World record for Tubby, recycling Labrador from Torfaen

A Labrador who picks up discarded plastic bottles in his mouth and crushes them has made it in the 2011 Guinness World Records book.

Tubby has helped his owner Sandra Gilmore, from Pontnewydd, Torfaen, recycle an estimated 26,000 plastic bottles over the past six years.

Guinness World Records has put him in under "Most bottles recycled by a dog".

"It's quite an achievement," said editor-in-chief Craig Glenday of the book's only new Welsh entry.

It was in March that Mrs Gilmore revealed Tubby's habit of collecting discarded bottles, crushing them and passing them to her in March.

"Tubby must be the keenest, greenest recycling canine around," she said.

"He has got a real nose for them and has done ever since he was a puppy."

Mr Glenday said his organisation received thousands of world record claims every week from the public, but it had learned of Tubby's efforts itself.

"We have a team that scours the newspapers and the internet for possible entrants and that's how we found the story about Tubby," he said.

"We thought it was great and got in touch with Sandra because it's such a good message with regard to recycling.

"It's an inspiring story for children and adults alike."

Mr Glenday said that while all world records were by nature unique, he was especially surprised by Tubby's.

"We'd never have thought about this as a category, so to have it ratified is a bit of fun," he said.
Source - BBC News


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