Most Number of Facebook Comments on 24 Hour Guinness World Record

A handful of Greenpeace activists outside the headquarters of Facebook was on Wednesday, asking the network to Unfriend coal energy "to power data centers and other operations.

The members of the international environmental group set up a large display screen comments streaming in from all over the world in response to Facebook Post calls the company to join the energy revolution.

"We want" Unfriend "Coal and" Like the "green power", said Greenpeace spokesperson Daniel Kessler, who estimated that a dozen volunteers were employees of Facebook, as they came to the campus starting in the city Silicon Valley in Palo Alto.

"We think that many employees are not on our side, so we try to recover."

Facebook unveiled last week, green data centers cheaper more efficient power line services.

The star of social networking equipment custom design, power supply, and the architecture of a data center of U.S. power that is 38 percent more efficient and costs 24 percent less than the average of the new industry.

The diagrams and drawings for the data center Facebook revolutionary in the city of Prineville, Oregon have been available to the world as part of a project announced by the Open Computer founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook has been in ongoing dialogue with Greenpeace, the environmental group meeting with the later on Tuesday in San Francisco, and asked last week to help promote the Open Compute project.

"We continue to find this kind of dedication and valuable look forward (to) work with Greenpeace and others to address important environmental issues, including energy efficiency and renewables," said Facebook.

Facebook has become accustomed to the environmental impact of factoring and design decisions, including his upcoming move to a former Sun Microsystems campus in northern California city of Menlo Park.

"Their performance is great," Kessler said. "But it is not enough."

"They should be concerned with coal, he said." If we keep burning coal, we will not stop climate change. "

Trend of music, video, email, social networks and hosted services that are offered on the "cloud" of the web on Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon and other technology companies are investing huge data centers.

"What we see is cloud, and that takes a lot of power," said Kessler.

Greenpeace Zeppelin towing a banner reading "Facebook: Join the energy revolution" was to take off the company's headquarters on Thursday, weather permitting.

Greenpeace said its assembly station definition Facebook Guinness World Record for the number of comments on a post in 24 hours, with 70,000 responses recorded at noon, and expected within.


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