World’s Biggest Ever Tea Dance

The World’s Biggest Ever Tea Dance attempt, organised by The Herald’s sister paper the Evening Times in association with Glasgowlife and Glasgow Housing Association, beat the current record by more than 50 couples. Glasgow held the record, at 209 couples, until earlier this year, when London’s Royal Opera House won it with 254 couples.

Yesterday’s total of 306 couples, who danced in the sunshine and enjoyed tea and cakes, means the record is firmly back in Glasgow’s grasp.

Delighted dancers, who had come from as far afield as Elgin and Perth, cheered when Evening Times editor Tony Carlin announced that Glasgow had beaten the record.

Guinness World Records adjudicator Craig Glenday, who had travelled up from London to oversee proceedings, presented Mr Carlin with a certificate of confirmation, although the exact number still has to be verified by GWR.

“This is a fantastic achievement for Glasgow – we’re delighted so many people turned out to make this event such a success,” he said. “Our readers never let us down! We are very grateful to our partners, Glasgowlife and Glasgow Housing Association, for all their support.”

The event was part of the ground-breaking Evening Times Glas-goals campaign, which aims to encourage everyone to lead healthier lives.

Tony McKay, Physical Activities Manager for Glasgowlife, said: “Today’s event was a huge success, not just because we broke the world record, but because hundreds of people have discovered how much fun it is to get active.”


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