Largest Collection of Clocks Guinness World Record by Bill Williams

With collection of 3021 clocks Bill Williams is a world record holder for having Largest Collection of Clocks, previous Guinness world record was held with 1900 clocks.

His vast collection includes clocks that range from 50 cents to thousands of dollars. He is having hand-painted Victorian antique clock to a 12-centimetre-tall dachshund clock he picked up in Himatangi.

The Smallest atomic clock has been recognized by Guinness World Records too, that is a prototype atomic clock the size of a grain of rice; with a volume of less than 10 mm³ (0.0006 in³), which is drawing just 75 milliwatts of power, atomic clock is accurate to one second in 3,000 years.

As per Guinness Book of World Records, The earliest mechanical clock, one with an escapement was made in china by Yi Xing and Liang Lingzan in AD 725.

Bill began collecting clocks in 1988.

He is unsure about what made him enthusiastic, but he is keep adding 10 clocks a month.

Bill Williams, The former Palmerston North Boys' High School teacher buys many of the clocks for bargain prices because they are broken, he said, "I prefer if it's not working because it gives me something to do and it's cheaper."

Bill has set up the museum in Colyton's former church in 2005 as Kathy, his wife, got fed up with hundreds of clocks filling their home, But as she is having her own collection of more than 1000 mermaid ornaments, she can't complain too much.


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