Largest Piggy Back Race

Let me take you back to the beginning. To the beginning of time that is, when, according to the Book of Genesis, Noah built an ark to save the world's animals from a devastating flood. Upon entering the ark, the animals "came in two by two."
Now let me bring you back to reality, to Allen Gardens in Brick Lane, East London where Diesel UK, with the help of neon, staged their Noah's Ark themed record attempt and the animals "came in two by two" by participating in the largest piggy back race. The animals were in fact Diesel's loyal customers wearing bespoke animal suits created by the Japanese brand Kigu. Noah himself was on hand to guide his animals, or piggys, to the finish line.
The record breaking Noah's Ark themed piggy back race was the culmination of Diesel's 'Be Stupid' campaign, in line with their ethos of taking risks, aiming high and achieving something to be proud of. The idea for a record attempt emerged after running a competition in which the public were encouraged to submit ideas for what they would do to "be stupid" if they were given £50,000. For the winner, Abi, her idea of epically re-creating Noah's Ark was brought to life.
Upon entering the designated record attempt area, the budding participants registered one by one so that the overall number of participants could accurately be recorded and also so that they collect their animal suits, which Diesel were generously giving away. Noah then led a warm up to protect his animals from the British weather/impending flood of doom.
The animals then paired up and got ready at the race start line to jump on the back of their piggy. The race started on Noah's signal and the animals stampeded towards salvation/the finish line. The most important guideline for this record attempt stated that if somebody fell off their piggy's back they had to return to the start line and restart the race. Amazingly, only one (rather embarrassed) couple had to restart the race and they were cheered to the finish by the rest of the animals.

With all animals safely across the finish line Diesel UK had not only saved the animal world but they had also achieved a new Guinness World Records title for the largest piggy back race, with 296 participants completing the 100m race in just 2 minutes and 5 seconds. The fastest animal pair crossed the finish line in just 20 seconds!
Huge congratulations to Diesel UK, neon, and all who participated in an incredibly creative and particularly wild record attempt!


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