Shearing Ewes World Record Set by Doug and Rowland Smith

Image Source: ONE News
Doug and Rowland Smith, Brothers have created the history of shearing by smashing an 11-year-old record by a big margin of 80 sheep at a Hawke's Bay woolshed.

In order to break previous world record of King Country brothers Hayden and Stacey Te Huia, which was of 986 wool ewes shearing, which was set in Rangitikei woolshed in December 1999, Doug and Rowland Smith have shored 1066.

Shearing at remote location, north of Te Pohue Waitara Station, between Napier and Hastings, Smith brothers    overtook their personal best work tallies.

Rowland Smith, 24, recovering from significant back problems topped the day with 562, the third-highest eight-hour ewes tally on record. Doug Smith, 28, struggled in the last two-hour run, but finished strongly with 13 in the last 12 minutes, somewhat faster than his average for the day, and finished with 504 - about 40 better than his previous best.

Stacey Te Huia, who in December shored a solo record 603 in eight hours, congratulated the pair.


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