World Biggest Folding and Movable Replica of Tajmahal World Record

Dreamland Art is an artisans experts is creating replica of Tajmahal - Tajmahal  is one seven wonders of the world.

They have created the World Biggest Folding and Movable Replica of Tajmahal, it can be move anywhere in the world.

It's our second and very improved experience, the first was in 2004 and recently we have successfully completed our creation of " The Grand Taj said  Istiyak ali in interview with World Amazing Records

The Grand Taj is unique in it's own way. It is created to bring you face-to-face with grandeur of original Taj Mahal Structure . The Grand Taj Replica Taj is 72 x 72 feet in length and breadth while it is 51 feet in height.  The best part of the entire structure is such that it can be dismantled in parts and moved around and thus this way it can be displayed across the world.

It has been made out of wood, iron and steel, fiberglass and thermocol. It is designed to mesmerize 
you and would spellbind you by its beauty.

 The Grand Taj Facts :

- The structure is strong enough to bear the weight of visitors who visit on it to have touch and feel experience.

- The entire structure can be dismantled and moved anywhere in the world.

- The carvings are done with precision to give an exact impression of The Original Taj Mahal at Agra India

- It give a unique real-world experience to visitors like Taj Mahal.

- Total Period of creation - 25 months.

- Total Dimensions: 72 feet (lxb) and 51 feet 

- Material to be used : Iron  Steel, PVC, Plywood, Fiberglass, Polystyrenes.

Wonder Taj - World Biggest Folding and Movable Replica Structure Video


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