World Longest Kiss Guinness World Record 2011 at Pattaya

Louis Tussaud's Waxworks, Pattaya, has announced this years " Love Kiss Marathon ", aiming for the World's Longest Continuous Kiss to enter the World Guinness Record Book. The contestants will also be competing for gems and a prize of 200,000 thb.

Pattaya, 27 January 2011 [PDN]: Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks Pattaya is organizing the event to welcome this year’s Valentine’s Day with the event of the marathon of the World’s Longest Kiss, competing for a Guinness Record. The current record for the World’s Longest Continuous Kiss in the Guinness Book lasted 32 hours. That’s going to make more than 32 hours for you and your lover in which you won’t miss each other for a sec. In Thai culture, a long tender kiss should not be contrary to morality therefore the ministry of culture is has to approve this event. The announcement of the event was presided by Khun Rabiabrut Phonphanit – president of the association of family warmth, Dr. Seri Wongmanatha, Ms. Kalarmaer Pachasri, who have shown great respect on the 25th January 2011, to the announcement of the event in the Reinaissance Hotel, Bangkok.

In the marathon for the World’s Largest Continuous Kiss, the event will be longer than 32 hours to exceed the current Guinness Record. The prize will be a cash amount of 100,00 thb, a gem ring worth 50,000 thb ( from the World Gems Collection ) and other prizes which combine to a price of 200,000 thb. The event will start on the 13th February 2011 through to the 14th February 2011, at Royal Garden Plaza, Pattaya. The event is hoping to exceed the current World Record of 32 hours 7 minutes and 14 seconds, which was recorded in Hamburg ‘ Hof Shopping Centre”, Germany on Valentine’s Day, 2009.
Khun Somphorn Naaksuedrong, general manager of Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks Pattaya said, the event of its kind is a Ripleys (believe it or not) tradition. The event is as usual on Valentine’s Day to encourage lovers to join our fun activities, and to bring families closer together. In this year’s event Louis Tussauds will be the main organizer of the event, in cooperation with the Royal Garden Plaza Shopping Mall Pattaya.

The number of couples expected to take part in this year’s marathon is 99; to be one in the group of couples reaching for the record. The couples in this years event are allowed to be husband & wife, boy-boy & girl – girl, Thais or foreigners, but have to have proof of being legally married. The participants have to be of the age of 20 or above. The lips of the participating couples are not allowed to be parted for 32 hours, and whoever exceeds the current record of 32 hours 7 minutes and 14 seconds by the largest margin will become the new Guinness record holder for the Longest Continuous Kiss.

World Longest Kiss Guinness World Record 2011 at Pattaya Video


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