Nandadeepa Konkani Play set Limca Book of Record

'Nandadeepa', a popular Konkani play that has been often staged by the Mumbai-based Konkani Triveni Kala Sangama, an organization that was conferred the Vishwa Konkani Kala Ratna award in the past, created history when it succeeded in entering the Limca Book of Records during this year. The playwright and director of 'Nandadeepa' happens to be Dr Chandrashekar Shenoy of Triveni Kala Sangama. 'Nandadeepa' is the first Konkani play being performed by amateur artistes, to have completed over 50 performances in various places all over the country. The artistes of the play have indeed made the Konkani community proud by getting this rare recognition.

Konkani Triveni Kala Sangama is a well-known organization striving for the promotion of stage plays in Maharastra and across the country, since the past three decades. It has staged around 300 performances of about 50 top Konkani plays in the metro, Mangalore, Goa, Belgaum, Dharwad, Bangalore, Shimoga, New Delhi, Sirsi, Siddapur, Pune, Baroda, Hyderabad and other cities of the country.

Vijayasri Kamat, Avinash Trasi, Kamalaksha Saraf, Suresh Kini, Venkatesh Shenoy, Neha Joshi, Shashidar Karopady, Rohini Bhat, Anandaraya Prabhu, Prakash Bhat, Anupama Shenoy and Shantaram are the dramatists who have through their excellent histrionics, helped the organization to go places and earn fame. Anant Pai Rabale, Ullas Kamat and Ganapati Kamat have contributed to the success of the performances by providing support by way of play back singing. Costume designer Shantaram Mahale's role in the team's success also can not be overlooked.


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