Most Number of Cars on Display in a Restaurant World Record set by Bobby Handojo Gunawan

Indonesia--Dream Car Restaurant & Cafe (on Raya Menganti No 68, owner Bobby Handojo Gunawan) has ten cars lined up neatly in the space of a restaurant - setting the world record for Most cars on display in a restaurant.

When Cars Modified Into a Dining Table For Satisfaction, Impala 1962 Was Cut Into Pieces

Eat not only dealing with a full stomach. Some restaurants are now offering a different concept. One of which is to make an car into the dining room table

Eight cars lined up neatly in the space of a restaurant. Six of which are still intact and Four others already stripped down, while outside the restaurant there are two similar.

The cars were still well maintained even after tens of years old and became even more interesting because it has been modified in such a way as part of restaurant accessories.

Their brands are Impala 1962, Moris 1951, Lotus sport 1959, and Stude Baker 1949. But the car was not left just like that, but has been modified into dining table for guests' of Dream Car Restaurant & Cafe.

Like the Impala 1962, the white green car has been modified in some parts. At the center is used as a place to eat with an additional table, while at the front of the car is used as a place to put snacks. As well as by car Stude Baker 1949 which painted brown, on the back used as a dining table while the front is used as a cashier.

"I was deliberately modifying these cars for my resto furniture," says Bobby Handojo Gunawan, owner of Dream Cars
Restaurant & Cafe.

Of course, these cars have taken the engine so that the living body only. "I've dreamed of restaurants from modified car since 15 years ago, but only now able to realize that dream," said Bobby.

Dream Cars Restaurant has a unique interior design incorporated with classic modified antic cars + sport car to create the 60’s rock and roll atmosphere. (full music 60th)

Types of Cars at Restaurant:

-Mercedes Benz Limousine 1949 in red, modified to a big dining table for 20 persons

-Chevrolet Corvette 1969 in red, modified to an aquarium ( with 100 fish )

-Stude Baker 1949 in brown, modified to a welcoming and receptionist area .

-Lotus 1959 in yellow, modified to an Orgen and Audio System

-Moris Mini Cooper 1961 in green & yellow, is being shown in the entrance area.

-Chevrolet Impala 1962 in green, modified to a dining table for 4 people. Next to it are Authentic Javanese appetizers and snacks being served and ready to be taken.

-Cadillac 1961 in brown, modified to a cozy seating area
-Mercedes Gullwing 300 SL 1954 in red, is being shown in the parking area

-toilet from part cars and picture (toilet girl photo marilyn monroe, man photo elvis presley)


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