Fastest Solar Powered Vehicle - Guinness World Record by Aussies

New South Wales University team is hoping that the solar power will lead them to a Guinness world record for fastest solar-powered vehicle.

“We’ve beaten the record by ten kilometers per hour,” an excited spokesman for UNSW told reporters.

He stated that the solar racer reached a speed of 54.6 mph (88 km/h), but the team believes it can get the car to go faster than 55.9 mph (90 km/h).

The fastest solar vehicle is powered by silicon solar cells which capture energy from the sun; IVy broke the official Guinness World Record in a time-trial on Friday

79 km/h (49 mph) is the previous world record for Fastest Solar Car in the world. The little solar car hit a top speed of 64 mph (103 km/h) during a race from Darwin to Adelaide back in 2009 and the same has broke the record several times in trial runs earlier on Friday unofficially.

Professional drivers Barton Mawer and Craig Davis at IVy’s controls ran official speed test at the HMAS Albatross naval base at Nowra on the New South Wales coast, south of Sydney.

IVy normally uses its solar cells to charge a 25kg storage battery, but same was removed for the Guinness world record attempt as vehicles trying to break the Guinness world speed record for a solar car are required to be powered only by solar cells.

The solar car generates about 1,200 watts in strong sunlight, which is equivalent power as a household toaster uses.

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