World Most Expensive Purse World Record set by Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse

Taking its inspiration from among the world’s most epic tales of romance, intrigue and fantasy, Mouawad introduces the “The Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse”. Having a worth of USD3.eight million, this breathtaking creation from your globally renowned House of Mouawad takes its location in the Guinness Globe Record as probably the most useful handbag within the planet.

“Just because the tales of Scheherazade have captivated readers with their intricately woven plots of uninhibited enthusiasm and daring, so the Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse is designed to mesmerize with its lavish attention to detail and elaborate workmanship incorporating thousands of diamonds,” said Pascal Mouawad, co-guardian of the House of Mouawad.

The heart-shaped purse, handcrafted from 18kt gold, incorporates 4,517 diamonds (105 yellow, 56 pink and 4,356 colorless) having a complete excess fat of 381.92 carats. “To generate this bejeweled masterpiece required the abilities of 10 craftsmen functioning continuously more than a time period of 4 months and to get a complete of 1,one hundred hours” said Fred Mouawad, co-guardian from the Home of Mouawad.

The outstanding level of craftsmanship exemplified from the Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse continues to be a hallmark with the Mouawad identify given that the provider was founded in 1890. From these early days Mouawad rose to international prominence by way of its enthusiasm for valuable gems and mastery inside the artwork of producing a number of the world’s most breathtaking jewelry. “The 1001 Nights Mouawad Diamond Purse” is the second record-breaking development from the Home of Mouawad.


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