Largest Guanyin Carved Ruby World Record by Monkarn Dhanajira

There is so little raw ruby substance left in Thailand. Over 80% of digged up ruby from all over the world are imported to Thailand to increase values by polishing, cutting, or carving neatly and exported as ornaments eventually. Gem experts have criteria to examine its quality by checking its material, colour, grade, and purify. Because of high technology, experts can examine even its age, substance details and sources. They can specify natural ruby from synthetic ones. Anyway, most people are willing to pay for the natural ones rather than the imitations.

Surprising enough, there are so many red shades of ruby such as birds’ blood red, sunrise red, lotus bloom red etc.

To write all these knowledgeable is just to link you to this special ruby carved in 1000 hands Guanyin form. It is not just an ordinary uncut ruby but a beautiful carved ruby which is intent to make a new world record for the largest carved ruby in this planet. The owner of this 17,831 carats purplish red ruby is Mrs. Monkarn Kongyoo. Her father bought it from Chantaburi and passed it on to her.

She had kept this large raw huge ruby for many years. After that she decided to carve it but had not found the design and model yet. She had spent about 5 years to discover the exact and suitable image for this precious stone and another more than 3 years to find the right and specialized craftsman at Thongtawee Carving Manufactory to create this beautiful sculpture.

The reason why she decides to make the new world record is to announce and make a history for her family and let the world know about the skill of thai craftsmen. This is to show that the master piece of unique largest carved ruby of the world is in Thailand! She would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Wilawan Atichat, the Director of GIT, for her helpful support to make this record attempt successfully on 15th July, 2010.


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