World's Smallest Christmas Greeting Card World Record set by University of Glasgow

Nanotechnology experts have unveiled a Christmas card so small that more than 8,000 of them could fit on a first-class stamp.
The card produced by the University of Glasgow, said to be the smallest in the world, is invisible to the naked eye.

The university's school of engineering drew up the design to highlight its "world-leading" nanotechnology expertise.

A total of 8,276 of the cards could be placed on an area the size of a stamp.

Professor David Cumming and Dr Qin Chen etched the Christmas tree image on to a minute piece of glass.
Prof Cumming said: "Our nanotechnology is among the best in the world but sometimes explaining to the public what the technology is capable of can be a bit tricky. We decided that producing this Christmas card was a simple way to show just how accurate our technology is.

"The process to manufacture the card only took 30 minutes. It was very straightforward to produce as the process is highly repeatable - the design of the card took far longer than the production.

"The card is 200 micro-metres wide by 290 micro-metres tall. To put that into some sort of perspective, a micro-metre is a millionth of a metre; the width of a human hair is about 100 micro-metres. You could fit over half a million of them on to a standard A5 Christmas card - but signing them would prove to be a bit of a challenge."

The colours were produced by a process known as plasmon resonance in a patterned aluminium film made in the university's James Watt Nanofabrication Centre.

Although the Christmas card example is a simple demonstration, the university said the underlying technology has important real-world applications.

World's Tallest Chocolate Christmas Tree World Record set by Patrick Roger

Patrick Roger, an chocolate artist from France, made gigantic Chocolate Christmas tree to raise money for charity, auctioning off some parts of the tree and donating proceeds to an organization which studies neuromuscular disease.
Roger unveiled the massive tree in his studio in Sceaux, Paris. The 32-foot-tall, 4-ton Chocolate Tree took a whole month to work on and as talented chocolatier said making something like this was a great challenge for him.
The Chocolate Christmas tree, hailed as a structural wonder, used $45,000 worth of 65% dark chocolate.
Patrick Roger was named best French chocolate artist in 2000, an award for professionals combining taste and art and proving to be worthy representatives of French gastronomy. His laboratory features many other chocolate sculptures, including small reindeers and Santas that will also be exhibited.
With this tree, Roger set the new world record for the Tallest Chocolate Christmas Tree, beating Alain Roby who constructed a 22-foot-tall chocolate Christmas tree, but whose work was never submitted to Guinness World Records for recognition.

Biggest Number of Light Bulbs in Christmas Tree World Record set by Sun Plaza Bucharest

The Christmas lights decoration recently lit at Sun Plaza shopping center in Bucharest, with 449,658 light bulbs, entered the Guinness Book, establishing a record for the Christmas lights decoration with the biggest number of light bulbs. The previous record was of 150,000 light bulbs.

The installation includes more than 500 lights curtains, as well as 40 Christmas trees with 2,400 leds, along with 120 lights garlands along the escalators in the shopping mall.  Sun Plaza was opened in February 2010 by EMCT Romania and Sparkassen Immobilien.

Romania has previously got the attention with other world record breaking attempts. In 2008, 4,000 Romanians dressed as Santa Claus in an event attempting to win the Guinness World Record for the most people dressed as Santa in one town.  This year, a Romanian designer received a Guinness World Records certificate for a dress with 43,008 crystals.

Biggest Number of Light Bulbs in Christmas Tree World Record 2010 at Sun Plaza Bucharest Video

105 marathons in 105 days Guinness World Record To Be Set by Neil O’Maonaigh-Lennon

Resident of North London, Neil O’Maonaigh-Lennon, Thirty-year-old teacher, has began an unbelievable journey for the last three months. He started in last September; he’s been running counter-clockwise around the coast of Britain. He is aiming to run 105 marathons in 105 days. On the completion of his goal, he will set new Guinness World Record; current record is of 52 marathons.

He is not being observed by the Guinness Book of World Records, but satellite tracking device is being used by O’Maonaigh-Lennon to record his mileage.

He stated that, “My aim from day one was to run every step of the way”, “There’s no walking. It’s definitely a question of mind over body.”

Neil O’Maonaigh-Lennon’s Goal is to raise money for Cancer research, both of his grandfathers died from the disease.

It took seven hours for O’Maonaigh-Lennon to complete each marathon. After finishing his daily marathon, he marks the road and uses that mark as his starting point the next day.
Source - World Record

Surfing Santa Claus in Seal Beach World Record Set by Michael Pless

Over 16 years, Michael Pless, 60, has been the local surfing Santa in Seal Beach.

He said, "I've been Santa since the early '70s for my own kids and lots of other kids. I used to go to houses and it brought lots of joy."

This time, Pless rides the waves in his special made Santa suit and into the hearts of many.

Being owner of M & M Surfing School in Seal Beach, Pless surfs nearly every day. So, he combined two things he loves; surfing and bringing joy to others.

He stated that I decided to take Santa to the beach because it brings the spirit of Christmas to the beach and people like surfing with him."

This is very first time when whole Pless family surfing as Santa together, where Jill, Pless' wife is surfing as Mrs. Santa and Michael Jr., his son ., portrays Frosty the Snowman.

He told, "There's a good reaction from people because it brings joy to everyone, adults and kids, just to see Santa out there"." taking only Christmas Day off.

He said, "I do it for the whole month because that's when the Christmas season starts." "It allows people to come down and see Santa. It's not just one day and it brings joy the whole month.

Pless, who started surfing at 12, not only runs a surfing school, but a respiratory business and at one time a decorating business. He also teaches science to kids grades kindergarten to 12 for his wife's home school business.

He said, "In my spare time I sleep a little.”

Although his days are full, Pless enjoys all he does.

"Surfing is actually my real job and the funny part - it's not a job," Pless said. "Hopefully, I bring some type of joy and enjoyment for people who are near me, which I try to do yearround. The Santa thing is just at Christmas."
When he's on shore between riding waves, surfing Santa gets the same reactions as a department store Santa.

He said, "Everyone is always very excited. They gather around and tell Santa what they want for Christmas and the kids come up and say `hi' ."

Video of Pless surfs as Santa the entire month of December

Source - World Record

Largest Dumpling in the World Guinness World Record by Baoding Chefs

1.2 meters long and 0.86 meters wide, a super dumpling was created at restaurant in Baoding, north China's Hebei Province; that weighed 79 kilograms, was made with three bags of flour and 60 grams of dumpling filling, which has set the new world record for the Largest dumpling.

The Biggest Dumpling in The World has 2,011 small dumplings inside, which is having different flavors and can feed 100 people at the same time.

The Previous Guinness World Record for World’s Largest Dumpling was held by Francesco Camacho (Colombia) in collaboration with Cinzia Baldo and Andrea Bassetti (both Italy) at the International performance contest, in Trento, Italy, where they prepared dumpling of 34.95 kg (77.05 lb) heavy 'canaderlo' or 'Knoedel'.

The largest potato dumpling, which weighed 365 kg (804.69 lbs), was also recognized by Guinness World records, largest potato dumpling was created by Ablig Feinfrost GmbH (Germany) in Jena, Germany.

As per Guinness World Records, the largest rice dumpling weighed 1316 kg (2901 lb 4 oz) and was made by Yunlin County Government in association with Taizhong Plaza International Hotel (both Taiwan) in Yunlin, Taiwan.

Supervision of the Largest Dumpling in the World was done by local notary office and will be registered in the Guinness World Records, too.
Source - World Record

Richard Lewis Played 600 Rounds in a Year, Guinness World Record Set by Dallas Amateur

Age has nothing to do with making records, and the same has been proven by 64 years old, Richard Lewis, who just got his name in Guinness Book of World Records with walking the 600th round of golf of 2010 at HP Byron Nelson Championship on Sunday.

Richard Lewis’s season was stated with somewhat weird agenda, he told, “he would walk in each tournament of the season and will not take ride in golf cart during the session”. In order to make new world record Lewis walked the 600th round at TPC Four Seasons in Las Colinas. Never before in the history of golf had a golfer walked in an entire season, as that required lots of stamina and caused fatigue.

Richard has got certificate from Guinness World Record Book officials in Europe and he said that his name will be included in the 2011 edition. This was second attempt of Richard; he made a record of 586 rounds in Ohio in 1998. However, after the second record, Lewis has few more record on mind. He aims to play 11,000 holes in one season and walk 611 rounds.

While speaking to the press, he said, “He had confidence over his strength, although he knew that achieving such a record was not easy.” "Did you ever think I would get to 600 rounds? I thought 400 was tough and 500 was a stretch, but 600 was what I had in mind all the time. It's a huge relief and sense of accomplishment," he added.

Four Season Members spent $5,000 to play alongside the record holder. An even fascinating scenario was witnessed when the members paid $75 to get a hand-signed copy of his 600th round scorecard.

One of such members was Four Seasons Men's Golf Association President, Frank Broyles. "It was awesome today, because Richard is just so passionate about the game. To think this could have happened at any course in America and it happened here is just incredible. Byron (Nelson) always said 'be good to the game and give back' and that's what we've done here today," said the 64-year-old spoke to the press.

Despite snowed throughout the day on 25 December, Lewis saw no stop to his mission and made a record of 600 rounds by walking.

Source - World Record

Biggest Silver Ring in The World Guinness World Record Set by Mohammad Amin Saleem

Amin and Company’s Muhammad Amin Saleem uncovered a Biggest Silver Ring. His company created and claims that it is the biggest silver ring in the world, weighing 71.6 kilogrammes. ‘Fragrance of Love’, the World's Biggest Silver Ring has been made using 97.83 percent silver. Guinness Book of World Records to get its achievement included in the book.

Resident of Lahore, Pakistan, Mohammad Amin Saleem stated that the ring has an inner diameter of 85cm and it is made of 97.83 percent pure silver.

“Guinness Book of World Records has issued a certificate to Saleem”, reported Dawn

Saleem said, "I had earlier prepared a 74.6 kg ring...but it was not included in the Guinness book of world Records. Then I decided to make another ring and got exact specifications from the Guinness World Record to ensure a place for my creation in the book."

Source - World Record

Largest Attendance at an Ice Hockey Game at Michigan set Guinness Record

However it appears to be going into the books as a much smaller crowd than anticipated, The Big Chill at the Big House on Saturday in Ann Arbor still set a world record for attendance at a hockey game.

Guinness World Records has certified the crowd for the Michigan vs. Michigan State game at Michigan Stadium at 85,451 people, far short of the announced attendance of 113,411. It still was enough to beat the previous attendance mark of 77,803, set during the opening game of the IIHF world championships in May, when Germany hosted the United States.

A Guinness spokesperson e-mailed the 85,451 figure to the Free Press today. A follow-up e-mail about whether the number could still grow was not immediately returned.

"We will continue to work with Guinness to identify the exact number of people that went through the scanners and those who had their tickets torn," said Matt Trevor, assistant media relations director for U-M hockey. "We knew we would end up with two different numbers because of different standards used."

Trevor said, “Guinness doesn't count those who were working the game, including media, staff and concession workers. Michigan does include those people in its attendance figure.”

The Cold War between U-M and MSU in 2001 at Spartan Stadium drew 74,554 fans.

World's Largest Umbrella - Guinness World Record Set by Max New York Life Insurance

One of the leading insurance companies, Max New York Life Insurance stated that, it has earned its place in the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the `World's largest umbrella'.

Largest Umbrella has 54 feet diameter and 32 feet height, the collapsible umbrella is almost as wide as the dome of Taj Mahal and as high as a 3 stories building while it can shelter around 200 people.

To construct Largest Umbrella in the world, 20 people worked for 24 days which was unveiled on 14 August 2010 at Ishanya Mall in Pune.

Chief Marketing Officer, Max New York Life Insurance, Ms. Anisha Motwani, stated “they are happy with this recognition and the largest umbrella in the world justifies Max New York Life's tagline line of Karo Zyaada Ka Iraada”, “it indicates protection from uncertainties of weather, just like life insurance that offers protection from uncertainties of life”, she added.

Anisha described, “Though, this ground-breaking idea was undertaken as a part of their efforts to build higher visibility for the Max New York Life brand whereas in order to make it one of the most admired brands in India, they will carry on working on similar high impact programs.”

Previous world record holder Sun City Umbrella Ind. Ltd from Jin Jiang city, Fujian Province, China had created umbrella with 53 ft 2 inches in diameter and 31 ft 6 inches height in 2005.

19 Girls in Single Two-Door Micro-Car Set Guinness World Record

A second-year A’ Level student at Karachi Grammar School, Aymen Saleem got idea to set world record, while she read a story about the world’s largest cake. Afterwards she performed search on Google to find the suitable challenge. She were required to have 19 willing girls and a Smart Car, a two-door micro-car manufactured by Daimler AG in France and Germany. Coincidentally the required car was parked in her very own driveway, which was a birthday gift from Yousuf Saleem, her father.

And finally On Wednesday, Aymen with 18 other girls, from various A’ Level institutions across the city, managed to break a previous world record by fitting into vehicle with its closed doors for five seconds. Climb FitTeam of Australia is the present world record holder, who managed to compress 18 students into a standard SmartCar at the Warringah Mall, Sydney Australia on January 25, 2010.

The girls managed to fulfill the challenge in the event organised by Karim Mohammadi and Rehan Elahi at the BBQ lawn of Creek Club in front of a jury. The event was attended by federal adviser on textiles Dr Mirza Ikhtiar Baig, adviser Sharmila Farooqi, Sindh Assembly Speaker Nisar Khuhro and former cricketers Wasim Akram and Saleem Yousuf.. Prior to demonstrate for Guiness world record, the girls had lots of practice. All 19 girls had managed to get set in the car within a minute, where they stayed for 10 seconds, double the current record time.

Aymen stated that I want parents around the country to encourage their children to achieve greater things and believe that when you try, you achieve.. Other contestants Tanya Pabani, Fatima Ismail and Zahshanné Malik were thrilled about their feat but more interested in meeting Wasim Akram.

Baig described that he had initially been sceptical but was won over after he saw them fit in the car in three layers with one literally on the floor mat. Aymen’s parents Yousuf and Shireen said The Express Tribune that even though at first they felt it was just another outdoor activity, they provided them with a coach Hassan Aslam once they realised how determined they were.

The contents were, Sarah Ahmad, Hafsa Naveed, Alina Akram (the extra in case someone got injured), Zashanne Malik, Fatima Ismail, Rabbya Kamran, Anam Afridi, Muneezeh Jamal, Hala Faruqi, Dania Fayyaz, Sana Ghazi, Sana Currimbhoy, Zoya Currimbhoy, Hiba Javad, Sana Javad, Nadia Khan, Neha Salauddin, Rida Ashraf, Eman Samir, Tanya Pabani and Aymen Saleem. Hassan Aslam, Sharam Saleem and Shereen Saleem were team coach.

See The Below Video of 19 Girls from Pakistan in Single Two Micro Car - Guinness World Record

Guinness World Records At Your Fingertips - iPad Application

Have you ever think of setting a world record without stack 50 milk crates on your head or even run the 100 metres in less that 9.5 seconds? Now there will be an iPad application that will help you achieve world record from the comfort of your couch.

The application called, “Guinness World Records: At Your Fingertips”, you can get this application from iTune Store at the cost of £2.99.

The application, Guinness World Records: At Your Fingertips will allow to record content, video and photos of a whole array of records from the Guinness archive. It stated in the statement that Every image, video and interactive feature has been specially selected to make the most of the iPad’s unique fingertip functionality. Users will get access to over 50 photographs, 140 records and 20 video clips under the topic areas Tallest, Strangest, Most, Deadliest, Fastest, Craziest and Most Expensive. However the most interesting aspect of this app is the ability, within the app, to become a record holder yourself.

Proud users of iPad will be able to attempt and set real Guinness World Records straight from their iPad. 3 New record challenges have been exclusively designed for iPad and will be only for Guinness World Records: At Your Fingertips.

The first challenge is “Fastest 100m on an iPad” where you will take on the world’s fastest man as your fingers go tip-to-toe with Usain ‘Lighting’ Bolt and attempt to break his 9.58-second record.

The second challenge “Fastest alphabet backward0”s where you try to become the fastest at speed typing the alphabet backwards.

The final of the three challenges “longest sequence memorized” which is a memory endurance test where the noises are inspired by real human sounds. Leader boards for each record challenge will be hosted online and somebody somewhere is guaranteed a place in the record books when Guinness World Records announces the world’s best for each challenge on 1st May next year.

Editor-in-Chief of Guinness World Records, Craig Glenday said that This is not the Guinness World Records book for the iPad, this is unique and specifically created content that is dedicated to showcasing everything that is amazing about the iPad and Guinness World Records.

Largest Parade Of Hyundai Buses

Emirates Transport Celebrates UAE National Day with a new Guinness World Records achievement for the World’s Largest Parade of Hyundai Buses

New Guinness World Records title is set with a parade of 390 Hyundai Buses to represent the 39th UAE National Day

Abu Dhabi, UAE (December 8th, 2010): Emirates Transport UAE Federal Government Organization has set a Guinness World Records title for the largest parade of Hyundai buses in the world. The record breaking date, 2nd December 2010, was selected to commemorate the 39th UAE national day with a fleet of 390 Hyundai school buses

The event took place on Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Highway Abu Dhabi, starting from Al Saadiyat island and finishing on the Yas Island with the fleet covering a total length of 5.8 km. When the first bus left the start it took 50 minutes for the last bus, number 390, to leave the starting point. The buses moved in a single line at a slow pace keeping a maximum 15 meters gap between them. The record breaking event recognized UAE’s significant achievements in education and the support of the State leaders, headed by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, for the UAE educational process.

Guinness World Records adjudicator, Mr. Talal Omar, confirmed that the parade of 390 Hyundai buses had established a new Guinness World Records title and presented Mr. Mohammed Al Jerman, GM of Emirates Transport, with the official certificate. The preparation for the event took over two months and around 3,200 hours of training, and has crossed a distance of 225,000 km with a team of more than 500 staff from Emirates Transport.

Commenting on the Guinness World Records achievement, Mr. Mohammed Al Jerman, GM of Emirates Transport said: “This new world record represents the amount of support and interest provided from the federal government of the UAE, and we have selected this date exactly because it is our national day and the number 390 buses represent the 39th national day”

Mr. Al Jerman added: “We would like to thank every member of staff who has participated in the success of this event and I thank Hyundai company for their official sponsor, in addition to our strategic partners the ministry of education and Abu Dhabi education council, and the ministry of interior represented by Abu Dhabi police.”

Mr. Bader Ali Abdulla Al Kamali, Head of the Organization Committee which planned and supervised the parade, headed a team of 45 supervisors who executed the plan and followed road map he designed. The Organization Committee is pleased with this global achievement in very special day for United Arab Emirates, 2nd December 2010.

Toppling Dominoes Record Set by IIM Students - Limca Book of Records 2011

Year 2010 has been full of surprises when it comes to the golden jubilee celebrations of IIMA. First was the rock show and adding a feather to their cap, is an attempt by their students to enter the Limca Book of Records.

IIM students are planning a Dominoes show at the historic RJ Mathai auditorium by toppling over 10,000 Dominoes that unveils a design inspired by their golden jubilee logo.

Glen D'Silva, Secretary of IIM's media cell stated that The current India record as per the authorities at Limca is 7000 Dominoes by Microsoft India at the launch of Windows 7. Our aim is to make a figure using 10,000 Dominoes and reach a figure of at least 12,000. A team of about 20 students has been working through the nights for the past 10 days to practice for this event.

As per Mr.D'silva, the challenge is to keep the Dominoes as stable as possible as even if one of them gets the slightest touch of finger or hand, the entire things will topple off. It has to be set up with a particular precision.

General secretary of the students' council, Abhinav Jain said, "We are trying to convey to the world outside IIMA that our students are not merely restricted to studies but they also move, think and create."

The entire setup will take at least five hours and they will kick start the show at around 3am, although the event will take a mere three to four minutes. Students have placed an order for nearly 16,000 pieces of Dominoes from the old city, which are made of compressed sawdust - quite different from the regular wooden ones."

A PGP1 student, Anirban Das said, "I was in the team of Microsoft which holds the current record and I hope to break the record with the IIMA team this year". The Dominoes show will kick-off at 10.30 am at the RJM auditorium on December 11.

World Fattest woman 2011, Terri Smith, from Ohio, USA, Guinness World Record

Resident of Ohio, USA Terri Smith, 49, a 700-pound woman is pinned in her sleeping room, she is not capable to move, stand or roll across by herself – which has adjusted the fresh world record as the Fattest woman.

She is suffering severe headaches and asks an MRI scan to check out for a potential brain tumor but is also big to fit in a scanner or by the doors of a hospital.

Smith said, "My hubby is my guardian spirit. He's stuck by me by everything. Almost men would have left alone a long time ago, and who could blame them - but Myron is a living saint."

Since her childhood Terry has never been a delicate female. She was weighed almost 70 kilograms at the age of 7 years. “Her family was poor which did not allow for her parent to bargain healthy foods”, Smith stated. Terry’s weight was about 120 kilogram At the age of twenty.

Terri wedded husband Myron, whom she looks up to as her guardian spirit, in 1986. And later on at the age of 32 she built up severe arthritis in her knees and was incapable to walking more than a couple of steps at one time.

Smith was using an electric wheelchair to get around in. The lack of physical exercise, not modifying her eating caused her weight balloon to the point wherever she could barely stand.

Then about three yrs ago a change in her medicine caused her to gain 91 pounds in 30 days. Those pounds forced her to the bed ridden state she has been in e'er since.

She faces a race against the clock to lose weight in a bidding to qualify for gastric surgery. Smith, who's been bed-bound for 3 yrs, told, "People must think, 'How could you let yourself get like that?'

"It is awful how it creeps up on you. Once you can't physical exercise it does not matter how healthily you eat, the weight just sticks. You are not burning off a single calorie."

"Caring for someone of Terri's sized is very hard. It is very difficult to move and transportation her”, said Dr Dariush Saghafi.

"Hospitals don't have equipment to adjudge someone of her girth. We thought that it might be possible for Terri to have an MRI at the Cleveland Zoo in the machine used for the elephants and rhinos but the zoo doesn't accept permission for humans."

Terry's family, consisting of her loving hubby and 2 daughters, the first of which is 30 yrs old, hope that the trouble with the equipment will be solved earlier it's too late.

According to Guinness World Records, Donna Simpson of New Jersey, U.S.A., weighted 532 pound (241 kilogram; 38 st) when she delivered girl Jacqueline – setting up the world record for the heaviest womanhood to give birth.
Source - World Records

World Largest Handmade Recycled Paper World Record by Ryan International School

Students of Ryan International School have made recycled handmade paper measuring 1050.4 sq ft.

Class IX students of Ryan International School today created history by making the world’s largest piece of handmade recycled paper, which has been recognized by Limca Book of Records.

Senior Executive, Limca Book of Records, VVR Murthy, who came from Delhi to witness the World Largest Handmade Recycled Paper, said, “Earlier, there was no record of such a big recycled handmade paper. We will enter their name in the Limca Book of Records 2012 as the edition of the year 2011 has already been published and is about to be released in January (2011). The students made paper of an area of 1050.4 square feet, which is the biggest in the world. So they will be issued a World Record certificate." Before this, the Guinness World Record for handmade paper stood at 675 sq. feet.

The school principal, Gurpreet Kaur stated, "It is the vision of the Chairman, Dr. Augustine Francis Pinto, as the message of ‘sustainable development’ and using the natural resources judiciously was spread amongst the masses by this humble gesture which proved to be a record-breaking event. The students worked diligently towards this global mission of ‘Green World’ by reusing the waste paper (collected in the school) and transforming it into a utility product."
Source - World Records

Most Marathons in a Year Yolanda Holder Sets World Record

Resident of Corona, CA, Yolanda Holder, better known as "Walking Diva" has smashed world record with completion of most marathons in one year, she power-walked through 101 races this year. Italian women are current world record holder for most marathons in a year was set in 2002, who competed in 100 marathons.

As per Los Angeles Times reports Holder says that she has put out $25,000 on travel, accommodations and entry fees, and simply trying to arrange a schedule for herself can be daunting.

Yolanda told that I package the marathons very tightly. The logistics of getting to all of them is harder than doing the 26.2 miles. This year I traveled all over the country to compete.

In Order to get place in Guinness World Records as the most persistent female foot-racer anywhere, Holder crossed the finish line at Sunday's 26.2-mile Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in Las Vegas.

Holder's husband occasionally accompanies her. Holder stated that He goes to the bigger ones or to ones that are in cities he hasn't visited in a long time.
Source - World Records

'Shahnameh' to enter in the Guinness book of World Records

The Austrian Academy of Science has recommended that Shahnameh, the 11th-century Persian masterpiece be registered on the Guinness World Records list.

As per Press TV, Yasser Movahhedfar, Secretary General of Iran's Ferdowsi Foundation announced the news, adding that the Austrian academy offered the suggestion during a ceremony held in Vienna to commemorate Shahnameh's millennial anniversary.

Movahhedfar stated that the foundation has also produced an animation on the epic masterpiece.

He told Fars News Agency, “Directed by Shahram Salemi, Nature in Shahnameh will take part in the 2011 edition of Eko Film Festival, which will be held in March next year.”

He said, “The animation is an innovative work which is based on manuscripts from the Baysonqori Shahnameh.”

The Baysonqori Shahnameh is an illustrated manuscript of Ferdowsi's masterpiece, which was calligraphed by Maulana Jafar Tabrizi Baysonqori in the Timurid era. The manuscript is registered on UNESCO's Memory of the World list.

The Book of Kings, Shahnameh is a classic among epic Persian poetry and recounts Iran's mythical and historical past. It was written in Persian at a time when Arabic was the main scientific and literary language of Iran.

The romance of Zal and Rudaba, the Seven Stages (or Labors) of Rostam, Rostam and Sohrab, Siavash and Soudabeh, Rostam and Akvan Div, the romance of Bizhan and Manizheh and Rostam and Esfandyar are among the most popular Shahnameh stories.

Movahhedfar also declared that the foundation's other cultural and artistic projects such as holding discussion sessions with Shahnameh experts and organizing Naqqali programs.

Naqqali is an epic narration mostly inspired by Shahnameh stories.
Source - World Records

World's Biggest Ever Pass the Parcel Guinness World Record 2011

The giant parcel started out the size of a small car and delivered over £10,000 worth of toys to over 100 families over the course of a 1,000 mile two-week tour of the UK
The parcel, created by family superstore, visited 10 towns and cities in England, Scotland and Wales along the way.
The toys given away included Jet Pack Buzz Lightyears, V Tech Kidizoom Video Cameras, Fur Real Pets and Paper Jamz Guitars, along with many more treats and surprises.

Guinness World Records 2011 to Viewing TV Longest Time

Kevin Coon, Victor Lopez and Farris Hodo beat out 100 other hopefuls to win the "24" Marathon Challenge, a contest to see who could watch continuous episodes of the award-wining television series "24" starring Kiefer Sutherland the longest to set a new Guinness World Records achievement.

The marathon, sponsored by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to celebrate the release of "24" The Complete Series DVD box set, saw 100 contestants enter a plexi-glass cube to watch "back-to-back Jack" until the last "24" fan remained awake and alert. The marathon began officially at 9:30 p.m. PST on Thursday, December 2, and Guinness World Records adjudicator Kimberly Patrick certified that Coon, Lopez and Hodo set a new Guinness World Record of 86 hours, 6 minutes and 41 seconds of continuous television watching shortly after 11:30 a.m. PST on Monday, December 6. In a surprise twist to the contest, each contestant was awarded $10,000 and shares the new Guinness World Records title. Every participant in the marathon challenge was awarded a "24" complete series box set as a runner-up prize.

Coon, of San Francisco, plans to use the grand prize money to fix his Jeep Wrangler that has been out of service since the summer. Lopez, of Los Angeles, who has played the guitar for 10 years, said he wants to purchase guitars for the Boys & Girls Club where he works as well as buy himself a new Mockingbird BC Rich Electric guitar. Hodo, also of Los Angeles, plans to do some extra Christmas shopping for his family, take care of bills and treat his wife to a nice sushi dinner.

The previous Guinness World Records title holder was Efraim Van Oeveren of the Netherlands, set in 2009. During the "24" Marathon Challenge, participants had to stay awake while watching the hit television series on a plasma screen measuring 6 feet high and 14 feet across. Guinness World Records rules allow for a 10-minute break for every two hours of TV viewing completed, during which time they could exit the theater, take restroom breaks and call friends and family. Some techniques to help them stay awake included dousing themselves in cold water, smoking and pushups.

"If there is one group of people that I know that can break that (Guinness World Records), it is you...the 24 fans," said "24" producer and star Kiefer Sutherland in a video message to the participants. Throughout the marathon, cast and crew from the eight seasons came by to keep the challengers motivated including Gregory Itzin, Carlos Bernard, John Cassar, Carlo Rota, Necar Zadegan, Lou Diamond Phillips and Nazneen Contractor. Fans entered the competition through the official "24" fan page on Facebook. Fans living outside Los Angeles were still able to catch all the videos, photos, participant profiles and updates online at and via

Fans can relive every heart-pounding second of television's groundbreaking show when "24" The Complete Series DVD box set arrives at retail on December 14 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. "24" The Complete Series is a must-have collectible box set that includes all eight seasons on 56-discs and is bursting with bonus features including deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes footage, a comprehensive retrospective, an epilogue to the series and much more. Additionally, the final season of "24" arrives to Blu-ray and DVD on December 14 with extended and never-before-seen bonus footage.

DDLJ - Longest Running Bollywood Movie of Indian Cinema World Record

In 2001, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ) – a movie which needs no introduction, broke the continuous-exhibition record, established by the movie ‘Sholay’ at Minerva Theatre (5 years: 1975 – 1980). And now as of March 2009, ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ has set yet another world records by completing “700 weeks” of continuous play in Mumbai’s Maratha Mandir theater. This makes ‘DDLJ’ one of the largest grossers in Indian film history and is still counting!

Directed by the immensely talented Aditya Chopra and starring the quintessential pair of Shahrukh Khan and Kajol, the movie opened to full houses and rave reviews all over the world way back on 20th October 1995. The film swept that year’s every major award and picked up every single accolade of consequence, not to mention the unconditional love of movie goers all over and still continues to top the list of “the best Indian romantic film” of all times.

The forerunner of contemporary Bollywood, ‘DDLJ’ changed the course of a nation's cinema and became an unparalleled brand by itself. The movie beautifully blended western trends with the traditions of the country and effortlessly showcased the Indian culture at home and abroad as one. Audiences adored ‘DDLJ’s talented ensemble cast, soulful music, gorgeous locations and the iconic romantic moments.

An achievement, perhaps unmatched anywhere in the world, the magic of the ‘DDLJ’ keeps pulling audiences back year after year. This evergreen Yash Raj Film remains the longest running movie of Indian cinema and is presently running in its 14th year.

Clearly, people come and fall in love with ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ again and again.

Longest-Running TV Quiz Show, It's Academic May Set Guinness World Record

It's Academic; Longest-Running Quiz Show on Television is celebrating its 50th year on the air.

If you are grown up in Washington D.C. area then you must be familiar with It's Academic, Academic Quiz Show. The high-school quiz show & it’s host, Mac McGarry is on the air in Washington DC for half century.

In order to grab place in Guinness Book of World Records as longest-running quiz show, they have appointed celebrity quizmasters, including Supreme Court justices Clarence Thomas and Stephen Breyer as well as myriad Senators, cabinet secretaries and journalists like Brian Williams.

World’s Brightest Projector, Barco Projector Set Guinness World Record

DP2K-32B digital cinema projector of Barco has got place in a Guinness World Record as the brightest projector in the world. It has a measured and validated brightness of over 43,000 centre lumens in colour-calibrated mode.

The successful record attempt held at Barco’s own facilities in Kuurne, Belgium, on 1 December. Witnessed and verified by Guinness adjudicator Kaoru Ishikawa, a Barco DP2K-32B digital cinema projector achieved an exact brightness of 43,000 lumens after colour correction to match the DCI color spectrum, measured at the centre of a 4m² cinema screen at a distance of 5m from the projector. A certificate proving the successful record attempt was presented in person by Miss Ishikawa to Vice President of Barco Digital Cinema, Wim Buyens.

The model used for the record attempt was an off-the-shelf Barco DP2K-32B, equipped with a standard 7 kW Ushio lamp.

World's Largest Christmas Tree 2011Uncovered in the Italian Town of Gubbio

People of the Italian town of Gubbio have finally completed three months of work preparing one of the world's largest Christmas trees.

The medieval town's tree is made up from over 800 lights laid out on the side of Mount Ingino.

These World Tallest Christmas tree is 800 metres high (2624 feet), 400 metres (1312 feet) wide. On the top of the tree and at the summit of the mountain, a star over 1000 metres (3,280 feet) long sparkles in the night sky.

Head of the Christmas tree committee, Danilo Sannipoli said, "This started in 1981 when some inhabitants decided to make this tree which then became considered the biggest tree in the world".

He stated that There are about 15-20 kilometers of cables involved, thousands of electric plugs to connect and hundreds and hundreds of lights that make up this Christmas display.

This year, the tree is even greener than usual, with solar panels being used to cut down on electric power.

Matteo Fumanti, young Gubbio resident told, "For us in Gubbio, this Christmas tree has become a real tradition, we just couldn't do without it", said.

He said, "Particularly for those of us who are young like myself, we have always been able to look at this tree."

Local people from miles around get the benefit of seeing the tree which lies on the side of the slope at some 900 metres high.

World’s Largest Virtual Physical Education Class Guinness World Record set by Atlanta Falcons

With a total of 2,288 children participated from across state, in the largest virtual physical education class on Tuesday, which has smashed Guinness World Record.

The team partnered with the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation, Coca-Cola (Dasani), Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, HOPSports Training Systems, Southeast United Dairy Industry Association, Inc., (SUDIA), and the Georgia Dome.

The children, who came from around the state, are part of the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation’s Falcons Fitness Zones and the Atlanta Falcons First Down for Fitness Program.

Stephanie Blank, chair of the Foundation Board of Trustees for Children’s Health Care of Atlanta, an active member of the Falcons Youth Foundation and the wife of Falcons owner Arthur M. Blank, participated in the 30-minute virtual exercise class along with Falcons players and team president Rich McKay.

“The Atlanta Falcons are committed to making sure children in our community and all over the country are excited about exercise,”. “director of community relations for the Atlanta Falcons, Kendyl Moss, checks the paperwork needed to document the official Guinness World Record attempt”, said Brant Sanderlin. “We want to get the message out to all young people that it’s cool to exercise. Not only is it cool, it’s good for you and it’s fun”.

Falcons players who participated in the 30-minute class were wide receiver Andy Strickland, cornerback Christopher Owens, safety William Moore, safety Erik Coleman, linebacker Stephen Nicholas, running back Antone Smith, running back and wide receiver Harry Douglas.

For 30 minutes, participants at the Dome as well as approximately 6,000 children participating via live webcast from classrooms throughout Georgia and various parts of the United States — exercised at the same time.

At 11:25 a.m., it was official, according to Danny L. Girton Jr., corporate adjudications manager from Guinness World Records, headquartered in New York City.

Girton said that One of the great things about events like this one is that ordinary people come together to try to accomplish something extraordinary. This event was one of the most organized operations that I have had the opportunity to adjudicate.

Birds of America - World's Most Expensive Book sold at 7.5M World Record Pirce

The copy, which comes from the collection of Lord Hesketh, had been expected to fetch up to £6m.

Only 119 complete copies of the 19th-Century book are known to exist, and 108 are owned by museums and libraries.

A separate edition of the book on ornithology sold for a record-breaking price of $8.8m (£5.7m) a decade ago.

It contains 1,000 life-sized illustrations of almost 500 breeds and took wildlife artist John James Audubon 12 years to complete.

He did so by travelling across America, shooting the birds and then hanging them on bits of wire to paint them.

The artist then went to Britain to print the volumes and targeted the rich to buy copies.
London dealer Michael Tollemache, who bought the copy at the Sotheby's auction, said the book was "priceless".
Lord Hesketh's collection also included a rare copy of Shakespeare's First Folio, which Sotheby's said was "the most important book in all of English Literature".
Of the 750 that were probably printed, only 219 are known to exist today.
The copy, which dates back to 1827 and has three pages missing, sold for £1.5m.
It is one of only three textually complete copies to exist in private hands in a comparably early binding.

John James Audubon's - Birds of America - World's Most Expensive Book World Record Video

India's Biggest Chocolate Eclair Pyramid Limca Record set by MasterChef India

Amul Presents MasterChef India on STAR Plus sets a new record and makes an entry into Limca Book of Records with ‘India’s Biggest Chocolate Eclair Pyramid!’ Prepared by 25 chefs over 72 hours, it stands 26 feet tall at the Atrium, Ambience Mall in Gurgaon, India. Chef Kunal Kapoor and Chef Ajay Chopra – the judges of the show – have led this outstanding project.

contestants of Star’s ‘Amul presents MasterChef India’ along with the experts from the kitchen of ‘The Leela Kempinski’ have created this record breaking eclair on which work began about three days ago with different layers being made by separate teams. These layers were then brought together and assembled with security harnesses. Huge rollers & gigantic paint brushes were brought in, to give finishing touches to this chocolate wonder of the world.

World's Largest Floating Christmas Tree 2010 in Brazil set World Record

The Bradesco Seguros Christmas Tree, according to the Guinness Book of Records is the largest floating Christmas tree in the world, has been adorning the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon since 1996. It is a picture perfect site in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is now on display for its 15th straight year. With this year's theme "A Story of Reunions," the Christmas Tree is one of the three largest events in Rio de Janeiro, together with Carnival and New Year's Eve.

The Tree was inaugurated this Saturday, December 4, during a spectacular event open to the public and attended by world class Brazilian singers including Milton Nascimento, Simone and Ivan Lins. Starting this Sunday and running through Epiphany on January 6, the largest floating Christmas tree in the world will be lit up daily at 7:30 pm.

The tree has a total of fifteen sequential patterns of lights and colors illuminated by 105 kilometers of lighted strands, 3.3 million miniature bulbs and 2,100 strobes that simulate twinkling stars. The overall effect is reproduced on a structure 85 meters tall, or approximately the same height as a 28-story building.

"The Tree reaching its 15th year is good reason to be proud. It is a monument, now part of Brazilians' Christmas and an international benchmark that conveys peace, harmony and happiness," said Enrique Adan, Marketing Director for Grupo Bradesco Seguros.

The electricity for the Bradesco Seguros Christmas Tree is supplied by six self-contained biofuel generators, which, at 2,130 kVA capacity of power, runs simultaneously in order to maintain the overall splendor. The generators have been certified in accordance with international quality and safety standards.

The inaugural event can be seen in real time on the site, including an English version, with internet users all over the world able to view details of the largest floating Christmas tree in the world and the beautiful Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon - all of this thanks to the use of 3D on Flash AS3.

The site also has 360 degree photos with views from within the Tree as well as outside, and a look back at prior editions, with photos and videos enabled for social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Delicious).

Internet users can capture an image of the Bradesco Seguros Christmas Tree from any angle of the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon and send it as a virtual postcard, front and back included. News, agenda and photo download are available for everyone. iPhone, iPad and Android applications are addressed in the "Entertainment" section.

Rio Brazil World's Largest Floating Christmas Tree 2010 Video

World's Oldest Artificial Christmas Tree World Record set by Paul Parker

Families all over the country follow the same annual tradition of getting the artificial Christmas tree out of its box when the time comes to put up the decorations.

But the Parker family has been doing it longer than any other because they are still using a tree they first bought in 1886.

Complete with the original baubles and tinsel, their 14 inch tree is in its 124th year and has been authenticated as the world's oldest imitation Christmas tree.

It cost six pence when it was bought in the mid-Victorian era but was last valued at £1,000 by experts at the Antiques Road Show in 2005.

Owner Paul Parker received the delicate ornament after his mother, Janet, passed away at the age of 69 in 2008, and is the third generation of his family to enjoy it.

Displaying the tree for the first time since his mother's death, Mr Parker is delighted to be carrying on the family tradition.

'I will proudly be displaying the tree this year,' said Mr Parker, 45, a mathematician from Bath. 

'My mother treasured it when she was alive and my father Grahame is comforted that I will be carrying on the family tradition.

'It may not look like much but it has been part of our Christmas celebrations for so many years. 

It was one of those things the we just grew up with.

'But everything changed when mum saw an advert in the local paper asking for the oldest decorations.
She thought that our old Christmas tree could be important - and she was right.'

The ornamental tree was first bought by Mr Parker's great-great aunt Lou in 1886.

Aunt Lou passed the tree to her favourite grandniece, Janet, when she just a child in the 1940's. 

It was taken out of its original box by Janet every year since then and son Paul has vowed to continue the tradition.

The tree is made of green raffia, stands 14 inches tall and has a base featuring the traditional Christmas icons of cherubs, the Virgin Mary and Jesus.

The tree was first authenticated by Christie's auction house in London and then the Guinness Book of Records confirmed that the distinguished-looking ornament was indeed the oldest known artificial Christmas tree in the world.

'It was never meant as a replacement tree, it's ornamental,' said Mr Parker, who was given the tree by his 88-year-old father.

'Christmas really took off for the Victorians because of the influence of Prince Albert and the German tradition of the Tannenbaum Christmas tree.

'This little tree would have been produced for the same reason ornaments of nativity scenes were made, as a Christmas symbol for the family.'

The tree cost only six pence when it was bought in the mid-Victorian era.

By the time it was seen by experts at the Antiques Road Show in 2005 it was valued at £1,000. 'But putting a price to this kind of object is ridiculous,' said Mr Parker.

'As the oldest Christmas tree in history it has no peers. 'There really is nothing to compare to it.

'If two Christmas obsessives were bidding against each other they might very well carry on till next Christmas.'

On Christmas day 2010 the aged tree will be on display on the mantle piece of Mr Parker home as he shares a turkey dinner and glass of wine with his father.

World’s Most Expensive Truffles World Record by Stanley Ho

A casino tycoon from Macau, Stanley Ho, has buy two white truffles at an auction in Hong Kong last weekend for $330,000., which has billed as Most Expensive Truffles in the World. The auction was held at Ho’s own Grand Lisboa hotel, although bidders vied for the truffles as far away as Rome and London. This is the fourth year in a row that Ho has won the truffle auction.

This year, $330,000 of Ho won him one 900 gram white truffle, and one 400 gram truffle, about three pounds of fabulous fungi in all. The truffle was grown in Tuscany and imported to Hong Kong for the auction.

In 2007, Ho paid the same amount for a 1.5 kilogram truffle, which is about the same weight as both of these put together. Two weeks ago, a Chinese wine critic paid $139,000 for a giant white truffle in Alba, Italy. Apparently, truffle-buying is a growing trend for wealthy Chinese businessmen. At these prices, you might even call it a competitive sport.

Source - World Records

Fastest Train in the World 302 mph (486 km/h), World Record Set by China

Chinese engineers had celebration On Friday after creating a new world record for the fastest unchanged passenger train speed of 302mph.

A Chinese passenger train speed through a soon-to-be opened set of rails between Beijing and Shanghai, hitting 486 kilometers per hour (302 miles per hour) and breaking the world record in the process.

From a standing start, the Chinese-built locomotive reached the top speed in just 22 minutes, and when it starts operating next year, it will reduce journey time between the two cities from 10 hours to 4 hours.

Xinhua News reported that it was the fastest speed an unmodified commercial passenger train had ever traveled. Other types of trains, though, have traveled faster.

A Japanese magnetically levitated train sped to 581 kilometers per hour in 2003, while TGV, modified French train reached 574.8 kilometers per hour during a 2007 test.

The route will open 12 months ahead of schedule and is part of the country's massive $313.5 billion program to create the worlds most advanced and extensive railway system by 2020.

The line is expected to carry 80 million passengers a year, double the current capacity on the 818-mile route.

China already has the world’s longest high-speed rail network by kilometers, and it plans to cover 13,000 kilometers by 2012 and 16,000 kilometers by 2020.

Longest Ever Darts Game - Guinness World Record May Set by Ontario Men

The Ontario, Canada based Paul O'Shaughnessy & Lenny McNevin, a pair dart fanatics played the longest ever game of darts over the weekend, with which they are hoping to grab place in Guinness Book of World Records.

Paul O'Shaughnessy joined up with long-time pal Lenny McNevin to set the record. The pair also used the drive to raise cash for a good cause.

The pair dueled it out at the Canadian Corps Veterans Association branch number 42 in Oshawa, and they took pledges.

Raised fund will be donated to the veterans' branch, which is in financial difficulty.

The previous world record was 30 hours and seven minutes. The pair broke the record at around 4:30 p.m. Sunday.
Source - World Records

World’s Fastest Car Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Got Place in The Guinness Book of Records

The World’s Fastest Car that set Guinness Book of Records, Bugatti Veyron Super Sport has become an apple of an eye of the next generation youngsters. It has swept the market off by its feet. This wonderful four wheeler has brought extra ordinary features and functionality before it got rolled out of the manufacturing plant.

The toughest technology has been behind Bugatti Veyron. German Technical Inspection Agency (TГњV) of Guinness Book of Records) has created Bugatti Veyron. It looks exactly like an imagination on four wheels. Bugatti has stirred the automobile field. Again the orange atramentous Bugatti Veyron Super Sport crosses the ablaze barrier, from now on the time will be taken, aural one hour the car has to drive from South to North and again in the adverse direction. No one but the disciplinarian is accustomed to blow the car during this time.

Fastest Car in the world, Bugatti has a mesmerizing appearance that can hypnotize anybody . The GPS-tachometer stops at 427, 933 km/h. Now the aforementioned action from the adverse direction, this time the car alcove 434,211 km/h, as boilerplate top acceleration the assembly of the “TГњV”and Guinness accomplish amount of 431,072 km/h (268 mph). This even hit Bugatti’s engineering aggregation by surprise. The acme of the Veyron series: the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

Bugatti Veyron 16.4, launched in 2005, is an archetypal surely, offering beautiful specifications, like clamp gearbox with seven speeds, the abnormally absolute active achievement in aeroembolism and accomplished adherence if braking and accelerating.

World's Largest Cricket Tournament - Guinness Record To Be Set by Himachal's T-20

Mahasangram, the second edition of the Jaypee Twenty20 , a local version of Twenty20 league and billed as the world's largest cricket tournament, began in Himachal Pradesh Monday, an organiser said here.

Mohit Sood, Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) press secretary, stated to IANS, "The knock-out tournament that would see 1,342 teams playing, mainly from rural areas across the state, began this (Monday) morning. The inaugural matches were played at Kalpa (in Kinnaur district), Dharamsala (in Kangra district), Nadaun (in Hamirpur district), Kullu and Bilaspur,"

“150 matches would be played daily at 75 grounds that have been improved and developed by the HPCA”, he said.

Mr. Sood added that Nearly 19,000 players would showcase their cricketing skills in the tournament that would see 2,000 matches. Around 500 officials of various cricket bodies are on duty to supervise the matches.

Previous year, 14,300 players from 1,017 teams participated in the tournament and matches were played at 60 places. Cash prizes of about Rs.3 million were distributed among the teams and the players.

Anurag Thakur, Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee chief said, “The HPCA is spending around Rs.7 million on the tournament. Of this, Rs.3 million would be given as cash prizes to the winners”.

Teams even from the most remote places such as Pangi, Bharmour, Holi and Tissa in Chamba district, Leo, Spillo, Sangla and Kalpa in Kinnaur district, Sissu and Udaipur in Lahaul and Spiti district and Shillai in Sirmaur district are participating.

Mr. Sood told, "We have got the maximum number of 226 teams from Chamba district, one of the remotest and most backward regions in the country".

He stated that the event would enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

He also added that Officials of the Guinness Book of World Records have decided in principle to include this tournament as the biggest cricket show on earth.

The semi-finals and the final to be held under lights at the HPCA Stadium in Dharamsala. The picturesque stadium, situated nearly 4,000 feet above the sea level, has already hosted two Indian Premier League (IPL) matches earlier this year.

Longest Distance Travelled With a Fridge Guinness World Record by Tony Hawks

Longest Distance Travelled With A Fridge Guinness World Record has been set by Comedian, Tony Hawks. He travelled 1,025.26 miles. Tony Hawks hitchhiked round Ireland with the appliance after making a drunken bet with a mate.

The adventure book of Tony Hawks, Round Ireland with a Fridge was so well read that they made a film out of it, which is released this month on DVD. It's directed by Ed Bye and stars Tony Hawks, Ed Byrne, Sean Hughes, Valerie O'Connor, Josie Lawrence and Sara Crowe.

The fridge travels in many different cars, vans and lorries, is taken surfing, christened, blessed by nuns, accompanied by a bagpiper, taken to a bachelor festival and becomes the hero of a national radio station.

Hawks says, ‘Hitching with a fridge teaches you to put your trust in the kindness of others and not to worry about the future, because as you soon realise when you're fridge-hiking, it's a pointless activity’.

Elephant in the Room - India's Biggest Art Work by Ryan International School

Today, 3,000 Ryan International School (Rohini) children joined aerial artist Daniel Dancer in New Delhi to form the image of an elephant to remind their leaders that they can’t afford to ignore climate change – the elephant in the living room.
On October 22 of this year, India's Environment Ministry, Jairam Ramesh, declared the elephant a “National Heritage Animal” to highlight it's unique role in India's history, culture, and ecology. It is for that reason that thousands of school children came together to form a giant image of an elephant in the country’s capital as a symbol of India's wish to preserve their history, culture, and ecology by countering the threat of climate change and taking actions that can lead the world back below 350 ppm CO2.
Like the tiger and other fauna of India and South Asia, the elephant, too, is affected by climate change. Increased drought from climate change as well as increased competition with humans, both as a result of development practices and climate migrations, could lead to significant loss of habitat. Not only is that bad news for elephants, but these habitats are now some of the vital remaining carbon sinks across the globe. If lost, it would further exacerbate climate change. Other potentially disasterous repercussions would include the rising seas along India's coasts.
Many thanks to Daniel Dancer, the 350 India team, the Ryan International School, and everyone who joined the event!

World's Largest Wallet World Record set by bigskinny

A Cambridge-based company is looking to raise big money this holiday season and land in the record books.
“Big Skinny” has created what they believe to be the world’s largest wallet.The 21-foot long creation was unveiled in Harvard Square. The company is hoping it will remind shoppers to open their wallets and donate to local non-profit groups.The “Big Skinny” has also submitted the wallet to the Guinness Book of World Records.

The makers of the World’s Thinnest, Smallest and Lightest Wallets have created the World’s Largest Wallet! We took our internationally best-selling "world wallet" model and blew it up to Big Skinny proportions: 10 feet tall and 21 feet long when open, 10 1/2 feet wide when closed -- which should set a new Guinness World Record. Stay tuned, we are waiting for the official word from London's Guinness World Record office.

And since we know how hard it is for non-profits and charities to raise money and awareness for their organizations, we want this large wallet to help – just in time for the busiest giving – and buying – season. The World’s Largest Wallet in crimson will be on display in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. from November 29th to December 24th every day from 11am to 7pm. Each non-profit listed below has volunteers who will be standing by the crimson wallet answering questions about their group as well as accepting donations. There will also be donation pockets with pamphlets for all other participating non-profits at the wallet so you have many giving choices. 100% of proceeds go directly to the non-profits. Will you open your wallet and give back to those in need? There is large crimson wallet in harvard square making it easy.

The World’s Largest Wallet: another big crimson happening in Harvard Square:

Sewn by Big Skinny Marketing Director/cat-of-all-trades Catherine Alexandrov and her mother, Linda Brown, the massive wallet was constructed in our offices right here in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The “bones” or “endo-skeleton” was created by Kiril Stefan Alexandrov with brainstorming from folks at Home Depot, father-in-law Don Brown, uncle-in-law Bruce Mostrom, and assembly by all in the office. After all, we are a family company. The wallet was modeled after our World Wallet, a wallet designed to accommodate all types of international currency as well as lots of credit cards. Are you curious about what went into the making of the wallet? Here are some factoids!

* 10.5 feet by 10 feet when closed, 10 feet tall and 21 feet long when open. Wow!
* 171 feet of our proprietary nylon micro-fiber were used [57 yards!]… this is the same material we make all of our nylon wallets out of, so we know it’s durable and water-resistant!
* Only 1/4 of an inch thin!
* 48 pounds of nylon micro-fiber… because we use such a thin, lightweight, durable material, this gigantic wallet doesn’t weigh much more than a 4-yr old child!
* total weight with special supportive endoskeleton and wheels is only 128 pounds.
* 20 feet of clear plastic… used for the clear ID pocket and the additional pockets for informational material
* 80 feet of heavy metal 3/4 inch plumbing piping… used for the endo-skeleton structure which keeps the wallet upright
* 8 wheels make the wallet portable!
* 160 hours of labor went into just sewing the wallet, with two people working on it! Another 45 hours on the endoskeleton and assembly.
* 90 feet of Velcro… adhered to the pockets to help them stay closed in the wind
* 452… the amount of times Catherine and others were stabbed by pins when sewing this massive wallet!
* 47 medium iced, French vanilla, Dunkin Donuts coffees were consumed to keep the project-workers awake and alert

Large Wallet Launch: Monday, November 29th, 6pm in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Come see the literal opening of the World’s Largest Wallet! Festivities include holiday music, lights and a performance by the Jose Mateo Nutcracker dancers. A fun way to commence the season of giving!

Dreidel palooza - Most Dreidels Spun Guinness World Record

A pair of Yeshiva University students are hoping their school is tops - for at least one night.

The duo devised "Dreidelpalooza," their bid to break the world record for most people simultaneously spinning the four-sided Chanukah tops - while raising much-needed scholarship money for fellow students.

"People are really excited. They think it's cool," said Jason Katz, whose group Students Helping Students will benefit from the dizzying display.

"It's something everybody who's involved can tell their kids, tell their grandkids - I was part of a world record."

Katz and fellow junior Fiona Guedalia need 540 dreidel devotees to join them tomorrow night at the school's Max Stern Athletic Center at 184th St. and Amsterdam Ave. to topple the current mark of 541, set five years ago at Temple Emanuel in Cherry Hill, N.J.

Once set in motion, the whole topsy-turvy thing is expected to last just 10 seconds - and then hopefully endure in the Guinness Book of World Records.

"It's open to the public," said Katz. "And we'll be offering tutorials for dreidel amateurs."

World Tallest Decorated Christmas Tree World Record set by Jakarta

For the second year in a row in Indonesia, a shopping center has created the world's tallest replica Christmas tree, decorated with one million lights.

The chairman of the Indonesian World Record Museum has given an award to the Central Park shopping center in Jakarta on Saturday.

[Jaya Suprana, Indonesian World Record Museum]:
"Today’s record is very interesting. It’s a good idea as a marketing concept. In welcoming the Christmas season, Central Park creates the tallest Christmas tree in Indonesia. This will become history and a tourist attraction for visitors.”

The lighting of the 120-foot Christmas tree replica was enlivened by sparkling fireworks and snow effects that were scattered from the top of the tree.

The lofty replica is built of iron covered with plastic fir.

The star on the top is made of LED lights and a million colored LED lights highlighting the tree itself.

Central Park broke the record for the tallest Christmas tree last year but this year’s record-breaker reaches 120 feet.

[Jaya Suprana, Indonesian World Record Museum]:
"This record has actually broken last year’s record. I already talked with the management of Central Park, next year they may make one even taller."

The record was announced at the opening ceremony of the "Now Jakarta the Christmas City" event.


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