World’s Tallest Model Guinness World Record set by Amazon Eve

Amazon Eve, at 6’8’’, is licensed from the Guinness Book of Earth Records as the “World’s Tallest Model.”
At a social gathering in the Playboy Mansion final week, Eve stated, "the bunnies sized me up and treated my system like a stripper pole!"
Along with modeling, Eve has labored as a individual trainer, paralegal, and expert dominatrix, which continues to be her existing gig. Eve insists that currently being a dominatrix isn’t as kinky as it seems.
“It’s not sexual,” Eve claimed. “It’s much more about safety and safety.”
Eve grew to become an global sensation right after appearing around the cover of an Australian tabloid.
“One of my followers place me in touch with Zoo Weekly,” says Eve. “They photographed me with a short tiny 5’ model for comparison-it was their most thriving situation actually. The video went viral and grew to become 1 of the most Googled details via the internet!”
Eve said she’s able to take her newfound fame and put it into one thing bigger. She enjoys the thought of becoming a "perfect Bond villain," and claims she will be prepared to display off assets besides her height, despite the fact that it would suggest training significantly less instead of much more.
"Sure I'd do Playboy," stated Eve. "I would should minimize my muscle mass and soften up a little, but [Hugh] Hefner is the only one I'd pose nude for, due to the fact he does it so tastefully.

Amazon Eve Hot Video - World’s Tallest Model Guinness World Record 2011


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