World Largest Family World Record set by Ziona Chana

Polygamy can create some pretty huge families, but none evaluate to this one.

Ziona Chana will be the head of the world's biggest family members, based on the Reuters. He has 39 wives, 91 youngsters, 33 grandchildren, and 14 daughters-in-law.

And he says he's "blessed" to have all of them, based on the Mail.

The household resides in a 100-room, 4 story mansion within the Indian state of Mizoram, in the hills of Baktwang village. Chana also happens to become the head of a sect that makes it possible for him to have as many wives as he'd like.

The family members survives through strict self-discipline, along with a system that spreads obligation across a lot of the loved ones. The wives even get turns with their husband.

He keeps the youngest ladies near to his bed room together with the older members with the household sleeping additional away - and there's a rotation program for who visits Mr Chana's bed room.
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Rinkmini, 1 of Mr Chana's wives who's 35 a long time aged, said: 'We remain about him as he will be the most significant individual inside the home. He is the most handsome individual within the village.

A lot of the time, the wives sleep in communal "dormitories."

According to the Mail, Chana says he would even go to the US as a way to increase his sect, and never stops looking for new wives. At the very least one of his youngsters stated that Chana marries bad girls from your village to be able to search right after them, studies the Mail.


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