world's largest king cake

Jefferson - On any given day the staff at Haydel's Bakery bustles, baking and decorating all kinds of sweets. On September 22, the Jefferson Highway bakery will shut its doors for the day, trying to bake history.  David Haydel, Jr says, "My dad made a king cake around St Rita's school gym and I think it was like 380 feet. Everybody went nuts saying that is a great king cake. And so he always teased we ought to make a king cake around the Superdome!" Inspired by the Superbowl Champion Saints, Haydel's will attempt to make the worlds largest king cake!  Dave explains, "The category that a king cake falls into is bread dough. So we are actually breaking that records. The current record is held by some bakery in Houston, I think the weight is 3 thousand 7 pounds and we are going to beat that by almost a thousand pounds."

A king cake circling the Superdome should break the current record, then a second king cake circling the dome again should shatter it.  David Haydel, Sr explains, "We went around the dome with a contractors wheel and we measured it. It is 2,630 feet."  He used a 16 foot table to lay out an extra large king cake, then multiplied its measurements to calculate Superdome size! The king cake will be baked in two foot sections then cut in the right spots to make it appears seamless. Covered in icing and sprinkled in black and gold, it should be ready for the Guinness Book of World Records.

4000 pounds of flour, 400 plus eggs, 2000 pounds of icing and lots of time and effort go into making the world largest king cake. Dave explains, "We are going to start at about midnight. We figure it is going to take us until 4 or 5 in the morning to get everything decorated, assembled and covered." The king cake will stay covered to keep it fresh until its cut into 6 by 6 slices, sold to benefit breast cancer research. David Haydel Sr adds, "We got a lot of this stuff donated. We are trying to get the maximum amount of money for Susan G Komen."

If we're talking true New Orleans king cake, you know what that means. Dave Jr adds, "A king cake wouldn't be a king cake without a baby. Since this king cake is so big we are going to have 100 babies." The babies bring prizes from Saints gear to the chance to win a new truck. Don't worry, this time they don't mean you buy the next cake!


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