World's Fastest Selling Consumer Electronics Device Microsoft Kinect set World Recordt set World Record

Buyers have snapped up more than 10 million of the ground-breaking Xbox 360 add-on, which uses a built-in camera and sensors to capture and translate player movements on screen, without the need for a hand-held controller.

Games fans bought an average 133,333 Kinect units a day in the first two months after it went on sale last November - faster than any other device released.

The success of Kinect also ensured the new genre of games designed to work with it have flown off store shelves, with more than 10 million sold across the world.

Guinness World Records gaming editor Gaz Deaves said the sales figures spoke for themselves.

"According to independent research, no other consumer electronics device sold faster within a 60-day time span, which is an incredible achievement considering the strength of the sector," he said.

The controller-free Kinect lets players take part in interactive games, from on-screen exercise work-outs to tickling the tummy of an on-screen baby Bengal tiger cub simply by moving their hands.

It's launch on November 4 helped lift Xbox 360 sales in Australia by 20 per cent last year, allowing Microsoft to claim its console as the fastest growing games machine in 2010.

Xbox Australia director David McLean, said he was thrilled by the success of Kinect and "proud to have been recognised in the Guinness World Records".

"Kinect has revolutionised entertainment and these numbers tell us that all over the world, including Australia and New Zealand, people are embracing that revolution."

This year, Microsoft, along with independent games developers, will continue to push the Kinect's creative boundaries.

A soon-to-be launched feature will allow users to bring their on-screen animated likeness or avatar to life.

Players' virtual selves will mimic their movements and facial expressions in real time.

That will open up creative options, such as creating and sharing animated videos with other Xbox 360 Live members via Facebook.

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