World’s Shortest Man: All You Need To Know About Junrey Balawing

Ten essential facts about the new Guinness World Records™ record-breaker from the Philippines.

1. Junrey officially measures 23.6 inches (59.93cm) in height and weighs just 5kgs.

2. He lives with his parents and three younger siblings in the coastal village of Sindangan.

3. Junrey has to stay at home with his mum, Concepcion, while his sisters Jaycel, 13, and Jeanritch, six, and 11-year-old brother Jay-art go to school. Concepcion, 35, says: "He needs my care every minute of every day. Junrey can only walk with some help and he can't stand for too long because he's in too much pain."

4. At birth, Junrey was the size of a 1-litre coke bottle. His mother only started to suspect something was not right when Junrey was four years old as his friends began to outgrow him. The family sought advice and he was given medication to strengthen his bones, but these made no difference.

5. According to his parents, before Junrey was born, his family were poor and down on their luck. But after his birth, they saw a reversal of fortune, with Junrey’s father Reynaldo, 37, getting a job that enabled him to look after his family. "Junrey is our lucky charm," Reynaldo says.

6. Junrey loves watching TV with war films being his favourite viewing.

7. His birthday coincides with Philippines Independence Day, meaning a double celebration in his village today.

8. His favourite food is pork. He can eat about two (normal size) fingers' worth at a meal, with a small helping of rice.

9. His name is a combination of June , for his birthday, and his father's name, Reynaldo. It also means "Little King", as in junior and rey, which is Spanish for king.

10. While Junrey’s home has been adapted to his short stature, he doesn't have his own bed and instead sleeps alongside his parents.


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