The Biggest Card Tournament

The people of the province of Biscay began to reach the BEC (Bilbao Exhibition Centre) around 9 am, lining up to enroll in an attempt to break the tournament record for the world's largest letters. There was a great atmosphere among 2,292 people who wanted to win the 6,000 Euros to be the winner of the tournament and also be part of Guinness World Records ™.

They decided to try to beat this record playing Mus, seen to have originated in the Basque Country, due to the popularity of the game. The tournament was organized by the newspaper "The Courier" and had to BBVA as a sponsor, all to celebrate the 100 th anniversary of the newspaper.

The previous record was held in Móstoles, Madrid in 2008 with 512 pairs. To beat this record to take at least 513 couples playing in the tournament.
While waiting to start, muslaris were challenged each other, trying to gain mental advantage against their opponents. The atmosphere was electric and all eager to win.

Louise Ireland, the official adjudicator for Guinness World Records, was responsible for verifying that the organizers had followed the guidelines required by regulation. He arrived early and was there to greet everyone when they arrive.

Players had previously enrolled and took the forms to the registration tables where volunteers were given a number corresponding to a seat in the pavilion. It was a knockout format and Louise confirmed that 1,146 couples were seated and ready to play Mus.

It sounded a horn to signal the start of the tournament. Each round lasted about 45 minutes and the organizers of the Courier and volunteers monitored as was the contest. The presenter announced the names and numbers of people who continued to the next round (winners) and continued to play with great concentration until there were only 8 couples finalists in the tournament.

At this time the atmosphere became much more tense, with the reality that someone would win shortly. There should be a winning team to be a new Guinness World Records and continued to play with a large audience watching them.

The crowd sometimes noticed the head tilts to one side, the raised eyebrows, the air kisses and lifted from the shoulders ... the players were doing legal signs allowed in the Mus to communicate with your partner and develop a strategy. 

At the end of the tournament came to the last two pairs, at about 8 pm. They began to play the last two games in the scene where they were to make presentations.
The last game was hard fought but won the best couple, Angel and Juan Unda Geijo.
There was great applause and Louise were presented with the official certificate for the biggest tournament of cards, with 1,146 couples, a new Guinness World Records.

Congratulations to the participants and also to the Courier!


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