Frag Dolls Record - Longest Continuous Play of a Single FPS

The Frag Dolls are now guinness world record holders. They have set the guinness record for "Longest continuous play of a single FPS" with Rainbow Six Vegas 2 at an event on March 22. They played for over 24 hours.

Frag Doll Kitt said, "I can't believe I'm a world record breaker! I'm brimming with pride that we've achieved this. I'd like to thank everyone who supported us, playing with us on Live and donating to Breakthrough Breast Cancer."

We love the Frag Dolls, but we're pretty sure there are tons of FPS gamers that have spent entire weekends playing Counter-Strike. Some of them probably work here.

Either way, congrats. Hit the jump for our interview with the Frag Dolls from CES 2008.

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