Longest bumper car marathon: Laura Byng sets world record

Laura Byng, 28, of Cobham Road, Westcliff, finished her 25-hour dodgem driving marathon at the town's Adventure Island amusement park - setting the new world record for the Longest bumper car marathon while raising money for the Havens Hospices charity.
longest bumper car marathon Laura Byng

The previous Guinness world record of 24 hours was set by Sebastian Bosch in Austria.

Guinness World Records also recognized the record for the longest wakeboarding marathon: 6 hr 17 min, set by Ian Taylor (UK).

According to Guinness World Records rules, Miss Byng was allowed a five minute break every hour for food and toilet breaks and had to have at least two other dodgem cars driving at the same time.

After completing the marathon, Miss Byng said: "I'm a bit battered and bruised and over tired. We drank a lot of coffee during the evening, so I'm looking forward to going to bed.

"At about 4 o'clock in the morning it was horrible. It was freezing cold and like a wind tunnel. It was then I thought 'why am I doing this.'"
"But then at 5 o'clock the sun came up and then it was fine."

'All my friends think I'm mad,' said Ms Byng. 'But we all know that women are much better drivers than men, and British drivers are the best in the world.'

She is also planning join the Dotty and the Dice team, this time in a car, to take part in the 10,000 mile (16,093 km) Mongol Rally in July to raise a further £10,000 for Havens Hospices.


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