Fastest 0-60 Mph Acceleration By An Electric Kart

On 24 April, 2011 I had the honour to witness the record attempt for “The Fastest 0-60 mph Acceleration by an Electric Kart” at the Motorsport Arena in Oschersleben, Germany.

The record was attempted by the “Linde Material Handling” company, which has its headquarters in Aschaffenburg, Germany, as one of the world's leading lift truck and warehouse truck producers.

The record attempt took place as a part of the “ADAC GT MASTERS WEEKEND” competition; which is a grand tourer-based auto racing series supported by the German ADAC automotive club.

The ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V.), is Germany´s and Europe's largest automobile club. They were the official partner of Linde Material Handling company for this world record attempt.

The E-Kart “Linde E1” was specifically produced for this event and its drive unit is manufactured with the original units that are used in the lift trucks. The only difference is Linde E1's lithium ion battery, since lift trucks use lead acid batteries.

By creating this special E-Kart, Linde aimed to prove everyone how powerful, precise and efficient their products are.

On the day of the record attempt, we arrived at the Oschersleben Motorsport Arena around 11.00 o'clock. The famous German channel “kabel eins” was broadcasting the awesome scene live and everyone, young and old, was there among the massive crowd.

Meanwhile, the Linde team was completing the final preparations before the record attempt.

A little whole before the attempt, the E-Kart was taken to the race area with two Linde lift trucks.

Everybody took their seats, including the driver Mr. Andreas Wolf, who came from Austria exclusively for this record attempt.

A special equipment called “Performance Box” was attached to the car. This would measure the time it takes until the acceleration reaches from 0 to 60 mph (96.56 km/h). Guinness World Records had opened up a new category for this record attempt as it was the first attempt ever. According to the guidelines, the final figure of acceleration had to be an average of at least two runs in opposite directions.

When the moment came, the start signal was given and everybody held their breath on a moment of complete silence. The E-Kart launched like a rocket at it was a challenge for the naked eye to follow its speed.

The first run lasted 3,4 seconds and the second run, 3,5 seconds. Still, Linde Material Handling became the first holder of this world record with 3,4 seconds. It was unbelievable!

As soon as I announced the result, the Linde employees congratulated each other in ecstasy and they celebrated it with lots of champagne!

I would like to thank those who realised this project only in 4 months; Linde Marketing Director Mr. Emil Schneider, Product Manager Mr. Frank Bergman and their team, Mr. Eric Hock, Mr. Andreas Wolf, Mr. Siegfried Koechl, Mr. Ronny Grosser and Mr. Uwe Hammerschmidt.

World Largest Easter Egg

On Saturday 16 April I used to be in Cortenuova in Italy to witness a Guinness Planet Documents try for that presentation from the largest chocolate Easter egg. The egg was becoming created by a organization called ‘Tosca’ and the venue was ‘Le Acciaierie’, a big buying centre.

On my arrival the Basic Supervisor of the buying centre wasted no time, taking me instantly to find out the egg. A crowd had currently started to gather, keen to discover if this was in reality the largest chocolate Easter egg. It absolutely was an remarkable sight, but in order to make sure I began making the crucial measurements.

As a way to qualify as a brand new Guinness World Data achievement, the egg would need to beat the current document, held in Brazil, which weighed 6,440 kg, measured 4.2 metres in height, and had a circumference of 6 metres.

A scaffold was erected beside the egg to have height and circumference measurements, plus the egg was weighed by a regional surveyor. The crowd was now rather large, waiting expectantly to listen to the results of our precise measurements. When I was happy together with the measurements, I ready to make the announcement towards the waiting crowd. The chocolate Easter egg weighed an impressive 7,200 kg, measured 10 metres 39 centimetres in height, and had a circumference of 19 metres and 60 centimetres. I offered an official certificate to mark a superb new Guinness World Documents achievement.

Most Number of Tattoos on Body Guinness Rishi set World Record

An Indian businessman was carrying flags of 305 countries on its own body to promote friendship among nations. Now, 70 years Hvis Prakash, who reinvented himself as Guinness Rishi is competing in Nepal for his world record later in the hope of adding more flags and more records. "People call me a joker, a fool," said world record aspirants from Delhi, who arrived in Kathmandu to attend the international conference first tattoo and immediately stole the show with other young participants from different countries with more exotic tattoos.

"I do not mind."

An auto parts manufacturer by profession, has two passions Guinness Rishi - tattoos and Guinness World Records.

The 22 cards include such feats unique as do most will in the world - a huge 489 pages deliver a pizza to New Delhi to San Francisco and, of course, with the largest number of tattoos on his body.

These include 305 flags of different countries, 185 maps, 165 flags mini and 2985 characters.

"My dream is to go around the world several times," Har Prakash told IANS, sitting in the conference room of the hotel Yak and Yeti when the cameras click furiously. "I want the children of these countries ask me, where is the flag of our country there and then, in the process, know their country and other countries."

As he speaks, comes Carlos Peres, a tourist from Venezuela, to find him. Peres then Rishi photo in the newspapers and his friend from Argentina, so that both could hunt for the flag of their country on the chest of the Indian.

"It's there," Argentina cries of joy and shake hands with Rishi, inviting them to visit your country.

For such a serious tattoo record, the Guinness Rishi began relatively late: it was in 2009, when he saw someone sporting a tattoo of the flag, and admired the effect.

It pays tribute to Lokesh Verma, one of the founders of 27 years of Tattooz Devilz a seven tattoos imprinted on his forehead: Business India, United States, Britain, Cyprus, Canada, the Congress Party and the Ripley's Believe It Or Not logo.

It took nine months and Verma is free because he understood the patriotic cause behind it, "said Rishi.

However, his family has reacted in a totally different way.

"My wife and children have told me that they never go to market myself or my family weddings," she says, unrepentant. "But my clients have loved tattoos - because they had a chance to laugh at me."

Rishi is now trying to add a new tattoo on record: the maximum number of tattoo artists who work for him.

"The record is held by an American who in 1996 had 22 artists' work for him," he says. "In fact, I do not break the record in Pattaya last year, when 25 artists carved out of 55 tickets for me. But I do not know the rules and forgot to make a video recording."

This time, it became an armed and ask the tattoo stops 52 may be sent to a conference in Kathmandu, each artist to scribble further.

But while his forehead, head, arms, legs and chest are covered with tattoos, back is blank clear.

"I'm saving the project from dream," he says with pride. "It will be a Hall of Fame, World Record holding tattoo. I have all the names and achievements tattooed on his back."

Most Number of  Tattoos on Body Video of Guinness Rishi

London Marathon 2011 set Guinness World Record

Another London Marathon just ended, and although most of the riders wanted to achieve their best, few would have thought that there was a chance for a world record.

But it is here that they were wrong. 35 new Guinness World Records achieved in 2011 Virgin London Marathon ... some groups rather strange.

The runners of this year to make the documents as the fastest marathon on crutches, and the end of most of the Rubik's Cube solved while running a marathon.

Other topics include the fastest marathon dressed as a superhero crazy, the fastest marathon while package with 60 pounds and the money raised by a marathon runner.

So next year, we're just going to compete in London Marathon, but also to see if we can insert records in the process of ... record for the marathon faster if a donor?

Fastest Marathon Guinness World Records:

In superhero costume (male) - David Stone - 2h 42m 46s
Dressed as a cartoon character - Jon Morgan - 2h 46m 59s 
In a nurse's uniform (male) - Kevin Harvey - 2h 52m 26s
Dressed as a book character (male)- David Ross - 3h 02m 30s 
In an animal costume (male) - Martin Indge - 3h 04m 00s
In police uniform - Paul Swan - 3h 09m 52s
Dressed as a fairy (male) - David Hellard - 3h 10m 56s 
Dressed as a jester - Alexander Scherz - 3h 11m 57s 
Dressed as a Viking - Ben Afforselles -3h 12m 11s
Wearing a gas mask - Andy McMahon - 3h 12m 11s
Dressed as a fairy (female) - Emily Foran - 3h 20m 52s
Dressed as television character (male) - Simon Bryant - 3h 21m 22s 
Dressed as a sailor - Subhashis Basu - 3h 24m 12s
In an animal costume (female) - Barbara Stcherbatcheff - 3h 42m 11s
Dressed as a gingerbread man - David Smith - 3h 42m 20s
Dressed as a lifeguard - David Bayley - 3h 44m 33s
Dressed as a fruit - Mike Barton - 3h 45m 42s
Dressed as an astronaut - Darren Cox - 3h 53m 21s
Dressed as a bottle (male) - Gavin Rees - 3h 53m 26s
Dressed as a nun - Ben Bradley - 4h 00m 28s
Carrying 40 lb pack - Lee Riley - 4h 01m 17s
Dressed as a Roman soldier - Les Slinn -4h 05m 34s
Dressed as a vegetable (female) - Julie Tapley - 4h 06m 17s
In a wedding dress - Eleanor Franks - 4h 11m 01s
Dressed as a Mr. Potato Head - Peter Barlow - 4h 17m 38s
Carrying 60 lb pack - Carl Creasey - 4h 50m 56s
Married couple - Jez Mancer (2:35:36) and Lucy Mancer (3:02:00) - 5h 37m 36s
Parent and child same sex - Kelvin Amos (3:12:04) and Shane Amos (2:51:03) 6h 03m 07s
Parent and child mixed - Richard Collinson (2:45:26) and Libby Collinson (3:36:39) 6h 22m 05s
Completed on crutches (one leg) - John Sandford Hart - 6h 24m 48s
Fastest marching band to complete a marathon - Led by Mike Lomas -7hr 55m

Most Marathon Guinness World Records:
Most marathons completed on crutches - John Sandford Hart - 6 marathons
Most money raised by a marathon runner - Steve Chalke - Total amount TBC but already over £1.8m
Most Rubik's Cubes solved running a marathon Uli Killian (Germany) 100 cubes in 4h 45m 43s
Most runners linked to complete a marathon Scope team 47 runners in a time of 7h 28m 43s 

London Marathon 2011 set Guinness World Record 2012 Video


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