Roger Menees sings lowest note ever recorded

Gospel singer Roger Menees knew he has a low bass voice. He suspected it was lower than any others. The Guinness Book of World Records agrees and declared is low f sharp to be the lowest note ever recorded by a human voice.

Menees is a gospel singer and tour bus driver for bands. Other singers encouraged him over the years to reach the lowest note ever recorded, but his driving and farming always got in the way.

In a Hampton Inn in Carbondale, Illinois, near his hometown of tiny Anna, Illinois, Menees made his attempt, and just recently, Guinness Book of World Records sent his official certificate recognizing his feat.

He said it wasn't going to be pretty, and watching the video confirms that a low f sharp (deleted based on comments) is not melodious. It's croaking. The previous record was (deleted based on comments) - see update) hertz so Roger cut that record in half.

He says he can go lower, but won't bother unless his record is broken quickly.

Menees explained that his vocal cords were vibrating at about 3 vibrations per second to create the lowest note ever sung.


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