Smokey - World Loudest Purr Cat set Guinness World Record

A purring cat is music to the ears for most cat-lovers. However, to Ruth Adams and family of the United Kingdom, their short-haired feline Smokey’s purrs are more like rock music to the ears.

Adopted from a local rescue-center, Smokey’s loud purring reportedly measured as high as 92 decibels, while an average cat purr measures only about 25 decibels. To put the purr volume in perspective, a typical home stereo listening level is 80 decibels and a subway train measures in at around 100 decibels. According to Smokey’s family, although endearing, the purring can by annoying when watching television, especially during dramatic scenes.

Ruth and Mark Adams of England think that their cat, Smokey, could very well be the world's loudest cat. According to the Daily Mail, the cat's noisy purr clocks in at 92 decibels up close and 80 decibels when five feet away. 92 decibels is equivalent to a lawnmower or hair dryer and the average cat purrs at 25 decibels, the Telegraph reports.

So is Smokey the world's loudest cat? Guinness has a category in place, but hasn't received any entries until now. "If Smokey can purr at over 80dB it would be an astonishing feat," a spokesman told the Daily Mail.

The only time purr-producing Smokey is quiet is when she is asleep. “She even manages to purr while she eats” comments Ruth. For official bragging rights of having the world’s loudest cat, the Adams family has sent an application to the Guinness World Records.


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