Guinness World Records At Your Fingertips - iPad Application

Have you ever think of setting a world record without stack 50 milk crates on your head or even run the 100 metres in less that 9.5 seconds? Now there will be an iPad application that will help you achieve world record from the comfort of your couch.

The application called, “Guinness World Records: At Your Fingertips”, you can get this application from iTune Store at the cost of £2.99.

The application, Guinness World Records: At Your Fingertips will allow to record content, video and photos of a whole array of records from the Guinness archive. It stated in the statement that Every image, video and interactive feature has been specially selected to make the most of the iPad’s unique fingertip functionality. Users will get access to over 50 photographs, 140 records and 20 video clips under the topic areas Tallest, Strangest, Most, Deadliest, Fastest, Craziest and Most Expensive. However the most interesting aspect of this app is the ability, within the app, to become a record holder yourself.

Proud users of iPad will be able to attempt and set real Guinness World Records straight from their iPad. 3 New record challenges have been exclusively designed for iPad and will be only for Guinness World Records: At Your Fingertips.

The first challenge is “Fastest 100m on an iPad” where you will take on the world’s fastest man as your fingers go tip-to-toe with Usain ‘Lighting’ Bolt and attempt to break his 9.58-second record.

The second challenge “Fastest alphabet backward0”s where you try to become the fastest at speed typing the alphabet backwards.

The final of the three challenges “longest sequence memorized” which is a memory endurance test where the noises are inspired by real human sounds. Leader boards for each record challenge will be hosted online and somebody somewhere is guaranteed a place in the record books when Guinness World Records announces the world’s best for each challenge on 1st May next year.

Editor-in-Chief of Guinness World Records, Craig Glenday said that This is not the Guinness World Records book for the iPad, this is unique and specifically created content that is dedicated to showcasing everything that is amazing about the iPad and Guinness World Records.


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