24 hours later.

David Hosking skippered the six rowers of Team Hallin across the ocean in just under 32 days – beating the previous record for the 3,000-mile crossing by one day.

But yesterday rival boat the Sara G landed with a better time, taking the title from Mr Hosking’s celebrating crew.

Team Hallin, who are aiming to raise £60,000 for armed forces charity Combat Stress, set off from Tenerife in their trimaran boat Hallin Marine on January 6.

Hours after landing Mr Hosking, a 55-year-old former Royal Navy commander from Wilton Crescent, said: “Everyone has been amazing, our bodies are wrecked. It was stunning teamwork that saw us set a new world record, and the culmination of two years of planning.”

And on the day of arrival crew member Chris Covey proposed to his girlfriend Susie Easton, surprising her with a ring he had carried with him for the whole voyage.

The Sara G, which had six crew members from Britain, Malta and Ireland, left from Tarfaya in Morocco on January 5, but as the two boats went by different routes across the ocean, their times were used to find average speeds.

This calculation handed the Sara G an average speed of 3.9mph – compared to Team Hallin’s 3.4mph – the record and the Ocean Rowing blue riband trophy, which is adjudicated by the Ocean Rowing Society.

Team Hallim Atlantic Crossing World Record Video 2011

Thomas Edison World Records - World's Longest Lasting Light Bulb

Today Google Doodle marks the 164th Birthday of Thomas Edison. On the occasion of Thomas Edison 164th Birthday the Google logo portrays some of the famous inventions of the scientist. This includes phonograph, the motion picture camera, and a long-lasting, practical electric light bulb.

The world's longest lasting light bulb is the Centennial Light located at 4550 East Avenue, Livermore, California. It is maintained by the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department. The fire department claims that the bulb is at least 109 years old and has only been turned off a handful of times. The bulb has been noted by The Guinness Book of World Records, Ripley's Believe It or Not!, and General Electric as being the world's longest-lasting light bulb.

While it might seem astonishing that so many longest-lasting light bulbs have been so infrequently turned off, this is the precise reason for their longevity. Most of the wear and tear that leads to burnouts in incandescent light bulbs is caused by turning them on and off, not by burning them. Each time the bulb is turned on and off, the filament is heated and cooled. This causes the material of the filament to expand and contract, in turn causing tiny stress cracks to develop. The more the light is turned on and off, the larger these cracks grow, until eventually the filament breaks at some point, causing the light to burn out.

Thomas Edison designed a bulb that was supposed to last forever, called the Eternal Light, and turned it on on October 22, 1929. The bulb is located in the Memorial Tower at the Edison Memorial Museum in Menlo Park, New Jersey. The tower fell down in 1937, but the bulb's power was supposedly uninterrupted, according to General Electric, and continued to burn while a second tower was constructed. According to museum curator Jack Stanley, the bulb is fake, consisting of a hollow bulb illuminated by a series of automobile headlights mounted in the display's base

World First Transsexual Air Hostesses ‎Hire By Thai Airlines

If you still believe there are only two sexes, you’re living in the dark ages. There isn’t just males and females anymore… there’s a third sex too.

They’re called ladyboys, and as the name suggests, they are men who either disguise themselves as women or undergo sex reassignment surgery to become women.

And there’s a good reason for why ladyboys have become so popular: money.

You see, in southeast Asia, women having been making a ton of money for a long time thanks to an abundant sex industry. Well, the guys wanted to get in on the action too, so about a decade ago, many men started changing their appearance to look like women, and they’ve been fooling chubby white guys who travel to Thailand for cheap sex ever since.

But once they’re over the hill (that’s like 19-years old in the Asian sex industry), they have to look for other work. However, most ladyboys find it difficult to get a legit job.

That’s why it was such a surprise when a start-up airline in Thailand called P.C. Air became the first airline to hire ladyboy flight attendants.

Six ladyboys were hired, including the winner of 2007 Miss Tiffany Universe, which is a transsexual beauty pageant that’s watched by over 15 million people in Thailand.

The flight attendants will be required to wear a gold name tag that identifies them as ladyboys, but it’s not like you wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking at them. Take a look at this picture and you’ll see what we mean:

#2 is the only one that might be able to pass as a woman — if you’re wearing bear goggles. But the knuckles on #1 and #3 and the wide jaw on #4 are too mannish to ignore.

Thailand Airline Hires Ladyboy Flight Attendants Video

Amazing Kids in India 2011 - Pogo TV Channel Annouces Awards

The wait is over! POGO announced today the seven talented and victorious winners of India's prestigious kids' television awards - POGO Amazing Kids Awards. A POGO original production, the awards uphold POGO's seven year-long tradition of discovering and recognising young talent across a multitude of categories that include Music, Singing, Sports, Academia, Entertainment, Art and Dancing. To experience and encourage the talent of these prodigious kids log on to

Announcing the winners, Monica Tata, Vice President and Deputy Manager - Entertainment Networks, South Asia, Turner International India Private Limited (TIIPL) said, "A signature POGO initiative, the awards align with POGO's vision to encourage kids to Dream Bigger, Think Louder, Play Smarter and Bounce Higher. We are delighted that the award continues to attract some of the most talented kids in India. Our 'POGO Amazing Kids Awards' winners are supremely gifted and POGO is very proud to honour them."

POGO Amazing Kids Awards winners:

Dishaddra Poddar (13 yrs) from Delhi has bagged the title of POGO Amazing Kids' Awards 2010 in the Artist category. Dishaddra has won over 160 awards in the National and State level participations. He was also awarded the Hindustan Times Pace Awards and given the 1st prize by Rotary club 2010 amongst his other achievements.

Vishnu Ramprasad (14 yrs) from Chennai has bagged the coveted title of POGO Amazing Kids' Awards 2010 in the Musician category. Vishnu plays Blues and Classical Flamenco and is currently a member of two rock bands in Chennai. He has performed in several live shows across Chennai and Bangalore and has plans to release his own music album.
S. Mahadevan (12 yrs) from Trivandrum has won the award of POGO Amazing Kids' Awards 2010 in the Singer category. He has won many awards in the past for his performances and has also participated in IDEA JALSA national talent hunt team where he was selected for the semi final round held in Mumbai.

Tanay Chheda (14 yrs) from Mumbai has won the title of POGO Amazing Kids' Awards 2010 in the Entertainer category. Tanay's most recent performance was in My Name is Khan. He is best known for his performances in critically acclaimed films Taare Zameen Par and Slumdog Millionaire, with the latter earning him the Screen Actors Guild Award.

Priyanshi Somani (11 yrs) from Ajmer has won the title of POGO Amazing Kids' Awards 2010 in the Genius category. Priyanshi was the national and international champion in the 2010 UCMAS mental arithmetic competition and also ranked first in the International Olympiad of Mathematics. In 2003 Priyanshi set a new world record for being the youngest person to pass the Microsoft Server Examination.
Swapnali Yadav (11 yrs) from Mumbai has grabbed the title of POGO Amazing Kids' Awards 2010 in the Sports category. Swapnali has been listed in Limca Book of Records for being the 1st Indian to win The Sound Open Water Official Swimming Competition. Apart from this, she has won many state level and national level championships.

Shraddha Nagaraj (14 yrs) from Bangalore has bagged the coveted title of POGO Amazing Kids' Awards 2010 in the Dancer category. Shraddha is a Bharatanatyam dancer and has given a series of performances in the U.S. and she has participated in all major art / cultural festivals.

Initiated by POGO in December 2004, POGO Amazing Kids Awards is India's first-ever kids' television award. The Awards recognise child prodigies and reward them for their outstanding achievements in multiple areas of excellence such as arts, leadership and sports. Like every year, POGO invited nominations from parents and principals of meritorious kids as well as self-nominations from children who felt they deserve the award in a particular category. The seven categories of POGO Amazing Kids' Awards 2010 received hundreds of nominations from all across India.

Blood Donation Logo by Toffees Limca Book Record set by Madurai School

Three thousand students of Dolphin Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Madurai, administered a pledge on Blood Donation which got them a place in the Limca Book of Records.
The highlight of the pledge was their laborious effort in designing the Blood Donation logo with multicolour toffees on the ground covering an area of five metres width and five metres breadth.
Toffees weighing 250 kg and numbering one lakh were used for making the logo.
The students took three long hours to design the logo and inscribe the caption “Give Blood Give Life,” thus promoting the novel idea of blood donation.
The effort which took place in the premises saw enthusiastic students joining hands with members of the Lions Club, parents, teaching and non-teaching staff.
The event was inaugurated by school correspondent, A.R. Ramanathan, in the presence of Roselin Mary, Inspector of Matriculation Schools, Madurai, V.R. Chinna Arunachalam, Lions Club Governor, and A. Padma, Principal, Dolphin Matric H.S. School.

The pledge
The pledge read: I will donate blood yearly once. I will request at least five members to donate blood every year. I will not yield to any bad habit which would prevent me from donating blood. I will try to arrange blood donation camps to create awareness among the general public.
Ms. Roselin Mary in her address appreciated the novel effort of the students and called the other schools to emulate this attempt in creating awareness about blood donation.
The other speakers asked the students to go in for a Guinness World Record and promised to extend their support for this noble cause.

World's Largest Mass Wedding in India set Guinness Book of World Record

A mass wedding, organised by Badnera MLA Ravi Rana, literally turned out to be a massive affair in Ratnagiri, maharashtra, India.

At least 3,600 couples including Rana and his Southern siren wife Navneet Kaur from different faiths tied the nuptial knot at the event 2nd February 2011.

The ceremony has been certified as the world's largest mass wedding in the Guinness World Records and Limca Book of Records.

The VVIPs , including chief minister Prithviraj Chavan, Baba Ramdev and actor Vivek Oberoi, also attended the ceremony and blessed the newlyweds.

MiD DAY had earlier reported that the Badnera MLA was planning a mass wedding for 2,100 couples, but the organiser himself was taken aback by the overwhelming response.

Rana said, "I am overwhelmed by the response. I had planned the mass marriage thinking about a large number of people who cannot afford to bear the expenses of a marriage on their own.

Such moves also help strengthen the secular fabric of the society.

I am really happy about the fact that many blind and physically challenged people, who otherwise would have remained single all their life, got married at the event."

Representatives of the Guinness World Record and Limca Book of Records were also present to register the names of the participants and do the headcount.

The earlier record of a mass marriage is of 1,350 couples getting hitched in a single day.

Around two lakh people had flocked in from different parts of the country to witness this massive wonder.

Tweet watch
What an absolutely incredible experience! Today, I participated in the world's largest mass marriage ceremony 3,634 couples from poor families! I can't even begin to explain how amazing it felt...such fantastic social work, true national integration!!! - Vivek Oberoi

Six Hours With Terrorists - India´s first One Shot Movie set World Record

The action thriller, directed by Karan Kashyap and produced by Arun S Deddhar (Star Smile Productions) has already been authenticated by officials of the Limca Book of Records on the final day of shoot on January 31.

It now awaits verification from Guinness Book of World Records officials. Preparation for the shoot took 60 days, including 54 days of acting workshop and five days of on-location rehearsals complete with lights, costumes and camera at Neil Villa Bungalow in Vasai, outskirts of Mumbai.

The previous records have been held by Russian film; 'Russian Arc', the duration of which was one hour 38 minutes and British film- 'PVC' for one hour 84 minutes. Indian TV show 'CID' also had a record of 111 minutes on an uncut scene.

To achieve the target, cameraman Vishal Singh used a Sony EX 3- HD digital camera with 2K resolution, weighing around eight KGs. This camera is substantially lighter than regular cameras required for film making and the advantage of using a chip instead of tapes which would have interrupted the shooting. No cameras like a steadycam were used.

Announcing the completion of the shoot here last evening, producer Deddhar said at the time of reading the script it was decided to also go for the record.

''We Indians are capable of setting new records too. Moreover, it's a film that people will want to watch and enjoy too. It will go down well with the younger audiences. We will go for post production work like dubbing and colour correction, and should be ready for release by March 2011,'' he said.

Speaking to UNI, director Karan Kashyap said shooting the film called for excellent coordination with cameraman Vishal Singh, endless rehearsals and lot of running around due to demand of the script.

''The story is more important than the record, and we wanted the film to be technically sound. It was a challenge to shot a film that had no 'cut to' parts. The film is reality based with dark humour and a twist that will shock the audience. We only have one song at the end of the film,'' he said.

World Largest Gay and Lesbian Cruises ever World Record set by Royal Caribbean

Atlantis Events, Inc., the world’s largest company specializing in all-gay and lesbian cruises and resort vacations, announced that it will set sail on the largest gay cruise ever this Sunday, February 6, on board Royal Caribbean International’s Allure of the Seas, with nearly 5,400 gay and lesbian guests. This 20th anniversary sailing departs from Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. The company also confirmed that it has chartered Allure of the Seas, the world’s largest passenger ship, for another sailing in 2012.

Both this Sunday’s cruise and next year’s cruise are the first and only charters of the Allure of the Seas. The 2012 cruise will sail from Ft. Lauderdale on January 29, 2012 with stops in Cozumel, Costa Maya, Mexico and Labadee, Haiti. Customers can make bookings on this once-in-lifetime cruise starting February 23.

“Our guest response to this first Allure of the Seas sailing was incredible, with the charter selling out in three weeks with no advertising whatsoever,” said Rich Campbell, CEO of Atlantis. “Our guests always want the newest and most exciting experiences in the world. We knew they would love this cruise, but had no idea just how strong the response would be. So much of what we are creating onboard is the culmination of 20 years of experience and getting to know what our guests really love.”

At 220,000 gross registered tons and with a capacity of 5,400 guests, Allure of the Seas is nearly 1,200 feet long – longer than New York’s famed Chrysler Building.

Allure of the Seas offers guests a dizzying choice of activities and experiences. Guests can visit seven distinctive neighborhoods including Central Park and the Boardwalk as well as enjoy unique activities like flying on a zip line, watching a high-diving show, enjoying a drink at a bar that rises three stories, or learning to surf on FlowRider 150 feet above the ocean.

Atlantis will take this spectacular onboard experience and enhance it with its original lineup of top gay and lesbian talent, including comedians, singers, cabaret stars and performance artists. Atlantis will also feature seven of the world’s top DJs at parties that will showcase the biggest production values that the company has orchestrated in its 20 year history.

Atlantis has several other major cruises planned in 2011, including an exotic Southern Caribbean Cruise in March, its 20th Anniversary Mediterranean Cruise this summer and a Mexican Riviera Cruise on Holland America’s Oosterdam in October.

In addition to its cruises, Atlantis is also offering two all-gay Club Atlantis resort vacations in 2011. This spring’s Club Atlantis Cancun runs from April 23 - 30 at Club Med Cancun, and next fall’s Club Atlantis Vallarta takes place November 5 – 12. Prices for these all-inclusive vacations start at only $1,299 per person for Cancun and $1,399 per person for Puerto Vallarta, based on double occupancy.

About Atlantis

Atlantis Events, Inc. is the world’s largest travel company specializing in the gay and lesbian market. In its 20 years, the company has hosted over 120,000 guests on more than 120 different cruise, resort or tour experiences. In 2010, Atlantis hosted approximately 20,000 guests on 11 different events. Atlantis creates a unique vacation experience for its gay and lesbian guests by chartering entire cruise ships and all-inclusive resorts around the world for the exclusive use of its guests. Then it completely customizes their experience with unique and diverse entertainment, parties featuring leading DJs, and a team of talented hosts.

World Largest Gay and Lesbian Cruises ever World Records 2011

World Largest Mosaic Ever by Recycled Mardi Gras Beads Contends Guinness World Record

Stephán Wanger has started, to create the largest mosaic ever made out of Mardi Gras beads. The size of the work is 8 feet tall by 30 feet wide and will contain over a million recycled Mardi Gras beads. The “Skyline” will be unveiled at the JW Marriott New Orleans, on April 27, 2011.

About 97 % of all beads that Stephán is using, are recycled. He continues to create huge mosaics that will help promote his adopted hometown New Orleans. The next art work will showcase a view from the West Bank towards downtown New Orleans, complete with the Natchez steamboat, a cruise ship (The Carnival Triumph), tall ships (The Amerigo Vespucci and the Gorch Fock), and pelican. In other words, a busy river scene with the beautiful skyline of New Orleans in the background.

"I have always wanted to create a skyline mosaic to complement my existing pieces and I believe this project will be the perfect attempt for competing for a Guinness World Record," says Stephán Wanger from his gallery located at 1914 Magazine St., in New Orleans. The community can help by signing this art work as Stephán will bead out every person’s signature on this gigantic postcard to the world.

Since Mardi Gras Season 2011 is almost upon us, the attempt at the Guinness World Record will be timely. Stephán plans to unveil the work in May 2011. He knows what it takes as he has already completed several massive mosaic murals that are on display at his gallery.

Karen Benrud from Cafe Du Monde who helps Stephán cutting beads says, "Stephán's goals are very simple, he is trying to get the beads off the streets, recycle them into amazing artworks, and teach children the skill in order to leave a legacy - while promoting New Orleans at the same time."

The record breaking mosaic will be part of the "A Million Greetings from New Orleans” exhibit that Stephán has been working on since 2006. The exhibit will eventually tour Europe in 2012 to further promote New Orleans and increase tourism to the city. By signing this gigantic postcard Stephán hopes to create awareness for recycling Mardi Gras beads. For more information visit or if you like to volunteer or drop off beads contact Stephán at (504) 400-4603

The world record attempt is sponsored by FuzziBunz, Diapers LLC, St. Michael Special School and Café Du Monde.

Collected Mardi Gras Beads can be dropped off at Galeria Alegria at 1914 Magazine Street of at St. Michael Special School at 1522 Chippewa Street.

World’s Tallest Model Guinness World Record set by Amazon Eve

Amazon Eve, at 6’8’’, is licensed from the Guinness Book of Earth Records as the “World’s Tallest Model.”
At a social gathering in the Playboy Mansion final week, Eve stated, "the bunnies sized me up and treated my system like a stripper pole!"
Along with modeling, Eve has labored as a individual trainer, paralegal, and expert dominatrix, which continues to be her existing gig. Eve insists that currently being a dominatrix isn’t as kinky as it seems.
“It’s not sexual,” Eve claimed. “It’s much more about safety and safety.”
Eve grew to become an global sensation right after appearing around the cover of an Australian tabloid.
“One of my followers place me in touch with Zoo Weekly,” says Eve. “They photographed me with a short tiny 5’ model for comparison-it was their most thriving situation actually. The video went viral and grew to become 1 of the most Googled details via the internet!”
Eve said she’s able to take her newfound fame and put it into one thing bigger. She enjoys the thought of becoming a "perfect Bond villain," and claims she will be prepared to display off assets besides her height, despite the fact that it would suggest training significantly less instead of much more.
"Sure I'd do Playboy," stated Eve. "I would should minimize my muscle mass and soften up a little, but [Hugh] Hefner is the only one I'd pose nude for, due to the fact he does it so tastefully.

Amazon Eve Hot Video - World’s Tallest Model Guinness World Record 2011

World's Largest Dodgeball Game Guinness Record set by Alberta Students

With a complete of 2,012 participants, the University of Alberta struck back Friday and regained the Guinness World Record for the largest dodgeball game - a record they initially set 1 year back.
Final year, the U of a set the file with 1,198 participants. That report stood until last September once the University of California, Irvine set a fresh record with 1,745 gamers. Nonetheless, under the eyes of an official judge from Guinness flown in for the occasion, the U of the was very easily able to regain the file Friday afternoon.

"We did it. We received our purpose. We had people today inside stands viewing and everyone left which has a major smile on their experience," explained Rory Tighe, Students' Union Vice President (Student Existence) and organizer of the game. "The nationwide satisfaction certainly arrived out, the college spirit arrived out, plus the whole group was here so it labored out perfectly."

Spectators integrated Mayor Stephen Mandel, President Indira Samarasekera, various members in the community, and U of the alumni. The sport was preceded by a rendition of "O Canada" by Oilers' anthem singer Paul Lorieau.

Soon after the opening ceremonies, an epic clash involving Team Green and Group Gold commenced, with students, alumni, and employees developing a red sky of 1,006 dodgeballs flying back and forth across the floor as a crowd cheered them on.

Immediately after 44 minutes and 17 seconds, the Gold Crew arrived out victorious and have been able to outlast their green opponents and win for that 2nd yr in the row.

The sport was an exhilarating encounter for all involved and Tighe believes it really is something that reveals off a great U of a group.

The sport was also a victory for Canada, since the competing document attempts seem to have led to an worldwide feud of types involving the U of a and UCI. The advertising campaign at UCI motivated college students to play for the reason that they 'couldn't let individuals Canadians have the document.'

Tighe mentioned he was surprised at the international opposition the dodgeball file sparked.
"To be truthful, I was surprised how rapidly it caught on, that other schools and also other establishments were looking to break it," he said. "They attempted several times to break the document and UC Irvine eventually succeeded and within months we're smash[ing] that. So I'd wish to see their retort immediately after this."

The U of A's newest victory in this feud appears to be in component due to the significant subsequent that dodgeball has gained on campus over the past couple of years. But Tighe sees the occasion as over only a very simple sport of dodgeball.

"It's additional about the community spirit, it really is just we have not uncovered anything at all else that folks have responded this well as well."

These games may well turn into an yearly occasion due to the amazing reputation, and some participants are still hoping that a different school will respond to their defeat and continue the feud.

"We thought [2,012] was surely an achievable number [...] and also it doesn't blow out the report as substantially as we perhaps could which might maybe be encouraging some levels of competition - giving the Americans a bone," Tighe stated.

We will only wait and see how UCI along with the relaxation from the planet reacts towards the U of A's accomplishment, as 1 member on the Gold

Ashton Eaton breaks Heptathlon World Record

American Ashton Eaton broke his very own globe document for the indoor heptathlon on Sunday at a meeting in Estonia.

The 23-year-old Eaton tallied 6,568 factors, 69 points much more than his previous world file set in Fayetteville, Arkansas, in March 2010.

On Saturday’s first day of opposition from the Worldwide Indoor Combined Activities meeting, Eaton set a personalized finest for shot set of 14.45 metres and ran the 60 metres sprint in 6.66 seconds.

On Sunday, he had another individual finest with 7.60 within the 60 metres hurdles and ran the ultimate event, the 1,000 metres, in 2:34.74.

Estonian Andres Raja was 2nd within the opposition on the Lasnamae Stadium with 6,114 factors though Czech decathlon globe document holder Roman Sebrle was fifth with 5,848.

Most Marathons run on Consecutive Days Guinness World Record set by Stefaan Engels

Stefaan Engels, 49, completed his astonishing endurance mission in Barcelona, getting competed in marathons in Europe, America, Canada and Mexico.

He has said he hopes his efforts will motivate and inspire others.

According to Guinness Planet Information, the earlier report for many marathons run on consecutive days was 52, achieved by Akinori Kusuda from Japan in 2009.

Mr Engels is no stranger towards the world of ache - he previously holds the record for the most Ironman Triathlons in the year following completing twenty in 2007 and 2008.

The Belgian athlete started out marathon working twenty years in the past and adopts a pragmatic strategy.

He explained: "I am working just as Joe Common goes to perform on Monday early morning, whether he feels like it.

"I do not always experience like operating, but when I'm accomplished, I get a shower, have some physiotherapy for an hour and that wraps up my day.

Largest Belt Buckle

During the lead-up week to the Super Bowl, North Texas experienced widely-ranging, record-setting numbers: Exterior, exceptionally frigid temperatures actually froze more than the higher Dallas/Fort Well worth region. In the same time, inside of country and western night club Billy Bob’s Texas, an unveiling with the Largest belt buckle in existence - six ft six in (one.98 m ) tall, eight ft six in (2.59 m) vast - as inspected and licensed by Guinness Planet Records Adjudicator Danny Girton Jr., celebrated ESPN and commissioned Texan sculptor Kelly Graham’s world-class achievement!

In accordance to event organizers, the façade on the aluminum buckle paid homage to the state of Texas, the city of Fort Really worth - where it'll completely reside at Billy Bob’s Texas stockyard-area venue - ESPN and other Super Bowl events across the area.

House to a new Guinness World Records feat, perhaps Fort Really worth may well next produce a big belt to complement their buckle!

For the past 7 many years, over Super Bowl Weekend in the United States, ESPN The Magazine has produced a red carpet gala to appeal to athletes, celebrities, sports activities industry executives together with advertisers who travel towards the Super Bowl host metropolis: Arlington, Texas’ Cowboys Stadium - situated between Dallas and Fort Value - will be the 2011 Super Bowl site. ESPN The Magazine’s 2011 red carpet gala - recognized as “NEXT” - is set to get location on the ranch in Fort Worth, TX.

Best Selling Two Seat Sports Car 2011 Guinness Record set by Mazda MX-5

Total production of Mazda Motor Corporation's MX-5 sports car (known as the Mazda Roadster in Japan) reached 900,000 units on February 4, 2011. This significant milestone was achieved 21 years and 10 months after mass production of the first-generation MX-5 commenced in April 1989. The MX-5 was initially certified by Guinness World Records as the world's "Best selling two-seat sports car" when production reached 531,890 units in May 2000. Guinness updated the record when production passed 700,000 and, later, 800,000 units. Currently, Mazda is reapplying to Guinness World Records to have the record updated to 900,000 units.

During the 1960s and 1970s, numerous lightweight and fun-to-drive sports cars offered nimble handling and free-spirited open-air motoring. In the 1980s, Mazda decided to resurrect this spirit with a new roadster for the modern age. Using the latest engineering techniques, Mazda developed the MX-5 and announced it in February 1989 as a reminder that driving could still be fun despite ever-stricter safety and quality standards. To this day, the MX-5 remains the longest enduring nameplate in Mazda's global lineup.

Nobuhiro Yamamoto, program manager of the current MX-5, said, "Since Mazda launched the original MX-5, it has undergone two complete product redesigns and a series of upgrades. Its enduring success is due to the strong support it enjoys from MX-5 fans around the world. Going forward, I will strive to keep the MX-5's spirit alive while evolving it into a car that will be loved by even more people."

Mazda's senior managing executive officer in charge of development, Seita Kanai, said, "More than 20 years have passed since the first-generation Mazda MX-5 was born. During this time, society and vehicles themselves have changed significantly. Responding to environmental issues and the depletion of the Earth's natural resources has become increasingly important for all automakers. As part of its environmental efforts, Mazda announced its new SKYACTIV technologies last year. Currently, we are pushing forward with development of future products that will incorporate these technologies. Many of the elements that go into our SKYACTIV technologies, such as comprehensive weight reduction, grew from the long years of development work that have gone into the MX-5. Indeed, the guiding principle behind the SKYACTIV technologies - to build cars that are fun to drive - is perfectly embodied by the MX-5."

"As we head toward the next production milestone of one million units," Kanai continued, "Mazda is committed to further evolving the MX-5. We will refine its fun-to-drive character and further enhance its environmental and safety capabilities. As Mazda passes its 91st birthday, we are turning our sights toward our 100th anniversary. In the years ahead, we will continue to cherish the MX-5, alongside its loyal fan base, as the symbol of the Mazda brand."

2011 Mazda MX-5 - Best Selling Two Seat Sports Car 2011 - Guinness World Record Video


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