Seven Year Old Twins set Maths Record

Seven-year-old twins, Paula and Peter Imafidon are the latest child prodigies to have become the youngest children ever to pass an A-level math test. The twins achieved a Grade D in AS-level maths alongside candidates more than twice their age. .

Peter and Paula Imafidon both achieved a Grade D in AS-level maths alongside candidates more than twice their age.

The brainy pair have managed to break three world records with their extraordinary feat:

:: the youngest candidates ever to pass an A-level maths paper.
::the youngest ever school pupils to pass the A-level maths paper as previous title holders have been home schooled.
:: the youngest ever twins to achieve this level in mathematics anywhere in the world.
Spokesman for the Imafidon family Kizzi Nkwocha said: "The children enjoy learning and see maths and science as a challenge and game rather than hard work."

The previous record holder for the title according to the Guinness Book of Records is Dr Ruth Lawrence, who passed the exams at the age of nine in 1981. Ruth then went on to graduate from Oxford aged 13.

The twins are from a gifted family of five siblings who are all high academic achievers.
Paula and Peter attended state schools in east London and Reading before taking the papers.
All five siblings have enrolled in an Excellence in Education Programme that works with schools to develop children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Other high achieving pupils who have enrolled on the not-for-profit scheme are Israel Nwesi from Greenwich, who wrote a GCSE exam paper aged six last year, and Joy Osariemen Monene of southeast London, who got a C in maths aged 10.

When they grow up Paul wants to become a "successful" prime minister and Paula wants to be a maths teacher.


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