World's Tallest Chocolate Christmas Tree World Record set by Patrick Roger

Patrick Roger, an chocolate artist from France, made gigantic Chocolate Christmas tree to raise money for charity, auctioning off some parts of the tree and donating proceeds to an organization which studies neuromuscular disease.
Roger unveiled the massive tree in his studio in Sceaux, Paris. The 32-foot-tall, 4-ton Chocolate Tree took a whole month to work on and as talented chocolatier said making something like this was a great challenge for him.
The Chocolate Christmas tree, hailed as a structural wonder, used $45,000 worth of 65% dark chocolate.
Patrick Roger was named best French chocolate artist in 2000, an award for professionals combining taste and art and proving to be worthy representatives of French gastronomy. His laboratory features many other chocolate sculptures, including small reindeers and Santas that will also be exhibited.
With this tree, Roger set the new world record for the Tallest Chocolate Christmas Tree, beating Alain Roby who constructed a 22-foot-tall chocolate Christmas tree, but whose work was never submitted to Guinness World Records for recognition.


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