Handwash World Record

Records are for breaking. India recorded a record of different sort. 15000 children today washed their hands in perfect harmony to stake claim to the Guinness record for the most people washing their hands. This attempt challenges the current record held by a school in Bangladesh, with 1213 participants washing hands at one location.

India breaks this Bangladesh record in an event held in an Indian city Chennai today.

The Guinness World Record attempt on Global Handwashing Day 2009 is considered to be the first small step to a long term working relationship with Lifebuoy and its partners. The event was organised by the Public Private Partnership for Handwashing which included the World Health Organisation and Unilever Lifebuoy and local government in Tamil Nadu.

Handwash is a simple and cost effective way of saving millions of lives and we are happy that Lifebuoy has come forward to conduct this event and we see this as an excellent example of Public Private Partnership”, informed Mr. Sudhanshu Vats, Vice President of Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

The 15th October 2009 saw over 88 countries brought together celebrities, Government representatives and UN organisations to celebrate the second Global Handwashing Day in India.

Every day India loses around 1,000 children to diarrhoea due to poor hygiene and water borne infections. This means 41 children die every 60 minutes due to this highly preventable disease. Globally, every year, more than 3.5 million children do not live to celebrate their fifth birthday because of diarrhoea and pneumonia. According to WHO, diarrhoea alone kills almost 2 million children every year, making it the second leading killer of children world wide. And one out of every five of these children who die of diarrhoea is an Indian! A simple personal hygiene habit – washing hands with soap – could almost halve this figure. Yet, despite its lifesaving potential, hand washing with soap is seldom practiced and not always easy to promote.

Hand washing plays an important part in the efforts to reach the Millennium Development Goals relating to health improvements, education and the reduction of poverty and child mortality, as well as access to and effective use of water supply and sanitation services. These were agreed to by UN member countries at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in September 2002. The practice of hand washing with soap tops the international hygiene agenda, and Global Handwashing Day spotlights this important issue.

World’s smallest dinosaur’s footprint

Scientists in South Korea have claimed to discover a fossilised footprint of the ‘smallest dinosaur’ ever found, paving its way to the Guinness Book of World Records.

The footprint of theropoda dinosaur found is 1.27 cm long and 1.06 cm wide, they were quoted as saying by Yonhap news agency. The current footprint is 29 per cent smaller than other specimens found so far.

The fossil was found in 2007 by a resident of Changseon of South Gyeongsang Province and was confirmed by experts recently, National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage said.

“The last smallest fossil found earlier in Isle of Skye, Scotland measured 1.78cm long and 1.16cm wide. The current fossil is believed to be of a newborn measuring 10 cm, and dates back to some 100 million years,” said Mr. Kim Gyeong-su of Chinju National University of Education, one of the two scholars who confirmed the fossil.

The fossil was acknowledged as an important find by scholars attending the 69th Annual Meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, held at England’s University of Bristol last month.

Miss Pregnant Contest

You don't have to let a little thing like pregnancy stop you from entering a beauty pageant.

The Ms. Pregnant pageant celebrates beauty with a bump. And yes, they parade in bikinis!

In my opinion, it's a bit unfair because they aren't all in the same stage of pregnancy and

some have bigger stomach than the other, but after all they are doing it just for fun.

What do you think about this? Are pregnant women beautiful and do they have some special “glow” as it's often being said?

Or do you find this whole idea bizarre and repulsive?

Just because your belly is expanding doesn't mean you can't enter a beauty contest.

No more hiding behind tent-like dresses for pregnant women of the twenty-first century,

Ms. Pregnant celebrates beauty with a bump. And yes, they parade in bikinis!

40000 largest mass wedding in 10 years

The bride definitely wore white as 20,000 couples took part in the largest mass wedding in a decade in dozens of cities around the world.

The 'blessing ceremony', held by the Unification Church, was its largest for 10 years and

could be the last at such a large scale officiated by 89-year-old Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the controversial founder of the church.

More than 20,000 people crammed into the Sun Moon University campus in Asan, south of Seoul,

for the main event this morning, with another 20,000 joining simultaneous ceremonies in the U.S. Brazil and Venezuela.

Some of the 20,000 brides and grooms taking part in the Unification Church mass wedding ceremony at Sun Moon University,

in Asan, South Korea, today Some were new couples who met for the first time in recent months in unions arranged by the church,

while others were married couples renewing their vows. The brides wore white veils and wedding dresses, or their national dress.

The grooms wore black suits with red ties, with white scarves wrapped around their necks.

The mass wedding ceremony is meant to mark Sun Moon's 90th birthday and the 50th anniversary of his marriage to Han Hak-ja,

church officials said. It comes as he moves to hand day-to-day leadership of the Unification Church over to his children.

Row after row of brides and groom - hailing from South Korea, the U.S., Japan, Europe and elsewhere - posed for photos,

sang and practiced shouting 'Hurrah!' at a pre-ceremony wedding rehearsal.

Without a hitch: Brides wore traditional white wedding dresses or national dress and grooms wore black suits and red ties. Right, the newlyweds pray together during the ceremony.

During the ceremony, Moon sprinkled holy water towards the crowd before the couples exchanged rings.

After blessing the newlyweds, he led them in a loud a cheer amid a shower of white confetti.

He said: 'I pray that you become good husbands and wives, and men and women who can represent the world's six billion humankind.'

Critics who accuse the Unification Church of engaging in cult-like practices say the mass weddings prove it brainwashes its followers.

In the past, Moon routinely paired off couples, many of whom met for the first time at their wedding.

Now, even arranged marriage couples have the chance to meet at least a few months before the ceremony, church officials said.

Controversial: Reverend Sun Myung Moon, with his wife Han Hak-ja, blesses the couples during the ceremony

But none of them were being whisked off on their honeymoons. Couples are required to observe a 40-day waiting period before they

cohabitate to prepare for marriage spiritually. Moon, a self-proclaimed Messiah who says he was 15 when Jesus Christ

called upon him to carry out his unfinished work, has courted controversy and criticism since founding the Unification Church in Seoul in 1954.

He held his first mass wedding in the early 1960s, arranging the marriages of 24 couples himself and renewing the vows of 12 married couples.

Over the next two decades, the weddings grew in scale. The first held outside South Korea,

at New York's Madison Square Gardens in 1982, drew tens of thousands of participants and protesters.

In many cases, Moon paired off many couples from different countries as part of his aim of creating a multicultural religious world.

In his recent autobiography, he said: 'My wish is to completely tear down barriers and to create a world in which everyone becomes one.'

Special day: One of the brides smiles as she listens to Rev Moon during the ceremony

Traditional: Some of the 20,000 people in South Korea wore their national dress to the ceremony

Lee Dong-seok, a 32-year-old computer programmer from South Korea, tied the knot with Japanese office worker Fumi Oshima.

He said: 'I think my wife is the most beautiful bride here.'

In New York, 22-year-old Krystof Heller said his parents married in a 1982 mass wedding and he has known his new wife,

23-year-old Maria Lee of South Korea, for around four months.

He said: 'It's something you grow up with. It's something you anticipate your whole life.

'It's not just about a mass wedding, there is the moral emphasis. The big crowd is just the perk.'

Arranged: One of the brides nods off during the marriage ceremony. Many of the unions were arranged by the Unification Church,

with couples meeting only months before they are wed.

Simultaneous: Couples at a church in Washington join in the ceremony through an internet link

Churchgoers watched the ceremony on a large screen flanked by the flags of South Korea, Japan and the United States in Washington.

'This is the best way to make peace,' said Fumi Oliver, a native of Japan who married an American, the Rev. Zagery Oliver, 12 years ago.

'International, intercultural, interracial marriage is the best way to make peace.'

Hundreds of brides and grooms gathered in churches in Australia, said Enrique Ledesma,

Australian director of the church-affiliated Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.

The ceremony in Honduras marks a new start for the movement in the Latin American nation, said Omar Valle,

president of the Unification Church in Tegucigalpa. He said 25 couples will renew their vows.

And in Brazil some 2,000 people in 40 cities took part in the ceremony via simultaneous broadcast.

4.2 km painting on Gandhi Jayanti World Record by Gujarat Student

Approximately 7,500 students in Vadodara, Gujarat, made a 4.2 kilometres extensive painting to enter the Guinness Book of World Records on Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October.

The painting’s places of interest and draws public attention on traffic rules and road mannerism as its theme.

Municipal school students along with other school students, fine arts students and around 500 specially-abled students participated in the event organised to mark the 140th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

"Today more than 7500 students from various schools, from fine arts, and from universities are making longest painting that would be recorded in the Guinness book of world records. This 4.2 kilometres long painting and it is made by acrylic colours on canvas. The message of painting is to spread awareness on traffic rules and road manners. The enthusiasm of students is great and it seems some kind of celebration is happening here," said Sheetal, a Fine Arts student.

Traffic situation in Vadodara in 2020, future transportation system, traffic jams, ideal traffic junction and impact of poor traffic system were some of the scenes created in the painting as part of the theme.

The organisers claim that the painting would break eleven other records including one of the longest paintings, which has been previously held by a non-governmental organisation of Philippines.

Organisers claimed that it would be recorded as longest painting in Guinness Book of World Records.

It took about three hours to complete the painting.

Officials of Guinness Book of World Records were present on this occasion.

Largest Breast (Boobs) World Record

Annie Hawkins – Turner
Professional Name: Norma Stitz

Height 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m)
Weight - 350 pounds (160 kg)
Birth date - December 26, 1958 (1958-12-26) (age 50)

Born in Atlanta, Georgia

Norma Stitz is the pseudonym used by a website entrepreneur and nude model. Her stage name is a word-play on the phrase "enormous tits."

In 1999, Guiness World Records declared her as having the largest natural breast in the world.

Each breast weighed 28 pounds, Her bra is currently a 72ZZZ

* 1999 - "The Guinness Book of World Records" certified her possessor of the world's largest natural breasts.

* 2003 - AVN Awards - Adult Video Nudes Award (The Amazing Norma Stitz).

Judas Priest's Rob Halford Sets Out to Dress the Metal Gods

While it might seem like a difficult task to reinvent that fashion staple of heavy metal music fans, the t-shirt, if anyone has the right credentials for the task it's Rob Halford, lead singer of legendary metal band Judas Priest.

Halford just launched Metal God, his signature brand of t-shirts that have all the soft-worn appeal of a vintage concert t-shirt but with all-new original graphics that he's betting will appeal to die-hard metal fans and aspiring rockers alike.

"The imagery is simply an extension of what I do with my music," explained Halford at a preview of the collection on Wednesday, Sept. 30, at a New York hotel in the East Village, not far from dive bars where heavy metal music aficionados like DJ Lady Starlight spin Judas Priest classics. "Metal God" refers to the nickname given to Halford by fans.

"Quite simply, Rob Halford invented heavy metal style," said DJ Lady Starlight, who writes a fashion and music blog chronicling the history of hard rock and airs a heavy metal podcast, "Metal for Muthas," on American Apparel internet radio. "The biker and leather boy look Halford adopted for promoting 'Hell Bent For Leather' in 1978 became the look every metal band emulated going forward."

At Wednesday's preview, Halford was sporting one of his own designs. "If you see something like this thing I'm wearing, with this fantasy mythical creature with a guitar, it says something strong and powerful," he said. "That's just been a natural progression over the years in rock and roll, to try and find a way of saying something about yourself with the item of clothing you're wearing."

"A metalhead is rarely seen without a t-shirt or at least one patch or badge of their favorite bands," said DJ Lady Starlight. Other tropes of heavy metal style, she explained, include studs, spandex, lace and most definitively, elements of fantasy literature and art like chainmail, armor and other Medieval and Renaissance influences.

As such, many of the Metal God t-shirt designs feature mythical creatures, like the Cerberus, a ferocious three-headed dog that guards the gates to the underworld in ancient Greek and Roman mythology. Fantasy in heavy metal, said Balford, is "a cool association."

"You can see I'm covered in tattoos of dragons and all this other mythical imagery, and that's again a part of my background as a lyricist," he said. "I've got a very vivid imagination and a lot of characters I create are made up in a fantasy kind of way. They always carry realistic virtues and attributes. So if I'm writing a song like 'Painkiller,' it may be, like, about, this really evil, menacing guy, which is the persona of the creature that you create, but he's doing good. I always have a lot of fun with that."

So far, the collection only features t-shirts, for both men and women, retailing between $55 and $65 - but eventually Halford hopes to branch out, albeit dependent on the economy.

"I think that you have to have a little bit of a leash on what you do, otherwise it's chaos," he said. "But we always see the light at the end of the tunnel. I don't think we can suddenly stop, Don't make records, don't make clothes, don't make movies. I think we have a responsibility to try and keep that creative optimism going, no matter what we do."

Halford's confident that his particular take on things - he is the Metal God, after all - will distinguish his brand of rock-related apparel.

"I think that my connection is a little bit more personal than some of the other great things that are going on around me," said Halford. "This is a direct connection to me. It's called a 'Metal God' t-shirt. I think we've all got a bit of Metal God inside of us."

He's also hoping to extend the heavy metal spirit beyond just music fans.

"I was talking to someone earlier and they were saying, it's like everybody wants to be a metalhead, but people are like, 'Can I really be one? I don't really know what this is about, but I see it, and I look at what they wear and the shows they go to, and I'm like, wow, it looks so cool,'" said Halford. "But if you're into that rock and roll, edgy, exciting type of passionate world, then I think that these t-shirts and this initial launch have a way of connecting to you as a person."

Fashion Wire Daily

Online Poker Player Poker Star World Record

PokerStars Enters Guinness Book of World Records for Most Online Poker Players

While the “brick and mortar” casino world continues to suffer double-figure drops in win rates and declines in attendance, September proved to be a lucrative month for PokerStars with the completion of its eighth annual World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP). In addition to another highly successful run of the preeminent online poker series for PokerStars, the WCOOP also helped to provide another world record for the number one site worldwide.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, which verified the results, September 6th saw PokerStars defeat its own world record for most players hosted by an online poker room. On that day, during which the WCOOP was in full swing, PokerStars recorded 307,016 players taking part in tournament, cash game, and free poker games on the site. Players were arranged around 42,814 tables and, once verified by Guinness record-keepers, smashed the previous mark by over 100,000.

PokerStars, which has held the record since its inception in 2008, and its major competitor, Full Tilt Poker, went at each other only two months ago to set the previous mark for most players online at once. Back in July, both Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars ran tournaments in an attempt to set the record for the largest online poker tournament ever held. PokerStars brought in a total of 65,000 players for its version of the record-breaking attempt, while Full Tilt attracted only 50,000. PokerStars was close to 200,000 total players once the tournament and other action was counted.

The most recent world record for PokerStars was more than likely due to the massive outpouring of players during the WCOOP and its various satellite events. On September 5th, WCOOP Event #6, the $109 No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament, drew an astounding 15,675 players. This didn’t take into count the number of players who were participating in Event #7, the $215 Pot Limit Five Card Draw, satellite tournaments, or play money games on the site.

On September 6th, a Sunday and the traditional “big day” for online tournament players around the world, the WCOOP featured three huge events that drew traffic. In addition to Event #9, a $215 No Limit Hold’em tournament that attracted 11,131 runners and was won by Slovakia’s “ternoplayer,” Event #10, the $10,300 High Roller tournament (299 players and won by Sweden’s “Sumpas”) and the first day of Event #11, the two day $530 No Limit Hold’em event (drawing 6219 players and won by the United States’ “hustla16”) were also in action. Once the numbers were counted up, it cracked the previous record set by PokerStars back in July.

While their physical counterparts battle through the recession, it is apparent that the online poker world is quite healthy. Congratulations to PokerStars for its most recent record, which should stand for quite some time.


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