World Largest Easter Egg

On Saturday 16 April I used to be in Cortenuova in Italy to witness a Guinness Planet Documents try for that presentation from the largest chocolate Easter egg. The egg was becoming created by a organization called ‘Tosca’ and the venue was ‘Le Acciaierie’, a big buying centre.

On my arrival the Basic Supervisor of the buying centre wasted no time, taking me instantly to find out the egg. A crowd had currently started to gather, keen to discover if this was in reality the largest chocolate Easter egg. It absolutely was an remarkable sight, but in order to make sure I began making the crucial measurements.

As a way to qualify as a brand new Guinness World Data achievement, the egg would need to beat the current document, held in Brazil, which weighed 6,440 kg, measured 4.2 metres in height, and had a circumference of 6 metres.

A scaffold was erected beside the egg to have height and circumference measurements, plus the egg was weighed by a regional surveyor. The crowd was now rather large, waiting expectantly to listen to the results of our precise measurements. When I was happy together with the measurements, I ready to make the announcement towards the waiting crowd. The chocolate Easter egg weighed an impressive 7,200 kg, measured 10 metres 39 centimetres in height, and had a circumference of 19 metres and 60 centimetres. I offered an official certificate to mark a superb new Guinness World Documents achievement.


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