Most People Blowing Whistles Simultaneously

Last Sunday 18 May 2008, Guinness World Records adjudicator, Kristian Teufel was in the Netherlands to witness a record breaking attempt for the most people blowing whistles simultaneously.

The attempt took place at Walbi World theme park in Biddinghuizen during the Dutch Socialist Party’s annual family fun day, with the motto for the day being “I play”. The record was planned to be the only the beginning of the stage show and the days festivities.

For the attempt, the Dutch Socialist Party ordered a total of 8,000 whistles which were distributed amongst the attendants upon entrance to the park. Participants were asked to gather together shortly before 12, at which point the witnesses and the
Guinness World Records adjudicator counted the remaining whistles before taking to the stage.

Prior to commencing the attempt, Kristian Teufel, together with one of the Socialist Party’s MP’s and the event’s MC, talked through what the Guinness World Record entailed, what the guidelines to be followed were and – most importantly - that participants should cover their ears.

Although guidelines stated that participants should blow their whistles for at least ten seconds, the record breakers continued for an ear shattering 30 seconds! As a result, the previous record was broken and a new Guinness World Record was set which raised the bar to a new total of 5450 people whistling simultaneously! With a slight side effect which left participants with a high pitched ringing in their ears during several minutes.

Once the attempt was over, all attendees took advantage of the good weather and enjoyed the attractions at the theme park, returning later in the afternoon to watch the stage show.

The whole event was very enjoyable, not at least because of the friendly people, the good weather and the establishing of a new Guinness World Record.

Source : Guinness World Record.


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