19 Girls in Single Two-Door Micro-Car Set Guinness World Record

A second-year A’ Level student at Karachi Grammar School, Aymen Saleem got idea to set world record, while she read a story about the world’s largest cake. Afterwards she performed search on Google to find the suitable challenge. She were required to have 19 willing girls and a Smart Car, a two-door micro-car manufactured by Daimler AG in France and Germany. Coincidentally the required car was parked in her very own driveway, which was a birthday gift from Yousuf Saleem, her father.

And finally On Wednesday, Aymen with 18 other girls, from various A’ Level institutions across the city, managed to break a previous world record by fitting into vehicle with its closed doors for five seconds. Climb FitTeam of Australia is the present world record holder, who managed to compress 18 students into a standard SmartCar at the Warringah Mall, Sydney Australia on January 25, 2010.

The girls managed to fulfill the challenge in the event organised by Karim Mohammadi and Rehan Elahi at the BBQ lawn of Creek Club in front of a jury. The event was attended by federal adviser on textiles Dr Mirza Ikhtiar Baig, adviser Sharmila Farooqi, Sindh Assembly Speaker Nisar Khuhro and former cricketers Wasim Akram and Saleem Yousuf.. Prior to demonstrate for Guiness world record, the girls had lots of practice. All 19 girls had managed to get set in the car within a minute, where they stayed for 10 seconds, double the current record time.

Aymen stated that I want parents around the country to encourage their children to achieve greater things and believe that when you try, you achieve.. Other contestants Tanya Pabani, Fatima Ismail and Zahshanné Malik were thrilled about their feat but more interested in meeting Wasim Akram.

Baig described that he had initially been sceptical but was won over after he saw them fit in the car in three layers with one literally on the floor mat. Aymen’s parents Yousuf and Shireen said The Express Tribune that even though at first they felt it was just another outdoor activity, they provided them with a coach Hassan Aslam once they realised how determined they were.

The contents were, Sarah Ahmad, Hafsa Naveed, Alina Akram (the extra in case someone got injured), Zashanne Malik, Fatima Ismail, Rabbya Kamran, Anam Afridi, Muneezeh Jamal, Hala Faruqi, Dania Fayyaz, Sana Ghazi, Sana Currimbhoy, Zoya Currimbhoy, Hiba Javad, Sana Javad, Nadia Khan, Neha Salauddin, Rida Ashraf, Eman Samir, Tanya Pabani and Aymen Saleem. Hassan Aslam, Sharam Saleem and Shereen Saleem were team coach.

See The Below Video of 19 Girls from Pakistan in Single Two Micro Car - Guinness World Record


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