World Longest Snake Died in Ohio Zoo

Death of World’s Longest Snake would be really bad news for true snake lovers. Ohio zoo officials said that the longest snake in the world living in captivity has died. “Workers found the 24-foot python Wednesday morning dead from an apparent tumor” said The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Fluffy, Longest Snake in the world had smashed Guinness World Record as the longest snake living in captivity. Fluffy was about as long as a moving van and thickness was as a telephone pole, and weighed 300 pounds.

The 18-year-old Fluffy, reticulated python had attracted large crowds since the day zoo got it in 2007.

Reticulated pythons are usually known for the cross-hatching patterns on their skin and average 10 to 20 feet long. The largest recorded one was 32 feet, 9 1/2 inches long when it was killed in 1912 in Indonesia.

Widest Mouth Guinness World Records 2011 by Francisco Domingo Joaquim

One of the weirdest world record has been smashed by Francisco Domingo Joaquim. He has the widest mouth in the world that measuring over six and a half inches across.

The Guinness Book of World Records has officially announce that Francisco Domingo Joaquim has the widest mouth in the world.

Mr. Joaquim, The 20-year-old from Sambizanga in Angola has the strange ability to fit an entire 330ml can of soda in his mouth, sideways.

Joaquim, also known as "Chiquinho", who recently appeared on an Italian TV show where he made the crowds wondered by placing and removing a can of coke from his mouth 14 times within a minute.

Chiquinho happily said that it was "his dream come true", when he was informed that he would feature in the Book of Guinness World Records 2011
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World's Largest Bikini Photo Shoot Guinness World Record

HUNDREDS of women bared virtually all in the cold and rain to raise money and awareness for charity at the weekend – but they failed to set a Guinness world record for the largest massed bikini photo shoot.

Although more than 900 women showed up at the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium on Saturday to participate in the Nashua Largest Ever Bikini Photo Shoot in aid of the Cancer Association of South Africa (Cansa), they fell far short of the target to break the record.

Event organisers had hoped to get more than 1923 participants in order to better the record set in Russia in 2008, at Riviera Central Beach in Sochi.

Women who attended the event in Russia, broke the previous record of 1010 women in Sydney in 2007 at Bondi Beach.

Nelson Mandela Bay’s Pam Regnart was one of many women who expressed their disappointment with people who registered for the event and paid their R50 donation fee, but did not show up due to the cold and overcast weather.

Those taking part on Saturday nonetheless showed that their hearts were in the right place, not only by attending the event but by forming a giant heart on the field of the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.

In the process, the 905 participants broke two other world records for the largest bikini and swimwear parades.

For many women the event was a deeply personal cause.

Venita Jacobs stood out in the crowd because she completed the Cansa walk on crutches.

“My sister-in-law’s niece, who is 11 years old, has just been diagnosed with leukaemia. We did the mile for Jade.”

Event organiser Laurence Finn, of Club 100 for Ladies, said organisers were pleased that participants managed to smash the two other world records.

The previous record for a bikini parade was 331 participants, while the swimwear parade featured 385 women.

All proceeds raised will benefit Cansa.

Take a look at Below Video of World Largest Bikini Photo Shoot
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World's Longest Domestic Cat, Stewie Smashed Guinness World Record

Stewie, Cat from Rano, NV has surpassed New Guinness world record as world's longest domestic cat. As per Reno Gazette-Journal reports, after measuring 48 1/2 inches from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail bone, Stewie, 5-year-old Maine Coon has been certified as World's Longest Domestic Cat.

The record was earlier held by another Maine Coon that measured 48 inches.

Robin Hendrickson and Erik Brandsness, Stewie's owners said, “We decided to try for the record after hearing countless people say they were amazed by Stewie's length”.

Hendrickson stated that Maine Coons are known as "the gentle giants" of the cat world.

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Top 10 Biggest Dog Breeds in the World

1. Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard dog generally has large head. The longest/biggest recorded dog's height was 42 inches (107 cm), 35 inches (89 cm) at the shoulders, and length was 102 inches (2.59 m) weighed 220 lb (100 kg). Saint Bernard breed's average weight is between 140 and 264 lb (64–120 kg) or more and height is 27½ inches to 35½ inches (70 to 90 cm).

2. English Mastiff

Also Known as Mastiff or Old English Mastiff is the second biggest dog. An English Mastiff named Hercules was put in the Guinness World Book of Records for weighing in at 282 pounds in 2001. Height of this breed dogs are 30 Inches (76 cm.) at the shoulder, A typical weight could be 150–250 pounds (68–110 kg).

An English Mastiff from the UK, named "Aicama Zorba of La Susa" weighed in at 338 pounds and measured almost 8.25 feet long from nose to tail and holds the title as the world's largest dog.

3. Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff also known as Italian Mastiff and Mastino Napoletano which is third biggest dog breed in the world. The average weight for this breed is up to 170 pounds (70 kg) to 200 pounds (90 kg). Their height ranges between 26–31 inches (66–79 cm) at the withers.

4. Newfoundland

Newfoundland is forth biggest dog breed; famously known for their giant size and tremendous strength, sweet dispositions, and loyalty. Average weight of this dog breed is 60-70kg (132 to 154 pounds). Their height ranges between 22–28 inches tall at the shoulder.

5. Dogue de Bordeaux

This fifth largest dog breed Also known as Bordeaux Mastiff or French Mastiff or Bordeauxdog; this breed of dogs are strong, powerful, and imposing.

Average weight of this dog breed is 65 kg (145 Pounds) and their shoulder height ranges between 23-30 inches.

6. Presa Canario

Perro de Presa Canario is a large Molosser-type dog breed with average weight of 59 kg (130 pounds) and shoulder height ranges between 21 - 25 inches. This is sixth biggest dog.

7. Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound is seventh biggest dog with average weight of 46–70 kg (101–154 lbs). Generally breeders aim for a height range of 85 to 95 centimeters (34 to 38 inches) at the withers.

8. Great Dane

Great Dane breed is known as eight biggest dogs and is one of the world's tallest dog breeds. Current world record with measuring 109 cm (43 in) from paw to shoulder; 220 cm (7.2 ft) from head to tail, is George. Average weight of Great Dane breed is up to (54.5 kg) 120 pounds.

9. Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees is also known as Pyrenean Mountain Dog is ninth largest dog. Average weight of this breed is up to (54.5 kg) 120 pounds and shoulder height ranges between 27 - 32 inches.

10. Kuvasz
Hungarian origin Kuvasz breed is 52.3 kg (115 Pounds) in weight and shoulder height ranges between 28 - 30 inches.

Source - World Records

Longest Walk Through Horror House Guinness Record Smashed by Factory of Terror

According to Guinness Book of World Records Canton, Ohio’s premier haunted attraction, Factory of Terror is now officially the largest haunted house on the planet. The former aluminum foundry turned house-of-horror at 4125 Mahoning Rd. NE in Canton, was measured on August 13th, Friday. John, Rich Jr. and Matt Eslich, owners were reported by the England-based Guinness organization that the haunted house they have created has smashed new record as “Longest Walk-Through Horror House” in the world.

The Longest Walk through Horror House record 3,318 feet is a winding path through terror-filled hallways, mazes, rooms and dilapidated factory chambers. Ongoing extensions of Eslich Brothers have resulted to beat the previous record of 2,262 feet by an overwhelming 1,050-plus foot.

Our goal was to make it the huge and scariest haunted attraction in the world, since we made The Factory of Terror in 2002. At that time it was sounded like a crazy thing to say, but with a bona fide world record, entering our 9th season

Although Guinness category is Horror House, the official name of the Eslich creation, a former aluminum factory at 4125 Mahoning Rd. NE, is the Factory of Terror.

In the early days, the John, Rich Jr. and Matt Eslich work at the family firm where their father, Richard Eslich, is president and owner. But as Sept. 24 rolls around, the brothers spend nights of weekend through Halloween planting nightmares at the Factory of Terror.

John credits his wife, a teacher, Stephanie, with spearheading the effort to capture a world record.

Factory of  Terror - Longest Walk-Through Horror House - Guinness World Record 2011 Video

World's Biggest Enchilada Guinness Record set by Mexico City

A Mexico City borough went for the whole enchilada — and got it!
Residents of Iztapalapa cooked up a 230-foot-long (70-meter-long), almost 1 1/2-ton enchilada Sunday.

Guinness record official Ralph Hannah announced that it was the world's biggest enchilada.
The colossal concoction was made of corn tortillas, white onions, serrano chilis, green tomatoes, avocado, cheese, cream and a sea of salsas, among other ingredients.
"With this Guinness record we are showing the world that Iztapalapa is a high-level tourist destination," said Mexico City tourism secretary Alejandro Rojas.
Mexico City has gone for a number of world records recently, including the largest number of people dancing Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and most people kissing simultaneously.

World's Largest Enchilada Guinness Record 2011 set by Mexico City

World Oldest Student World Record set by Freedom Fighter Bholaram Das

A teacher, a lawyer, a judge and now back to being a student - 100-year-old Bholaram Das has just enrolled for his doctorate, perhaps becoming India's oldest university student .

Das has got admission in a PhD programme at the Gauhati University in Assam - an announcement he made at a public function organised by his family and friends to mark his 100th birthday Saturday.

"There is no age limit for acquiring knowledge," Das said with a smile, dressed nattily in a brown suit and tie.

And the subject for his doctorate is as interesting as the man himself -- the role of his native village Bohori in Barpeta district in western Assam in the spread of neo-Vaishnavite movement, an egalitarian stream of Hinduism, propagated by Sankardeva.

Das was jailed when he was just 19 during the freedom movement against British rule. He spent two months in prison before he graduated in the commerce stream and later went to study law.

"I had a very fulfilling 100 years, having been a teacher, dabbled with politics by joining the Congress party way back in 1945, became a lawyer, then a magistrate, and retired as a judge in 1971," Das said.

The centenarian's zeal to get a PhD degree has stunned many.

"It is indeed heartening to find people like Bholaram Das in today's world and I am of the firm belief that he should stand out as a role model for the generation next," Governor J.B. Patnaik, who is also the chancellor of Gauhati University, told IANS.

"A 100-year-old student is indeed a rarity anywhere in the world," said Gauhati University Vice Chancellor Okhil Kumar Medhi.

Aided by a walking stick, Das is still agile and loves watching cricket matches on television, besides being an avid reader.

With five sons and a daughter, 10 grandchildren, and a great-grandchild, Das is a contented man.

"I love to smile and be happy always," Das said as he slipped into his study.

World’s Fastest Scooter Aims for Guinness Book of World Records

The mobility scooters out there are fairly cool in their own right. What would create them better, though, is if they could go faster. For one Colin Furze, a British pipe fitter, he must have had the same idea, because he determined to build the world's fastest motor scooter "for a jest." The outcome has star to unbelievable speeds for a scooter, and forthwith a shot at the Guinness Book of World Records.

Whin decided on the 125cc gas engine from a motorcycle, and retrofitted it onto the scoter. And, as ordinarily falls out, after someone attains one end, they travel justly onto the next one. Whin is no different, as he's sounded out that his next step is to take the scooter to a drag strip and trial its velocity there. He is aspiring for 70mph. The folks at the Guinness Book of World Records has told Irish gorse that if he deals to reach a velocity of 62mph, he'd be gayly accepted into the record. We 're sure that we'll be finding out about Irish gorse again in the nigh future -- let's hope he starts donning a helmet, going at those speeds on a standard scooter. And if it ends up not working out for him, he could always take his motor scooter.

World’s Shortest Man, Khagendra Thapa Magar - Guinness World Records 2011

World's Shortest Man, Nepalese teen, Khagendra Thapa Magar is new Guinness World Record Holder, who turned to 18 on last Thursday.

Marco Frigatti, vice president of records at Guinness World Records, who came from London for this recognition said that Khagendra Thapa Magar is 67.08 centimeters (26.4 inches) and weighs 6.5 kilograms (13 pounds). "I can confirm that as of today Khagendra Thapa Magar is the officially shortest man in the world," Fragatti added.

Magar underwent a series of medical examinations over the past two days in his hometown of Pokhara to ascertain his height and weight.

A businessman founded Magar four years before in remote Baglung district and thereafter, he has been the center of attraction at fairs in the country, with organizers paying to exhibit him.

Rup Bahadur Thapa Magar, father of Khagendra Thapa Magar told CNN by phone, "I am very happy with the recognition". "For the last few days, Khagendra has been saying that he is a big man now."

“The Recognition was years in the making”, said businessman who discovered him.

Min Bahadur Rana said that this is the end of a journey that began four years ago. Rana stated that first time he applied, Guinness officials told him he had to be 18,.

Magar thapa is now replaced with Edward Nino Hernandez, 24, of Colombia, who measures 70.21 centimeters (27.4 inches). Hernandez had been declared the shortest living man after Chinese national He Pingping died in March.

Magar is belonging to Pokhara, 200 kilometers (124 miles) west of the capital, Kathmandu.

Pub's record-breaking 250kg chocolate truffle.

A pub in Worcestershire sauce is desiring to have positioned a New World record for the world's biggest chocolate truffle.

Licensee Gianni D’Aniello and head chef Chris Long, of the Tabby's Head Inn in Bromsgrove, were planning to create the world's largest chocolate truffle to annunciate the scratch line of National Chocolate Week.

Weighing in at 254.9 kilo, the massive chocolate confectionary musical rhythm the premature German world record of 196.3 kilo.

It required eight peoples to elevate the gigantic deep brown bodily structure on to the scales.

All of the # 1,600 worth of ingredients called for for the try were munificently donated. This included 200 kilogram of Belgium chocolate provided by Barry Callebaut in Banbury ; brandy from Matthew Clark ; over 100 litres of double cream from Robert Wiseman Dairies ; and cocoa powder from Makro.

In conformity with the official guidelines, the truffle was had applying traditional elements, in the correct proportions and set up in the same agency as a normal size chocolate truffle. The truffle consisted of a ganache center caked in cocoa powder.

Each stage of the qualification of the earthnut was witnessed in transmutations by independent local peoples, in conformity with the rigid guidelines positioned by Guinness World Records. Standing evidence from the endeavour will immediately be submitted to Guinness World Records for formal verification.

The earthnut will now be stript and wound into smaller chocolate truffles, which will be sold at various positions, including the Queen's Head Inn, to raise money for the Children's Heart Appeal, at the Birmingham Children's Hospital. It is hoped around # 7000 will be raised for the Hospital.

Baristas placed wired world record.

They 're no Commonwealth Games athletes, but a group of dedicated Brisbane baristas hope to lay claim to a occident criminal record.

Twenty baristas manned five coffee automobiles outside the Aspley Coffee Club in Brisbane's north this morning in a bid to expose the world record for the most espressos created in one hour.

The coffee-makers went for to shell the world record of 3386 espressos, set in Poland in Marching this year.
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The lone status was that each cup had to contain 35 milliliters of deep brown.

Thirty seconds after the clock set out at 7am, the five teams of four had brought in their space in the record books.

"But why stop?" Coffee Club conductor John Lazarou said.

"When you've got the momentum you just keep going." .

The baristas proceeded to puddle one espresso every 0.7 seconds and, by the time the clocked stopped, they had poured 5061 cups.

"We've decided they can hold their lines of work," Mr Lazarou pronounced, as he celebrated with franchisee and baristas' squad motorbus Craig Pratt.

"Our baristas directed for more than three months for this attack." .

Mr Lazarou enounced the squads were seeing going their record in the future.

"We truly enjoy some healthy contest," he said.

A telecasting of the feat will be directed to Guinness World Record officials to substantiate the barista's new title.

VW Passat Bluemotion dashes saving world record.

So you cerebrate your autos is reasonably economical because you once got 700kms out of a single storage tank, or pehaps 900kms if your were running on diesel. It's not time to be patting yourself on the back exactly still because a Volkswagen has exactly demolished the world record for distance covered on a undivided storage tank of diesel.

A squad from the United Kingdom's Sunday Times set off from Kent, England with a VW Passat BlueMotion and a full tank of diesel -- then drove to the south of France and back over again.

Averaging out around 73kph, the squad cared to travel a staggering 2,457 kilometres before it ran dry. The 1.6-litre TDI-equipped VW Passat BlueMotion applied was a all standard production theoretical account which features a lower ride elevation, Stop Start tech, longer pitching and low winding resistance tires. As two lookers drove behind them to verify the endeavour for the Guinness Book of World Records, the Passat accomplished around 2.61 l 100km economy -- a lot higher than the officially quoted 3.66 l 100km rating.

2,667-metre sandwich lives with Guinness world record.

Dubai Already domicile to records such as the world's tallest tower and the world's largest sea shell mosaic, Dubai can now add to its volumes the world's longest crease of sandwiches. 

A 2,667 measure line of 11,000 cheese, tomato plant, cuke and olive baguettes was created at Dubai Outlet Mall yesterday. 

From 8am, Kraft Foods Near East staff worked in teams to get the food trained. The sandwiches, along with another collations, were later distributed by Kraft and the UAE Red Crescent to needy family lines and 6,000 laborers at Sonapur, Jebel Ali and Al Quoz labor camps. 

"We are one of the biggest food companies in the world and are committed to giving back to the community," enunciated Vishal Tikku, manager, Saudi Arabia and Middle East shared services, Kraft Foods. 

"Throughout this hebdomad, each year, we encourage our employees to give up their sentence." . 

Mr Tikku said the company had, at first, designed to corrupt 10,000 sandwiches and spread them then again made up one's mind, given its line of garden truck, that Kraft paper should attempt to create the sandwiches from scratch. 

"We wanted to create repasts and give back to the less fortunate in lodge," he said. 

"We cogitated the record would generate a bit of coverage for the effect of hungriness, and it had more credibility than precisely giving away 10,000 sandwiches." . 

More than half a MT of cream cheese was employed in the physical process. By lunch period, the baguets had been lined out in three rows across tables snaked around the shopping mall so that Guinness World Records' adjudications executive Elizabeth Smith could verify the record. The words were quantified by Abdul Kalam, a surveyor at Ajman-based Falcon Survey Engineering. 

"There must be a uninterrupted line of sandwiches," Ms Smith said. 

"They can not be more 50 cms in length and there must be at least two ingredients and the lolly must be buttered or have some form of spread." . 

The previous record, according to the Guinness World Records web site, was 3,000 sandwiches quantifying 1,378.34 times. The previous record was set in Piove di Sacco, Padova, Italy in the Centro Commerciale Piazzagrande. 

Most People Treading Grapes

Saturday 27th of September was an important day for the small village of Labastida, and not one that those who witnessed the Guinness World Records attempt for the most people treading on grapes simultaneously would forget in a hurry!
Labastida is a village located in the province of Álava, in the Basque Country, northern Spain  , in close proximity to the region of the Rioja Alaversa, one of the most well known areas for the production of fine wine in the world.

With about 1,500 residents, Labastida’s population multiplies by ten in summer and on weekends, as many tourists go there to enjoy the pure air, the nice, young atmosphere and the delicious food and wine.

Leticia Alfaya Lozano, owner of the bar Hasiera café with her husband Gorka and representative of the local traders’ association ACOBASA, was the main organizer of this event, also supported by the city council.
The record breaking day started in the morning when 1,025 people of different ages registered their names for the record attempt at various registration points allocated in La Paz square.

Each registered participant received a number and a t-shirt to wear for the world record attempt taking place the same evening and each one would be counted again by the adjudicator and helpers a few hours later, upon entering the record breaking area.

During the afternoon the 25.000 kilos (27.56 tn) of black grapes were carried by a big lorry and tipped into the main square, which soon became a juicy and tasty black carpet of grapes.
At 7 o’clock on the dot all the participants started to enter the record breaking area in an impressive and diligent numeric order.

At eight o’clock a pile of nearly 2,000 shoes lay at the entrance of the enclosed record area and 977 participants, officially verified by Lucia Sinigagliesi, Guinness World Records adjudicator for this event, were ready to start treading on the grapes.
The record to break, set in Australia in 2005, was 540 people and in order for the new attempt to be valid the 977 people had to tread the grapes for 3 consecutive minutes.

When the official timekeeper together with the adjudicator gave the starting signal to the participants, the well known Spanish band named Gasteiz Big Band started to play a popular song and the participants completely went for it!
From the town hall the view was amazing and an intense feeling of joy and pride filled the whole town of Labastida, as treading grapes is something most people know how to do very well in this part of the world.

For a town of 1,500 habitants to achieve an attendance of 977 people was surely a fantastic achievement.

Rangoli Guinness and Limca World Record by Mohankumar Dodecha

66 Years old, Mohankumar Dodecha  pays a unique tribute to the city’s most loved deity, for the past 50 years, every Ganesh Chaturthi. Dodecha begins work on a Ganpati rangoli made from sabudana (sago) at Mulund, a month before the city brings Lord Ganesh home. Months before the festival, the image to be drawn is finalised and the sabudana coloured. Dodecha and his friends then start on the sprawling rangoli.
This time, Mohankumar made it to both the Limca Book of Records and Guinness Book of World Records for making the sabudana rangoli every year for 50 years.
“He was just 17 when he began this with his friends Dayaram Hindisota and Bhupender Joshi in 1961. They are still by his side; his passion has not dwindled,” said Meghjibhai, Dodecha’s elder brother.
Surrounded by 60 kg of sabudana coloured in different shades, Dodecha recalled the time he began in a small room that he shared with his parents. “We had to shift to the terrace when I would start, but my parents were always supportive. Today, when I see my grandchildren fascinated by it, it is immensely satisfying,” said Dodecha, who worked every day for 11 hours for the past month to complete his work in time for Ekadashi, which is on September 20.
Dodecha is marking the golden jubilee of the effort with a Siddhivinayak rangoli. It will measure 12 feet by 7 feet and will require approximately 12 lakh sabudana grains. He will use 250 to 300 colours.
Yet, for Dodecha, the quest for perfection has not ended. “I always think something or the other is missing. I will continue till I am satisfied,” he said.

Biggest Smiley Face Guinness World Record 2011

In the world's theme park capital crowd of 500 smiling people was gathered to smash Guinness World Record for the biggest human smiley face. Corresponding with and celebrating today's official World Smile Day, on the top parking deck of the new Amway Center mega arena, home to the NBA's Orlando Magic, all were formed with smiley face & stood shoulder to shoulder for ten minutes.

The gathered crowd raised $19,825 for the charitable organization, Smile Train, in the campaign of producing world's largest smiley face. Fund will be used to give more than 70 cleft lip or cleft palate surgeries for children so they also can smile. Few children who have got benefit from Smile Train's work had joined smile ambassadors from across the world at the Biggest Smiley Face Guinness World Record event.

'Smile and the whole world smiles with you', True to the saying. As a part of their World Smile Search campaign, The Orlando Convention Visitors Bureau had spent 6 months for searching people who had smile stories. They got over 20,000 smile stories, gathered from 77 nations at and the people behind some of those stories were flown in for the world record event.

The largest smiley face in the world was 50 feet in diameter, which is equivalent to the size of a basketball court. Participants were dressed in yellow and black ponchos, who were travelers from the various countries like United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Brazil.

Gary Sain, president and CEO of the Orlando CVB said with smile "With our world-famous theme parks and more than 100 attractions, we thought we might just be the smile capital of the world. Now, it's official". "We have a world record and world travelers from the four corners of the globe told us that no other destination creates unique smile moments and memories like Orlando for families and friends to share for a lifetime", Gary added.

Largest Human Mattress Dominoes - Guinness World Record 2011 by Palatine Beds

New Guinness World Record for the Largest and Biggest Human Mattress Dominoes has been smashed by Britain Volunteer who managed tumbling 400 mattresses in three minutes & 41 seconds during the event, which was organised by Palantine Beds at a warehouse in Newcastle.

Organizers of the event were napping by a low turnout. But, Newcastle firm Palatine Beds’s Andrew Waters stated that they had to improvise first two rows had to pick their mattresses up and run around and join the end.

The said Largest Human Mattress Dominoes event took place at warehouse in Newcastle and same was organised by Palantine Beds

Group of China is previous Guinness World record holder for Largest Human Mattress Dominoes, who had managed to topple 256 mattresses in May this year, and fifteen days back New York team tumbled 380 mattresses.

Longest Single Line of Bicycles – Guinness World Record set by Davis Bicycle Riders

Longest Single Line of Bicycles World Record set by Davis people. 1222 bicyclist pedaled their bicycles in downtown Davis, CA during an event organized by the local Odd Fellows Lodge. The basic purpose of this event was to raise money for the benefit of Davis schools.

Dave Rosenberg, Davis Odd Fellows member and Yolo Superior Court Judge was candidly agreed that Davis wasn't "setting" a record it was "making" a record

All contestants were cordoned off in Davis on five streets, which assigned to multiple rows of riders by 10:03 a.m.; they were released in highly coordinated fashion when Rosenberg signaled his OK.

To verify the Longest Single Line of Bicycles world record, All bicyclist were sent back around, this time traveling north on Second Street nd then making a northbound turn on C Street toward Davis Central Park, where a celebration was held featuring a variety of food booths and games for children and adults.
Rosenberg stated that all participants were almost equally divided between men to women.

Bicyclists pedaled a two-mile loop through the college town, home to the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame.

The Longest Single Line of cyclists, stretched for dozens of blocks. Returning riders moving south met up with those riding north near the half-way. Music and other entertainment were also provided.

The riders from throughout Northern California, and a couple who came from Colorado, participated in the event.

Largest Superhero Gathering – Guinness World Record 2011 Set in Megamind Event

LA was buzzing with all 1580 super heroes to promote film “Megamind” which was all set to have a Guinness World Record for the Largest Superhero Gathering. It is really heartening to know even film stars come to participate for a cause! Onlookers were amazed to see their favorite stars to take part! Despite the record it created a huge fans go frenzy as they watched their favorite stars.

Will Ferrell, the film star received a certificate from Stuart Claxton,a representative of Guinness World Records. The platform was shared by the film's director, Tom McGrath and also Dreamworks SKG chief Jeffrey Katzenberg

Funnyman Will Ferrell spelt a charm on his fans. They all imitated his dressing in the movie.

As it was a mega event ‘We did it ‘appeared on a huge screen immediately after the announcement.

American Comic book writer Stan Lee, 87 also attended this function as he was the writer of ‘Super Hero’

It is a well knit story of two enemies sent away from their respective home planets in time of crisis.

It is a story of super villain trying to conquer metro city in every possible manner. Metro man fails his attempts from ruining the city. The he becomes the hero of Metro city. This film mesmerized every one. It has everything needed for a box office hit movie.

Again it is a war between god and evil, making good win at the end. Good story, an excellent direction, fabulous stars make this file more than glorious. This function of making a Guinness record was like a cherry on the cake. The participation of so many Hollywood stars gave a clear message that they stand united for a cause. This was the best message they spread.

The prior record was set at New Hampshire children’s hospital way back in… August.

Source - World Records

Most entries in a two person pantomime animal race

Most entries in a two person pantomime animal race
RSA canters into the Guinness World Records
Strange things are a hoof at Goodwood. A camel, a reindeer and even a smouldering volcano have been spotted taking to the course. It can only mean one thing, a Guinness World Records attempt for the Most Entries in a Two Horse Pantomime Animal Race.

For the second year running RSA, one of the world’s leading insurance groups, has cantered its way into the Guinness World Records with a new achievement for the Most Entries in a Two-Person Pantomime Animal Race. In the glorious sunshine at Goodwood Racecourse RSA staged its annual pantomime record attempt with the hope of beating its previous record which was set in 2009.
For this year’s record attempt the pantomime participants came in all shapes, sizes and colours. Standing proud against the racing green were a rainbow of pantomime animals from purple to pink through to orange and green. Bemused race-goers looked on as some of the most bizarre creatures ever to grace Goodwood competed in a dressage competition and race heats before finally taking part in the record attempt. 

Celebrity style guru Trinny Woodall was on hand to judge the dressage competition as she poked and prodded some of the more peculiar entries including a deer, a cow and an airplane. TV doctor David Bull was also present to host the proceedings, keeping all 37 contestants under control and making sure that all the criteria for breaking the record were met. Celebrity vet Joe Inglis was also present to make sure all contestants were fit for the off.
A total of 37 pantomime animals took part in the 100 metre race in which style triumphed over speed. Although race speed may not matched the standards of Goodwood’s usual four-legged visitors, a total of 37 pantomime animals completed the race and Guinness World Records officially confirmed a new record had been established.
To create the event RSA worked in partnership with Action on Addiction and Heart FM's Have a Heart appeal. The aim of the event was to raise funds for these causes and RSA successfully generated in over £40,000 for the charities.
Clare Sheikh, Group Strategy, Customer & Marketing Director at RSA, said:“This year’s Pantomime Derby was a huge success. Now in its third year, the event and competition has gone from strength to strength, with more extreme costumes, fantastic dressage dancing and above all a huge total of £40,000 being raised for the partner charities. We are tremendously proud to have broken the world record and we hope to try and eclipse the number of contestants again next year.”

Ugliest Woman Face - Gurning Guinness World Record to Be Set By Anne Woods

Anne Woods, Record-breaking gurner could soon be in the Guinness Book of World Records for the number of times she has been crowned the ‘ugliest’ woman.

Resident of Egremont, Anne Woods is Sixty-two-year-old, who has won the ladies world gurning championships on 27 occasions and her daughter applied for her mom’s achievement to be included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Brenda Hoey has said that her mom is unaware about the application, but she deserves the fame.

She started gurning when she was 30 years old, but had no wish to get into worldwide competition, which is being held every year during Egremont Crab Fair.

Brenda stated that Her brothers Brian and Robert (who were 11 and eight at the time) entered her for a laugh and she just went up on stage and did it – and she won!, in 1977 and 33 years later Anne is still pulling her well-known face that has gained her top marks from the judging panel 27 times, for other 5 times she was failed to hold top spot and had 2nd place.

In spite of collapse after Anne, gurned on the stage, which resulting in her being rushed to hospital, Brenda said that her mom would keep on take part in the competition for as long as she was fit. “I think this year gave her a bit of a shock, but she’s known for gurning and that’s what she’ll do” Brenda added.

Steven Woods, 21-year-old nephew of Anne stayed behind to pick up her winning trophy when Anne was taken to hospital.

Due to pregnancy Anne has missed prestigious competition once. She was back on board next year to add one more Gem to crown of success, it was the time when Brenda was only of two weeks old. She has even got a theme tune that she has ‘performed’ to for the past few years – Anne’s gurn is pulled to the hit You’re Gorgeous.

She will be beside man Cumbrian Tommy Mattinson, who is world champion gurner 11 times, incase Anne does feature in the Guinness Book of World Records.

World's Largest Mac & Cheese Guinness World Record 2011

Chef John Folse & Company and Cabot Creamery Cooperative set out on the morning of Thursday, September 23 to establish a new Guinness World Record for the world's largest Mac & Cheese with 2,469 pound serving of Mac & Cheese, previous world Guinness World Record is of 414 pounds Mac & Cheese.

World's Largest Mac & Cheese Guinness World Record event was organized for raising money for New Orleans Area Habitat For Humanity (NOAHH) while supporting the critical work of The Magnolia School and Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans. In the last six months Cabot has helped raise more than $21,000 for the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity, including this and other activities.

Senior Vice President of Marketing for Cabot Creamery Cooperative, Roberta MacDonald said, "We chose to partner with New Orleans nonprofits to celebrate all of the powerful work these organizations have contributed to the city”. "We hope our involvement will assist these organizations in their future efforts towards positive change." He added.

Over 2,000 people were gathered to attend the event which held at Harrah's Fulton Square in downtown New Orleans from 12 Noon to 2 p.m. Colorfully painted ceramic bowls good for "all you can eat" servings of the Mac & Cheese were given to guests who donated $5 or more. All 1,500 of the hand-made bowls created by participants of The Magnolia School, a nonprofit organization based just outside New Orleans that provides assistance to adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities, sold out in less than two hours.

213 year-old cast iron sugar kettle was used to cook, which had to be gently lifted into the air by forklift to determine its record setting weight - not an easy feat considering the age and fragility of the circa 1797 kettle.

As the current cheese fondue Guinness World Record holder, Chef Folse relied on 30 years of enormous-cooking experience as he blended Cabot Creamery's famous cheddar cheese and butter, Brown's Dairy's 1,100 pounds of milk and King Arthur Flour with elbow macaroni and breadcrumbs. Guinness World Records judge Amanda Mochan was on-site to verify the world record as the kettle was raised and lowered with equipment and expertise generously provided by Deep South Equipment, Lift-All and Michelli Scales.

World Record of Greatest Distance Covered With Stretched Palm

Mumbai's Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya made a new world record of Greatest distance covered with stretched palm, on Sunday, 22nd August 2010

With a fully extended palm He covered a distance of exact 27 cm.(centimeters). The measurement was taken from the end of his thumb to the tip of his middle finger.In his record video we can easily see that how clear distance covered with his stretched palm.

'Universal Record DataBase' (URDB), Fastest growing American World Record web site has recently accepted his this record as a world record.

Record criteria for this record is that stretch palm must occur on the top of a measuring apparatus. 

A Hattrick of Limca World Records by Nikhil Parekh

A fabulous hattrick of limca world record is what Nikhil Parekh, 29 yr old Internationally acclaimed poet from India has now achieved. Parekh has yet again entered the prestigious Limca Book of Records India for a 3rd National Record. The Limca Book of Records, which is ranked only 2nd to Guinness Book of World Records will now list Nikhil Parekh as record holder for being ‘The 1st Indian to be published in the Commonwealth Newsletter for his poem on AIDS ‘. An email from the Senior Editor of Limca book of Records confirmed his entry into the 2008 edition of the prestigious book which chronicles some of the most spectacular records from amongst a billion Indians.

Parekh’s record breaking spree started in 2005 when he entered the Limca Book for the record of ‘Writing most number of letters to and receiving the most number of replies from World Leaders and World Organizations’. In yr 2006 he was once again published in the book for a record of ‘Being India’s 1st and Only winner of the EPPIE award for best poetry ebook in the history of the EPPIE Awards’. Recently elected ‘Poet of the Year’ at Canadian Federation of Poets, Parekh’s poems also feature in McGill English Dictionary of Rhyme which is the World’s No. 1 Rhyming Dictionary.

A recluse by nature and inexhaustibly writing poems on global causes like terror, peace, female foeticide, environment conservation, love etc…, Parekh attributes each ounce of his success to God. Enunciating poetry as his first and only love he says ‘ It is God’s infinite chapter of unending creations around me that inspires me to be a poet each instant along each of my heartbeat which is again by the grace of God’.

The 2005 issue of the Commonwealth HIV-AIDS Newsletter featuring Parekh’s poem ‘Aids doesn’t kill. Your Attitude kills’ can be viewed and downloaded from the website of the Commonwealth, under head of ‘Newsletters’ . “This poem is the closest to my heart as it globally aims at ending stigma and discrimination associated with the killer AIDS disease” says an ecstatic Parekh.

Entering Limca Book of Records as World Record Holder is the ultimate honor to be salvaged by any Indian. And each of those who make or break a record undergo rare degrees of human endurance, skill and daring. Parekh’s now done it thrice in a row, doing his country proud and truly justifying his title of being a ‘World Record Holder Poet’.

Rangoli Guinness and Limca World Record by Mohankumar Dodecha

66 Years old, Mohankumar Dodecha pays a unique tribute to the city’s most loved deity, for the past 50 years, every Ganesh Chaturthi. Dodecha begins work on a Ganpati rangoli made from sabudana (sago) at Mulund, a month before the city brings Lord Ganesh home. Months before the festival, the image to be drawn is finalised and the sabudana coloured. Dodecha and his friends then start on the sprawling rangoli.

This time, Mohankumar made it to both the Limca Book of Records and Guinness Book of World Records for making the sabudana rangoli every year for 50 years.

“He was just 17 when he began this with his friends Dayaram Hindisota and Bhupender Joshi in 1961. They are still by his side; his passion has not dwindled,” said Meghjibhai, Dodecha’s elder brother.

Surrounded by 60 kg of sabudana coloured in different shades, Dodecha recalled the time he began in a small room that he shared with his parents. “We had to shift to the terrace when I would start, but my parents were always supportive. Today, when I see my grandchildren fascinated by it, it is immensely satisfying,” said Dodecha, who worked every day for 11 hours for the past month to complete his work in time for Ekadashi, which is on September 20.

Dodecha is marking the golden jubilee of the effort with a Siddhivinayak rangoli. It will measure 12 feet by 7 feet and will require approximately 12 lakh sabudana grains. He will use 250 to 300 colours.

Yet, for Dodecha, the quest for perfection has not ended. “I always think something or the other is missing. I will continue till I am satisfied,” he said.

Plainfield residents attempt to break world record for largest gospel choir

PLAINFIELD - They didn’t make the record books yesterday, but it was still a harmonious, happy day in Plainfield.

Residents of the Queen City who gathered yesterday at City Hall to try and break the Guinness World Record for the largest gospel choir were unsuccessful, but the day was still touted as a positive step toward peace in this community, which has been rocked by more than 20 violent crimes since May raised.

Yesterday’s event drew 755 singers, about 250 people shy of the record. To help drum up interest in the event – held on the International Day of Non Violence – organizers invited Grammy Award Winning Gospel songstress Yolana Adams and American Idol season four contestant Anwar Robinson, a former Plainfield music instructor.

"We didn’t break the record, but that doesn’t mean we were not successful," said Donovan Soumas, founder of H.E.R.I.T.A.G.E Inc and the event’s organizer. "The people here today understood that we have to come together for positive change and peace in this community."

H.E.R.I.T.A.G.E Inc. is probably most famous for its youth choir, whose members are three-time champions of the McDonalds Gospelfest. Dressed in black suits and white collared shirts, the choir led participants in a spirited rendition of "Oh Happy Day" from the movie Sister Act II. Participants at yesterday’s event also enjoyed vendors selling southern cuisine like chicken wings, macaroni-and-cheese, collard greens and pie.

Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs said this event is one in a series she has held and will continue to organize to quell gun and gang violence in her city. Every Tuesday evening, Robinson-Briggs and a group of volunteers hit the streets of Plainfield to raise awareness about community safety. She passes out literature on the penalties for illegal weapons possession, and she encourages parents to set curfews for their children.
"This summer, residents were still grieving, but now it’s time to heal our community," Robinson-Briggs said.

Guiness World Records adjudicator Mike Ganela judged yesterday’s event and certified the results. Though Plainfield was not successful, Ganela said failed efforts are not uncommon. Just three percent of the more than 60,000 applicants Guinness receives each year become record-holders, Ganela said.

For its application to receive approval, Plainfield had to meet strict guidelines. Organizers needed approval from Guiness music researchers that their song selection qualified as Gospel music. The song needed to at least five minutes long, and all participants needed to be singing for Guiness to include them in the count. Finally, the massive choir needed a qualified conductor, which they got in Soumas. Ganela did the count visually.

"People attended today’s event to do something to bring this community together for peace," Spoumas said. "We are showing not only New Jersey, or Union County, or Plainfield, but the whole country we can do wondeful things and change people’s mindsets about Plainfield."

Plainfield resident Eddie Saunders said he came out to break the record because he wanted to help makr history.

"We love our community. We should go back to doing these kids of things every year," Saunders said. "This shows the children that we still love them and shows the parents that we still have the skills to uplift them, because the adults need support, too."
Source - njnews

Plainfield residents try to break guinness world record for largest gospel choir

Plainfield residents try to break guinness world record for largest gospel choir

Elizabeth Hurley creates world record

Actress Elizabeth Hurley
has made it to the Guinness World Records after lighting 39 iconic world landmarks as part of a new Estee Lauder breast cancer awareness initiative.

Hurley has been the cosmetics company's celebrity breast cancer champion for the past 15 years and for 24 hours across Thursday and Friday she helped turn monuments around the globe pink. She was in New York to flick the switch on the Empire State Building's lights, and other landmarks to be turned pink included the Sydney Opera House in Australia and the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Hotel in Mumbai.

A total of 39 buildings were lit up - enough to gain the Guinness World Record for Most Landmarks Illuminated for a Cause in 24 Hours. And Hurley is delighted with the accolade and awareness drive.

The model along with Evelyn Lauder of Estee Lauder, which Hurley endorses, were presented with an official certificate at the Empire State Building in New York Friday in recognition of Most Landmarks Illuminated for a Cause in 24 Hours.

"It's wonderful to see the global impact that these illuminated landmarks have, motivating women to see their doctors regularly, perform a monthly breast self exam, and get an annual mammogram if they're over the age of 40. Our goal is to spread this message to women in all corners of the world," quoted Hurley as saying.

The effort began in Australia, with the illumination of Federation Square in Melbourne and the National Library of Australia in Canberra, before around the world to places including the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai, Burj al Arab in Dubai, Lentos Museum in Austria, Mexico's Angel de la Independencia and Tokyo Tower in Japan, culminating with the Empire State Building.
Source - movies.ndtv


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