University of Alberta's sets Guinness World Records for dodge ball tournament

EDMONTON — Guinness World Records recently recognized the University of Alberta’s epic winter dodge ball tournament as a record breaker, but an American university is already claiming it deserves the honour instead.

George Mason University claims it had 1,257 participants turn out for a dodge ball game Sept. 3 in Fairfax, Virginia, beating the 1,198 participants at the U of A last February.

However, while the Edmonton-based university ordered 600 dodge balls direct from Sweden for the event, the American university used only 100 balls. That goes against Guinness’s rules, said U of A Students’ Union vice-president Rory Tighe.

The record granting agency said there must be one ball for every two people in a record breaking dodge ball game, he said.

“It’s fairly clear to me. I applaud them on their effort, but I’d ask them to try again next year.”


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