Richard Lewis Played 600 Rounds in a Year, Guinness World Record Set by Dallas Amateur

Age has nothing to do with making records, and the same has been proven by 64 years old, Richard Lewis, who just got his name in Guinness Book of World Records with walking the 600th round of golf of 2010 at HP Byron Nelson Championship on Sunday.

Richard Lewis’s season was stated with somewhat weird agenda, he told, “he would walk in each tournament of the season and will not take ride in golf cart during the session”. In order to make new world record Lewis walked the 600th round at TPC Four Seasons in Las Colinas. Never before in the history of golf had a golfer walked in an entire season, as that required lots of stamina and caused fatigue.

Richard has got certificate from Guinness World Record Book officials in Europe and he said that his name will be included in the 2011 edition. This was second attempt of Richard; he made a record of 586 rounds in Ohio in 1998. However, after the second record, Lewis has few more record on mind. He aims to play 11,000 holes in one season and walk 611 rounds.

While speaking to the press, he said, “He had confidence over his strength, although he knew that achieving such a record was not easy.” "Did you ever think I would get to 600 rounds? I thought 400 was tough and 500 was a stretch, but 600 was what I had in mind all the time. It's a huge relief and sense of accomplishment," he added.

Four Season Members spent $5,000 to play alongside the record holder. An even fascinating scenario was witnessed when the members paid $75 to get a hand-signed copy of his 600th round scorecard.

One of such members was Four Seasons Men's Golf Association President, Frank Broyles. "It was awesome today, because Richard is just so passionate about the game. To think this could have happened at any course in America and it happened here is just incredible. Byron (Nelson) always said 'be good to the game and give back' and that's what we've done here today," said the 64-year-old spoke to the press.

Despite snowed throughout the day on 25 December, Lewis saw no stop to his mission and made a record of 600 rounds by walking.

Source - World Record


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