High Dive Into Shallow Pool Professor Splash Sets a New World Record

Yesterday, in Norway, U.S. professional stunt diver Darren Taylor, a.k.a. Professor Splash, broke his personal Guinness world report when he dove 36 ft (about eleven meters) right into a shallow children's pool crammed with only 12 inches (about 30.five cm) of drinking water.

Within the video clip, you'll be able to see that Professor Splash does, basically, a stomach flop in to the pool. Although it looks painful, it's essential to his surviving the feat.

Doing a stomach flop aided to distribute the pressure with the impact additional equally across his physique to ensure that no one area received an intense quantity of pressure.The exact same thing occurs when an airbag deploys throughout a automobile crash. The airbag can make contact with a significant component of the physique and helps to distribute the strain more equally. Had the professor carried out a cannon ball, the pressure with the drinking water would have acted on a much scaled-down location and packed a extra targeted punch, just like a seatbelt restrains you along one line across your chest throughout a sudden quit. Though a seatbelt assists keep you in location during a quick stomp about the brakes, it works in conjunction with all the airbag to prevent damage throughout a collision.

Although 12 inches of drinking water just isn't much, it had been also crucial to cushioning the influence of Professor Splash's flop. The drinking water assisted distribute the force with the impact more than a longer distance, breaking his drop as opposed to stopping him right away like an influence on concrete would. Furthermore to the 12 inches of h2o, the professor also had some padding beneath the wading pool to offer extra cushion. You'll be able to see the padding bowing a little when he lands inside the pool.

Though it is an amazing stunt, it is also deadly. So don't attempt this 1 at home!

World Record Video 2011 for Shallow Dive into Paddling Pool by Professor Splash - Darren Taylor


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