World's Hairiest Girl

Followers of Guinness World Data will likely be no stranger to the concept of hypertrichosis - the healthcare term for excessive hairiness. Famously, the Mexican family members that includes brothers circus performers Larry and Danny Gomez comprises at least 19 members all with thick hair covering their faces and torso. So when we heard about a youthful woman in Thailand with an all-over covering of lengthy hair, we had been at the very least ready and prepared to welcome her to the Guinness Planet Documents family.

Supatra "Nat" Sasuphan contacted us through her father, and it absolutely was clear on seeing pictures of that she could well be a contender for that class of hairiest child. To assess the degree of hairiness, scientists use the Ferriman Gallwey technique. With this technique, the quantity of hair is assessed on 9 distinct components on the body - upper lip, chin, chest, again, abdomen, arm, forearm, thigh, and reduced leg. To be able to make an official measurement, Guinness Globe Records made the decision to invite Nat and her family to Rome in Italy, exactly where she could be assessed about the set of our Tv present, Lo Present dei Record.

Meeting Nat was one of the numerous highlights in the indicate for on-screen adjudicator, Marco Frigatti. “She’s a exceptional small girl,” says Marco. “She’s proud of who she is and desires to be treated similar to everyone else. She’s not the one using the dilemma - it’s only those who deal with her in different ways who’ve got the difficulty.”

And Nat agrees. “I don’t feel any distinct to anyone else, and I’ve received a lot of pals at college.” Now a superstar, she’s starting to delight in her fame, and was thrilled by the opportunity to go to a foreign nation. “It’s seriously fun and thrilling,” she advised us, “and it is my 1st time on a airplane. I’ve in no way been outside Thailand.” But her most exciting encounter was the moment she was crowned Hairiest Youngster. “Being hairy tends to make me unique,” she said, incorporating: “This the happiest day of my existence!”


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